Planable for Agencies

Impress your
clients. Then take
on more.

  • A workspace for each client
  • Multiple users
  • Pixel-perfect previews
  • One-click approvals
  • At-a-glance calendar view

Used by forward-thinking agencies like yours

Founder-SARIS Web Design

“I’ve tripled my clients”

In business today, it’s no longer possible for one person to run a social media account or accounts. Utilizing Planable lets everybody have a voice.

Founder of SARIS Web Design

Good for your clients, even better for you

Your clients love it cuz…

You love it cuz…

Preview posts exactly
like the live version

Your clients love it cuz…

They don’t have to imagine what it’ll look like, or worry about last-minute surprises.

You love it cuz…

You don’t have to sleep with one eye open the night after posts go live.

So easy, anyone can
figure it out

Your clients love it cuz…

They feel super tech-savvy. And they can actually enjoy it.

You love it cuz…

You spend less time hand-holding and more time creating posts about Important Stuff like Hollywood’s matcha craze.

Feedback in context

Your clients love it cuz…

No confusion — for you or them — about which comments go with what part of the post.

You love it cuz…

Yeah, so…no confusion — for you or them — about which comments go with what part of the post

At-a-glance calendar view

Your clients love it cuz…

They know exactly what to expect and when to expect it.

You love it cuz…

You’re not afraid to scale when your work is this ridiculously organized.

One-click approvals

Your clients love it cuz…

Um, one click.

You love it cuz…

You don’t have to nag, and your work keeps on flowing. It’s a freaking miracle.


Your clients love it cuz…

They feel great about working with you. They’re seeing better results, quicker.

You love it cuz…

You never knew you could stretch a 40-hour work week this far (and still have time for your floating yoga class).

More time, more clients.

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social media collaboration tool

Why Planable + agencies =
a match made in heaven 💚

Behind-the-scenes comms

Keep your clients out of the awkward joke thread. Decide which communication is internal (for your team only) and external (for your client to see).

Flexible publishing

Pre-create posts, then decide when to set them live and to which platforms. Yup, you’re awesome at life. You do stuff in advance.

Mobile app

Enable your clients to review and approve content on the go. They + your entire team will thank you for the saved time (and unused Advil).

Easy client invites

Make it *easy* for your client to join the workspace. All they have to do is open an email, click a button, set a password, and finito. No account creation. No hassle.

Audit trail

“Didn’t we approve that over the phone?” Avoid this — and other miscoms — by tracking who approved what, what still has to be done, and by whom.

Separate client workspaces

Stay hyper-organized by sorting different clients into separate workspaces. Fear of slip-ups as you scale? Uh uh. Not with Planable.


“We’re saving half a day per client”

We’re saving at least half a day per client. Previously we would have spent a good two hours scheduling, probably another two hours of back and forth on different comments. Now it happens much more smoothly…You make the money back when you get better processes in place that allow you to scale faster and more easily.


Happier clients + less wasted time? Yes, yes, yes!

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