There are social media definitions, terms, and keywords that experts in the field know. You should, too! Even if you’re not a social media manager, a marketer or a content writer. You heard about some of them. The thing is clear: a person who works day by day in the social media marketing field has to know them.


But what about the clients? How much do they actually comprehend when it comes to the technical aspects of brand awareness, reach, engagement, types of content? I bet you don’t pause every minute just to explain some of the terms to your client.


If the client understands more, he will put the right questions. As a result, you will create an absolutely perfect collaboration between you two. The lack of information only creates misunderstandings, assumptions, and problems.


To help your client understand better some aspects of this. We made a list of most used social media definitions. Encourage your client to read them. We assure you it will empower a flawless communication.


Now, let’s see these social media definitions step by step. 

AddThis is a code that can you can add to your site to allow users to bookmark and share your content.


A brand advocate is a highly-satisfied customer. Who recommends their favorite brands and products, that was not paid for this.


Caption – a description used on all social media sites that appears underneath an Instagram photo. Find an example below on the @pepsi Instagram Page. 
Click through rate (CTR)  – this is a common metric for reporting on the number of people who viewed a message or piece of content. And then actually performed the action required such as clicking the ad or link in an email marketing campaign.


Community Manager is one more social media definition. It’s a person responsible for building and managing the online communications for a business. In an effort to grow an online community (as page likes, brand fans, followers, group members, etc.).
social media definitions for clients, managers and freelancers, marketing teams
Connections are people you connect with on LinkedIn. This can help your profile to emerge on the surface of all Linkedin profiles. If you’re looking for a job it makes you more visible to employers or HR managers.


Content curation is the process of sifting through the web to find the best and most relevant content for an audience. Then present it to them in a meaningful way.


Content marketing – a marketing strategy based on attracting and retaining customers through the creation and distribution of valuable content. Such as videos, photos, images, gifs, etc.


Conversion – a positive action that visitor from social media takes on a website. The action demonstrates that the visitor becomes a customer.  

Conversion Rate – this is a common metric tracked in online marketing. It’s the percentage of people who completed an intended action. For example filling out a form, following a social account, etc.


Embedded media  – digital media that displays within another piece of content, outside of its native setting.


Engagement – any interaction you have with other users. The amount of interactions a piece of content receives marketers measure by engagement rate.


F4F (Follow for follow) is an invitation to follow a user on Twitter or Instagram with the assurance that they will follow you back. Have you heard about this social media definition?


Geotargeting – an option on many social media platforms that allow users or brands to share their content with geographically defined audiences. Instead of sending a generic message for the whole world to see. You can refine the messaging and language of your content to better connect with people in specific cities, countries, and regions.


Hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by the “#” sign. #Hashtags are a simple way to mark the topic (or topics) of social media posts. It makes them discoverable to people with shared interests. Hashtags can be extremely useful in campaigns for almost any type of brand. They’ve been quite in for a while now and they’re here to stay. Curious about different industries? Here’s how to build nonprofit hashtag strategies.
social media definitions for clients, managers and freelancers, marketing teams
Handle – is the term used to describe someone’s @username on Twitter. For example, Planable’s Twitter handle is @PlanableApp.


Impressions – the number of times an ad, sponsored update, or promoted post is displayed.


Influencer, a social media definition that we hear a lot in the past few years, it’s a social media user who can reach a significant audience. And drive awareness about a trend, topic, company, or product.


Linkedin endorsement – a LinkedIn member’s recognition of another person’s skill, such as Content Marketing, Programming, or Rocket Science. Endorsements boost your credibility on LinkedIn by indicating that you actually have the skills you say you have.


List – a curated set of Twitter accounts that you can group together in their own timeline.


Native Advertising – this refers to a type of online advertising. In which the ad takes the format of a regular post on the network it’s published on. The purpose is to make ads feel less like ads and more like part of the conversation.


Newsjacking – this refers to the practice of capitalizing on the popularity of a news story to amplify your sales and marketing success. Oreo is one of the experts in using this technique. The brand reacts very fast at what is happening in the world. At Oscar’s Night, Oreo came up with a stunning tweet about The Walking Dead:
Organic reach describes the number of unique people who view your content without paid promotion.


Paid reach refers to the number of individuals viewing your published paid content  – ads, sponsored posts,  promotional material.


Pins –  favorite links on Pinterest.

Pinboard – a collection of Pins on Pinterest. Think about this, as your personal space to manage everything you liked on the social network.
social media definitions for clients, managers and freelancers, marketing teams
PPC – an acronym for pay per click.
Real-Time Marketing is marketing based on up to date events. Instead of creating a marketing plan in advance and executing it according to a fixed schedule. Real-time marketing is creating a strategy focused on current, relevant trends and immediate feedback from customers. The goal of real-time marketing is to connect consumers with the product or service that they need now, at the moment.
Retargeting, from our experience, clients were asking us most about this social media definition. It’s an online marketing and advertising technique that allows marketers to display ads to people who have visited their website or are part of their contacts database.
Scheduling – planning social media updates and content ahead of time using a publishing tool (like Planable).
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of unpaid traffic to a website from search engines.
Social Media listening – the process of finding and assessing what users say about a company, topic, brand, or person on social media channels.
Social Media Monitoring is the process of monitoring and responding to mentions related to a business that exists in social media.
Tag is a social media functionality commonly used on Facebook and Instagram. That allows users to create a link back to the profile of the person shown in the picture or targeted by the update.


Trend – a topic or hashtag that is popular on social media at a given moment.

Troll – One of many unsung internet heroes who is almost entirely misunderstood or is just bored and tries to annoy literally anyone.
social media definitions for clients, managers and freelancers, marketing teams
Unfollow  – the action of unsubscribing from another social network user’s account.


User-Generated Content – content that users create and publish (photos, videos, blogs, gifs, etc).


Vanity URL – a web address that made for marketing purposes (as SEO).


Viral is a term used to describe a piece of content that achieves significant awareness in a very short period of time. Viral distribution relies heavily on word of mouth and the frequent sharing of one particular piece of content all over the internet.


Vlogging is a piece of content that employs video to tell a story or report information.


Webinar, our last social media definition, it’s a live seminar hosted over the internet. Allows interaction between the presenter and the audience.


As you see, these are really easy to understand. Either you are an agency, social media manager or marketer in a company this is to your own advantage to show them to your clients or teammates. The social media strategies and reports will be significantly easier to understand. We encourage you to dig deeper. Discover more and more interesting social media terms.
Which of these social media definitions did you know before and which one was new? Stay tuned for new insights on social media by Planable.

Vlad Calus


Dropped out of college, moved to another country with 2 of my friends and built Planable (Techstars London '17), social media collaboration platform, at 19 y. o.

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Vlad Calus


Dropped out of college, moved to another country with 2 of my friends and built Planable (Techstars London '17), social media collaboration platform, at 19 y. o.