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People of Marketing is a show for marketers by marketers

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Episode 4: What Causes the Worst PR Nightmares for Brands

A while ago, I believed PR fails can happen extremely rare and under very rare circumstances. However, after lurking on Twitter for the past few years I learned that a disaster can hit unexpectedly any company if their content isn’t well enough planned and researched.
Right now, marketers are overworked and are wasting an enormous amount of time & effort as a result of broken collaboration. Multiple PR Crises happen due to lack of an established approval, feedback and communication process. And unapproved campaigns go live which leads to customers losing the sense of trust, confidence, and safety of brands.

Episode 3: How To Become A Badass Digital Marketing Freelancer

The marketing industry is booming. Just in the past 7 years, more than 7000 marketing tools have been developed to help brands, agencies, marketers, builders, and founders sell better. It empowers a new field of marketing to bloom and create many new opportunities for the upcoming generation of marketers.
And digital freelancers are winning the world in a new way – traveling, working, and having the work-life balance many dream about. Together with our team, we analyzed what’s exactly a digital marketing freelancer doing, how to become one, what are the pros and cons and how to find your first client.

Episode 2: 7 Benefits of Working With a Digital Marketing Agency vs In-House Team

Social media is no longer a simple game, and it’s not for everyone. The days of one person shows are gone. You can’t just put pretty pictures on social media, a few videos, or just write a text on a Facebook post. It’s a team effort that makes things happen. However many companies are struggling with that because they don’t have the right processes and workflows enabled for their team.

Episode 1: Instagram Marketing Trends

With more than one billion users worldwide Instagram is one of the most powerful social networks. In this episode, we tackle this year’s most popular trends and the ways to leverage them.