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Blog 19 GIFs Perfectly Representing Your Life as Social Media Manager

19 GIFs Perfectly Representing Your Life as Social Media Manager

gifs for social media managers

It’s been a long way, but we’re finally willing to publicly admit this about our social media manager life.


Happens that sometimes we run in circles all day long doing a ton of things and multitasking like superheroes and yet we find ourselves in the impossibility of properly quantifying what we’ve done at the end of the day. We feel you, we know you’re a chaotic workaholic who never misses a deadline, and yet always has something to catch up on. We’re made from the same fabric, you and us. All of us worked in agencies before and felt all the happiness, understanding, confident, cheerful, encouraged, all of them in the same minute in our social media manager life.
There is no clear path in social media, sometimes it’s luck and the other time it’s so much work you’ve done with zero engagement. That makes you a pioneer of everything. Whether your loved ones think you’re a freeloader who’s paid to stay on Facebook or you’re drowning in tasks every day, you’re never bored. You’re dynamic, always on the move – just like a GIF.
While your friends talk about working on charts, spreadsheets and so on, you’re trying to impress them with gifs, posts, infographics, amazing videos you want to share with your fans and beautiful photos. And you’re right, social media manager life IS a crazy thing.
You’re the future of the advertising industry and you take pride in that and own it! Still, there are some people who aren’t too happy about it. You don’t care, though, because you know you’re the real deal. Hell yeah, progress!
When someone tells you your job is just a fad or that social media will be outgrown by your generation. Riiiight.
And this is you writing content you really care about. Also, a cat, because there’s nothing the Internet loves more.
Deep inside, you know you’re the key to your client’s success. They just wouldn’t survive without social media. Their business would hit bankruptcy as fast as you say ‘login’. And this is how you want to be treated, because that’s what you deserve! Also, one more cat, because why the hell not?
Life is hard enough already. It gets even more so whenever you have to write content about stuff you have no idea about. Above, you will find a representation of yourself in that exact moment. We understand. We do, honey.
You’re most probably a millennial, so you’re pretty young. Still, there’s always that new colleague who makes you feel like Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon (we seriously hope you’ll get the reference). It seems like now everybody is born a social media manager life expert.
Ads be like “This way will go better” and you feel robbed.
When everybody boasts about their successful social life, and all you can say is how successful your employer is because of you.
You love your job and put a lot of effort in it. Sometimes, though, work seems to occupy all your time. Some think that since you’re online, you’re still at work. And then you get a stream of new tasks.
Sometimes, it’s just the perfect moment to disconnect, huh?
Waking up in the morning with hundreds of notifications and seeing that one of your posts have gone viral.
Have you accidentally posted a very very personal update on one of your client’s page? Boss be like  “We need to talk, now!”
Some of your clients are just really cool folks that you are always happy to work with. Exchange fast feedback and approve content immediately. Lovely <3
That first like you’ve been waiting for.
Social media manager life is weird sometimes – things that worked before start backfiring. This reminds you to stay on top of all the new updates and trends.
When you make a reference in a piece of content that only you get.

Your reach and engagement numbers jump unexpectedly, and you’re just as amazed as your clients.

You, speaking to inner you, whenever you’re off duty. Social media isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle!!!
But all things aside, you get paid to do what you love. And that, my friend, is the best wish one could have from life. So keep on enjoying your job.


This is it, the social media manager life.


Many thanks to a great friend and an amazing marketer – Vlaicu Motrescu, for contributing to this piece.
Vlad Calus
Vlad Calus

Dropped out of college, moved to another country with 2 of my friends and built Planable (Techstars London ’17), social media collaboration platform, at 19 y. o. Forbes 30 under 30

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