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Today’s a big day dear friends because we’re launching People of Marketing — The Podcast. 
No, it’s not just another podcast. It’s a really cool podcast. 
Each episode is a conversation between our CEO, Xenia Muntean, and an absolutely amazing guest who we’re in awe of. What’s new about it? People of Marketing Podcast is a 30min conversation where Xenia Muntean explores marketers’ career paths, inspiring choices, embarrassing moments & the good and the bad of their everyday lives. Real people with their real stories.
The first episode is an amazing discussion with Guy, who is one of our strongest supporters and advisors. He’s a CEO and founder, industry-leading strategist, and a rockstar marketer. He won a coveted Cannes Lions award, he’s a former BBDO executive experience as EVP of New Media, Silver + Partners’ Chief Innovation Officer, as well as Senior Advisor on Digital for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel.
Today, his company, Playground, helps startups succeed in entering the US market.
It was an absolute pleasure to listen to Guy talk about his life. I don’t want to give you too many spoilers so I only selected my top 3 from this episode. 


Guy fell in love with marketing thanks to G.I. Joe

I’ll start with the part where Guy tells us the first memory he has about marketing & advertising. It’s just fascinating his professional love story:
“So, funnily enough, I think my first real interaction with marketing was a G.I. Joe comic book. Not many people know that the toy came up first and they wanted to find a way to market that toy. They figured out that the best way to get kids to get involved with these toys and love them is to have some kind of character, of real content behind it. And they created comic books. 
As a kid I thought, wow, this is brilliant. After that, I just fell in love with the creativity of ads. Obviously, at that age, I couldn’t say I have a passion for marketing but I could say, this is so cool — one day I want to do this.”
Some of us are just meant for this world. This story just reflects how different we all are. Not every child who understood why G.I. Joe was a toy first, thought “huh, I want to come up with such ideas all my life”. But it made Guy choose the path he’s on and got him to where he is.  


Never worked on the client-side. He’s creative and he has have ADD.

Is there any marketer out there who hasn’t been through this? We were all torn at some point in our lives by the decision to go agency or client. 
“I’m a creative person and I’ve got ADD. I need to work on a lot of different things. It’s not just that I like to work on a lot of different things. I need to work on a lot of different things. Otherwise, I get super bored.
You can work on a lot of different things for a brand. But I love the fact that when I’m in an agency or an agency type of environment, I get to work on a lot of different types of brands. A lot of different types of industries. And when you work on different types of brands and industries, you learn a lot. There’s also the fact that when you learn about a lot of industries, you can figure out cross-pollinations. And then suddenly see results explode.”
Back when I was a student, I got a lot of advice on what path to choose. Why agencies are better, why brands rule, why the other choice is wrong. There’s no right or wrong choice. The two environments are quite different from one another and, most of the time, the responsibilities are pretty distinct as well. Just like any other career advice, it only matters what’s more suitable for us as individuals. 


Find the right person who is passionate about the skills you don’t have

We all have our flaws. Besides being perfectionists of course. 
“If there’s one thing I know I’m not good at, it’s running the day-to-day. For me, it’s so exciting to grow things, I love the building. I going from 0 to 10 but at a certain point, I lose passion. I’ve always been like that. 
I’m very lucky to be able to surround myself with people for whom that’s their passion. It’s necessary for everyone. There are some things we all know we’re just not good at. It usually comes out of passion, not skill. If you like something, you’ll find a way to make it happen.  You’ll take the time, you’ll learn, you’ll study, you’ll go to his groups and whatever. If you’re not passionate about it, you just won’t. 
The best thing to do is find that person who you get along with and who’s passionate about the thing that you’re not good at.”
AH-MEN, am I right?
I loved this part because I believe we sometimes end up chasing skills we’re never going to develop. Not that we couldn’t but acquiring them won’t be satisfactory. Self-development is always important, but we have to prioritize and choose our fights carefully. 
You can find Guy on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Feel free to reach out and say hi!
Still haven’t pressed play? Go on, plug-in those cool headphones I know you’ve been dying to show off and start listening. You can tune in on Spotify.



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