Plan and collaborate on 

social media campaigns

Visual, fast and simple. Because we all hate spreadsheets. 

The most visual way to plan social media campaigns

Stop sending your clients excels and power points. 

Planable helps you showcase Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn posts exactly as they will appear when published. 

Gather feedback on posts

Simplify your feedback process by having team members and clients discuss posts right where they are created. Eliminate those endless email threads and never lose track of important feedback.

Get fast content approvals

Get from planning to campaign sign-off faster and with no misunderstandings. Now you can schedule your posts to social media knowing that the client has seen and is happy with your work. 

Plus many more features

Easy publishing

Schedule your posts directly to Facebook, Twitter and coming soon Instagram and Linkedin. 

Secure sharing

Control who can view, edit, comment and review your social media campaigns.

See the status of posts

See approved, scheduled, published posts and filter them.


Never lose any feedback or activity. Keep track of every comment, post, and project. 

A home for all your clients

Easily manage multiple clients in one single place. Keep their content organised and separate.

Iterate in real time

Work with your team and clients in the same time, on the same page. Immediately see changes.

Post history

Lets you see content iterations and the changes it went through. No confusion about edits and approvals.

Reduce risks

Build an approval workflow that allows you to post only the best social media content.

What our happy users have to say

It is legit beautiful. Really different from what is out there now, especially if you manage a bunch of accounts.

—  Beverly Theresa, @hellobeverley

Found the perfect app to manage multiple social accounts. 

— João, @joaosg

Planable is the most useful communication and collaboration tool I have ever used. It saves me time and it's easy to use. 

— Catalina Jurat, freelancer

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