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This is your real social media job title

You’re a social media… manager? analyst? copywriter? All of the above? Or none?

You don’t know. But we do.

Allow us to explain

Look — social media people wear lots of hats. They create content. Design visuals. Copy-edit posts.
Run campaigns. So much stuff that “social media manager” seems pretty reductive as far as titles go. But you know that. And we feel you. This quiz will condense all your responsibilities in a convoluted, tongue-twisting, logic-defying but hopefully reflective-of-reality job title that will make you go
“Huh, I really do juggle a lot of things”. And if not… hopefully it’ll get a snicker out of you.

10 questions

3 minutes

Rad LinkedIn Bio

1 | 10

It’s 2010. A social media manager time traveler materializes in your living room and tells you something shocking. You reply: “Nah, that’s crazy; it can’t be true.” What did he tell you?

2 | 10

You see a social media job post that you are aggressively unqualified for (Head of Social Media @Netflix), but you really, really want that job. What do you do?

3 | 10

What are the most unrealistic social media requests you’ve received?

4 | 10

How would you handle a negative comment on your brand’s page if there were no consequences?

5 | 10

Who do you interact with the most for your day-to-day work?

6 | 10

What do others think you do every day?

7 | 10

If social media existed in the medieval ages, how would you be called around the castle?

8 | 10

What are your real day-to-day responsibilities?

9 | 10

What is the bane of your existence as a social media manager?

10 | 10

What advice would you give to someone who’s just starting out in social media management?


Drumroll please,
it’s about to be life changing

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