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This is a regularly curated list of the most asked questions from our users. Please drop us a message at hello@ for more details. We love questions.

What does Planable do?

Planable is a platform that allows agencies and social media managers to collaborate with their clients and within marketing teams. We created a tool that speeds up the way social media campaigns are managed and makes planning, visualizing and approving social media posts easy and fun. We are the easiest way to preview your social media content in a simple interface and giving a familiar feel and look for every social media manager, teammate and colleague.

What’s the usual workflow in Planable?

You can add posts, visualize the posts and how the social media feed will look, invite teammates and clients to collaborate in real time, receive quick feedback right where the posts are and get the posts approved. After that, you can easily schedule or publish the post immediately to social media knowing that everyone is happy with the campaign.

What do you mean by workspace?

A workspace is a place where you keep all your content and your people in one place. One workspace is one brand or one of your clients (if you are an agency or freelancer). You can one page of each social network in one workspace, up to 5 people on the free plan.

What social networks do you support?

You can add posts, schedule and publish them to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

How to create a post in Planable?

Easily create a post in Planable. Click the green button ”new post” and type your content, select the emojis, upload an image or video, select a date and click “add button”. Now, invite your clients or teammates into the workspace and collaborate on content you’ve just created.

How to give feedback to a post in Planable?

The right side of the post is created to exchange ideas, share a text, upload an image, video or gif, suggest a #hashtag, correct a typo, check for legal issues and just send a high five kudos!

How to approve a social media campaign?

You’re ready for feedback, but it’s been over a week since you’ve created a post and still not sure if the post is approved or not? They did not forget about you! Tag your teammate or client in the comment section as @John Smith and ask to approve your post. John can easily click the “Approve” button on the left side of the post and you are prepared to schedule the post!

How to schedule a post in Planable?

After your social media campaign is ready, all the content is approved, a copy is prepared to amaze the audience and gifs are stunning. Click the “Schedule” button to select a date and time. It will automagically send to social media on the chosen time.

Can I schedule posts on Instagram?

Unfortunately, due to Instagram restrictions, we do not support Instagram publishing yet. Our engineers are working day and night to make this possible and we’ll release an update soon to make this happen with a mobile app.

What types of content do you support?

Photos, links, carousel, native video, GIFs.

Which social accounts can I connect?

You can easily connect Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Add as many pages as you like on any of our paid plan and one social profile of each page on our Free Plan.

How to connect my social accounts?

After you’ve created a workspace and gave it a name, click “Add pages” to connect your page, then “Connect a Page”, insert your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram credentials (login and password) and then connect the social account. To add the second Twitter or Instagram account, please log out on twitter.com and instagram.com, then log in with the second account, and then proceed to connect the social account in Planable.

How do I keep track of all the feedback and posts?

Be aware of what’s happening in your workspace wherever you are using notification. Make sure to turn on the in-browser notification and keep track of all the changes in the workspace. Receive instant or regular e-mail notifications and react immediately, whether it’s to create a new post, give or implement feedback, approve or schedule a post.

Does this work for digital ads? (on FB/TWT/etc.)

We are planning to introduce collaboration on digital ads for all social networks as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You’ll be able to preview how the ad will look like, exchange feedback on content and text, add emojis, change the call to action button and many else in the close time.

How to add my teammates or clients in a workspace?

To invite your clients or teammates just click the button to Add / Remove people and type their e-mail. They’ll receive an e-mail and after accepting it they are good to go and view your workspace in real-time.

What kind of roles I can have in a workspace?

We created the simplest roles in Planable, for every of your teammate or client in the fastest way. You can invite collaborators for every workspace, different for each. Invite someone as Contributor, that will be able to edit posts, connect pages and leave feedback. Invite as Approver, will grant the person to approve and leave feedback. No sign is required, for clients to on board easily and won’t have to learn a new software. Invite as Administrator, give the full access to the workspace, with no limits. As soon as you create a workspace, you are the “Owner” by default.

You have a different role, per each workspace you are part of. Workspaces can have an unlimited number of collaborators, connected pages and create an unlimited number.

Pricing Questions ?

Can I use Planable for free?

Yes! Your first workspace will be free forever, it’s on us ;). We offer one free workspace with unlimited number of collaborators, posts and connected pages forever.

Can I collaborate under the free plan?

Absolutely! Create posts, exchange feedback, approve posts and schedule them to social media in the free workspace we offer you forever.

How will you be accepting payment?

You can easily pay online via major credit cards. Payments are made securely via Stripe, which meets or exceeds industry standards in security.

What if more people are added to my team every month?

No worries! You can add more team mates or clients at any time. You won’t be charged for the number of people in the workspace, but for the number of workspaces you create. We offer an unlimited number of people to be part of a workspace. After administrator or owner invited people to the workspace, they will receive an e-mail. Owners will receive an email a few days before payment each month recapping what the bill will be.

Who is responsible for payments?

Any owner of the workspace can upgrade a team by entering payments information. They manage payments for workspaces you are part of. After upgrading, only owners can manage future payments for the team.

Can I get a refund?

Our goal is to be fair with refunds and we try to keep it simple. If for any reason, you’re ever unhappy with Planable, please contact us. Give us a detailed account of what happened and we’ll work with you to make sure you have the best experience with Planable.

Can you send me an invoice?

As part of our terms of service for consumer plans, we do not automatically email invoices per billing cycle, but you can access invoices from your account. After you access billing page, you can easily download invoices.

How secure is the payments process?

Payments are made securely via Stripe, which meets or exceeds industry standards in security. All plans include unlimited team members in a workspace, unlimited social accounts, 128 bit SSL encryption and daily backups.

How do I cancel my paid plan?

Your annual and monthly plans will automatically renew until you cancel them. You can cancel at any time by clicking ‘Cancel Subscription’ from the Billing Dashboard. Bear in mind that you have to switch ownership of your number of workspaces that are above the limit of your plan or delete them. You will be notified 30 days before your annual plan is set to renew.