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Planable - Social Media Collaboration Platform for Agencies, Freelancers and Marketing Teams
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Have confidence that every post is perfect

Showcasing your work in Excels and Powerpoint is time-consuming and frustrating. Planable helps you preview Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts exactly as they will appear when published.

Planable - Social Media Collaboration Platform for Agencies, Freelancers and Marketing Teams
Planable - Social Media Collaboration Platform for Agencies, Freelancers and Marketing Teams

Gather feedback right on the posts

Simplify your feedback process by having team members and clients discuss posts right where they are created. Eliminate those endless email threads and never lose track of important feedback.

Publish only the right posts, faster

Get from planning to campaign sign-off faster and with no misunderstandings. Now you can schedule your posts to social media knowing that the client has seen it and is happy with your work.

Planable - Social Media Approval Platform

Planable ensures client work is moving forward, the team is more organised and no feedback is ever lost.

Dragos StancaThinkDigital

It is legit beautiful. Really different from what is out there now, especially if you manage a bunch of accounts.


Found the perfect app to manage multiple social accounts.

João GomesFreelancer

With Planable, we receive 4x times more feedback, because it’s so easy to share thoughts on social media campaigns!

Alex KelermanKelermedia

I love that I can track the changes on the posts and easily switch between the versions. We’re saving up to 30h a month as an agency.

Agris Locs-DārznieksNotre

Great addition to our marketing tech stack for both us and our clients.

Alex ThackrayLeadfreak

Super responsive team! I absolutely love how well they are communicating with the users. I have full confidence in them turning this into an all-star service

Cedric DebonoFreelancer

It's my no.1 choice for Social Media teams especially if you’re in different time zones or use independent contractors. Onboard your team in 15 minutes and boom you're good to go.

Ilias GaliotosESET Middle East, Greece & Cyprus

As a PR professional, I manage accounts for multiple clients, each with a presence in multiple social media channels. Planable makes it easy to move work forward with my full client roster.

Leslie ColleyDepthPR

Incredible - What I've been looking for for a long time. Being able to see how everything is laid out is incredible.

Akande DavisDigital Pew

Great time saver. I like the ability to work together with my clients on their social accounts. It ensures we always have the right 'voice'

Julie HumeSpidersauce SEO

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