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Plan content with the most visual calendar

It’s fashionable. It’s functional. And most importantly, it impresses
the heck out of your clients.

Visualize your week or month at a glance. Without mental gymnastics.

Plan, schedule, and organize using no-sweat drag-and-drop.

Showcase your work to your boss or clients in the best possible light.

Create templates instead of manually scheduling Every. Freaking. Post.

Schedule all posts from one place

Use Planable to plan your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Google My Business, and TikTok content months in advance.

Post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Google My Business, and TikTok from ONE place.

Free yourself up to work on real-time content: schedule your seasonal & evergreen stuff.

Forget the olden days of copy-pasting from spreadsheets into publishing tools.

Time your post to the minute. No alarms, sticky notes, or cuckoo clocks needed.

Multiple views

With Planable, you’ve got options. Four, to be exact.

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love Planable



Label your posts by topic, campaign, brand, client’s favorite color, or anything you darn well please.


Filter & search

Pull up the content you’re looking for faster than you can say “I hate spreadsheets.”



Keep work flowing smoothly from one approver to the next WITHOUT endless pinging or micromanaging.


Customer service

Access real people who can help you through real concerns. Ping us anytime. Sleep is so 1992.



Decide what level of involvement each person can — and can’t — have. Comes in handy.



Relax knowing your content is encrypted, secure, and backed up daily. We got your back.


Version History

Restore old versions of your post with one click. No more worrying about your cat making changes without asking.



Get notifications when posts are reviewed, approved, or published. It’s like social media for your social media. So meta.

Work smarter.

And better. And faster. (And cooler)