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New week, new story of a successful marketer. So here’s our 11th episode of People of Marketing Podcast!
Our guest today is Talia Gerecitano, Head of marketing for Mailchimp Presents, Mailchimp’s streaming platform. With more than 18 years of experience in consumer marketing, entertaining marketing and brand management, Talia has worked before for big television and video-on-demand companies like HBO, AMC Networks, Netflix, and Facebook Watch.


Set time for breaks while WFH

Yes, WFH is still the main topic. We’re still all adapting while looking forward to life as usual to restart. Though managers are wary of people slacking off, truth is most often employees are working harder from home. No breaks, no social interaction.
“The one thing that I wasn’t anticipating was the difference it makes just having that five minutes to clear your head, to even walk from one conference room to another or run by someone’s desk and say hello or grab a snack or something.
I think in the first weeks were conference call, conference call, conference call, and no free time, no break. I was a little bit fried by the end of every day. So trying to build in some time to walk outside for a few minutes or have a conversation with my family or snuggle my little baby. It’s really helping balance that and make sure my head’s clear for whatever’s coming next. I have to be intentional about these and have little blocks on my calendar, but I’m starting to get into a rhythm.”
Already implemented. Talia’s solution makes so much sense and I’m glad I had the opportunity to listen and implement it in my day to day!


Management is about flexibility

Managing people seems so glam for a distance. But yes, the reality is nobody teaches you how to manage diverse and unique human beings. That’s the beauty though. Trying to understand and know these people and be there for them.
“Managing people was something that I struggled with at the beginning. I had a lot of different types of managers. Until I was managing other people, I didn’t realize how much went into that and how difficult it was. I struggled with it early on. I had managers who were very hands-on, and I’ve had managers who are very hands-off. I decided at some point that I wanted to find that perfect middle ground. And of course, I over-corrected and didn’t do that.
I had some team members when I was at Netflix who came to me and told me they feel like I’m not here like they are out there floating and don’t know what they are supposed to be doing. In my mind, I wanted them to have ownership, to feel like they could really run things and I felt totally confident in their capabilities, but in reality, they were feeling like I was absent and that I wasn’t helping. And that was really tough to hear, but looking back I was really proud of them for speaking up and for saying that and it definitely helped me to try to find that balance a little bit more. And I still really want people to feel empowered and to have ownership and to have representatives too, executives in important situations.
But I also want to make sure that they have the guidance they need and when they need something, they feel like they can come to me and work closely at the beginning to set strategy and then let them go and do their thing. But, that took a while. It was definitely something that didn’t come as naturally to me as I would’ve liked. But now I found a really nice groove and I hope my team members think the same thing.”
What I’ve learned from this story is that experimenting is the only way to improve and that feedback is always welcome. It’s important to listen to others and be sure you’re all on the same island.


Marketing basics get me excited

Inspiration can show up from unusual resources. We just have to find what works for us and explore it as much as possible.
“I started in this very traditional space. We did a ton of standard posters and trailers and outdoor advertising. I loved doing that. But the next phase of my career, and I think of marketing in general brought the digital version of it, the social. We went from microsites to IGTV and all of these different tabs that marketing has taken.
Now I find myself being inspired, going back to some of those more traditional tactics. I love the feeling of getting in a first round of key art and really looking through it. That’s the moment when you work with this content or this product. That’s the first time you see something come to life and how it’s going to be interpreted and positioned to the world.
Those are the things that really get me inspired to do all of the next steps. That probably sounds old school, but it’s interesting how my brain has shifted back to those basics and get excited of writing a strategy and seeing it come to life.”
Talia’s story shows us that sometimes the simplest things, the basic concepts can give us the satisfaction and the inspiration we’re looking for.
A new amazing episode has just launched. I loved listening to Talia’s experiences and I really recommend you to do the same!




Miruna Florea Miruna Florea, Executive Assistant @Planable. In love with project management and organizing stuff. I use my advertising background to make marketers’ processes and therefore work lives easier.

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