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All your content, finally together

United in one collaborative marketing calendar. Create, plan, & approve all your content.

Create brilliant content in sync

Work together with your peers in real time. Because nothing truly amazing is done alone.

Plan the content
and its distribution

20% content. 80% distribution. 100% managed in Planable.

Hassle-free content collaboration

Tag for feedback. Request approval & notify stakeholders. No stress over who saw what.

Multiple views for effortless planning

We’ve got four view options so everyone knows what goes where. And when.

Here’s how it works

Your Social, Blog, Newsletters, Ads. Together.

Manage all your social media

Schedule your content directly on all 8 major social media platforms.

All the formatting a blog needs

Create long-form articles with all the deets: lists, images, videos, embeds.

Painless collaboration on newsletters

Create & plan your newsletters. Then gather feedback & clear approvals.

Create and approve ads

From banners to videos, or sponsored articles, bring it all in Planable.

Any other content?

Press releases, briefs, sponsorships — any type of content in one calendar.

Bring content pieces into content campaigns

Play with sound

Rich-text editor

Headings, lists, dividers, links, bold, italic, underline.

Live collaboration

Brilliant content comes from tandem, collaborative work.


Get clear feedback to specific work.

One-click approvals

Complex multi-level approvals made simple.

More content, less management

Bring all your content and marketers in Planable. Watch your team’s ideas and cursors come together in real time with Universal Content.For teams with multiple users creating and editing content, you can easily keep track of anyone inside a post. Lave specific feedback with annotations any edits or adding content.