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Blog How to Schedule Facebook Posts in 2 Easy Ways: 2024’s Guide

How to Schedule Facebook Posts in 2 Easy Ways: 2024’s Guide

Picture this, you schedule Facebook posts ahead of time, and suddenly, you’ve got all the extra time on your hands! Sounds great, isn’t it?

Assuming you have a business page on Facebook, there are a two different ways to schedule your posts:

  • Natively – using the Meta Business Suite (formerly Facebook Business Suite), or the Facebook mobile app on your phone.
  • Third-party scheduling tools – using a social media management tool like Planable on desktop or mobile.

But why should you schedule Facebook posts in the first place?

Scheduling Facebook posts can help you save time, ensure your content is published when your audience is most engaged, and help you post consistently when you’re managing multiple social media accounts at the same time.

When you schedule posts in advance, you can be more organized with your social media content calendar even if you’re not in the same time zone as your Facebook followers.


How to schedule a Facebook posts using Meta Business Suite

With Creator Studio integrated into Meta Business Suite, scheduling and editing your Facebook posts, stories, and reels it’s easier.

If you’re looking to schedule your posts natively, here’s the step-by-step guide to posting and scheduling in Meta Business Suite:

Step 1: From your business Facebook page, click on Meta Business Suite.

Meta Business Suite section from Business Facebook page

Step 2: From the Meta Business Suite’s homepage, click on Create Post.

Create Post button from the Meta Business Suite's homepage to create Facebook posts

Step 3: Add your Facebook post visual & copy in the Text section.

Then, enable Set date and time to activate the Schedule option.

Scheduling a Facebook post from the Scheduling Options with the captions and visuals ready

Step 4: Select your desired time and date and click the Schedule button.

Schedule button for scheduling the Facebook post

You now have a Facebook scheduled post!

Here’s how you can edit scheduled posts in Meta Business Suite:

1. From Meta Business Suite, go to Content from the left sidebar, and click on Posts and reels.

Searching to edit scheduled posts from the Posts and Reels section, located in the left sidebar

2. Click on the Scheduled tab, then click on the three dots, and select Edit Post.

To open the 'Edit Post' option, click on the three dots on the right side of the scheduled post

3. Make your changes and click the Schedule button.

Editing the current scheduled posts and saving the changes by clicking Schedule button

Ta-daa. Your Facebook post is now updated!

How to schedule Facebook posts using a third-party scheduler

To easily schedule Facebook Reels and posts, you can use a social media management tool like Planable.

Planable is more than a Facebook publishing tool. It’s the social media collaboration platform that enables you to work together with your entire team on all your channels.

Here’s how easy scheduling posts can be:

1. Schedule a Facebook post on desktop

Step 1: Sign up for free (no credit card required) & create your workspace. Workspaces are dedicated sections for each of your clients or brands.

Planable interface for creating a workspace or experimenting with a demo workspace to better understand its features and capabilities.

First step to Create a workspace in Planable

Step 2: Connect your desired Facebook page. You’ll have to enable access to your Facebook for the Planable app.

Illustration of the process for connecting a Facebook page within the Planable platform, showing options for linking other social media platforms with clear labels and user-friendly interface.

Connecting a Facebook page in Planable

Step 3: From your workspace, click Compose and make sure you have the Facebook page selected in the composer.

Screenshot displaying the 'Compose' button in Planable, highlighting the feature within the user interface for creating new social media posts across various platforms.

‘Compose’ button in Planable to start creating new Facebook posts

Step 4: Create your post and Select date and time.

Interface screenshot of Planable showing the feature to choose date and time for scheduling a Facebook post, with calendar and clock settings clearly visible for precise planning.

‘Select date and time’ setting in Planable for scheduling a Facebook post

Step 5: Click Schedule.

And voilá! Congrats on your first Facebook scheduled post!

2. Schedule Facebook posts on mobile

Step1: Sign up for free, create your workspace and connect your Facebook page on desktop.

Step 2: From the Planable mobile app, select your Facebook page and tap the Compose button at the bottom of the screen.

selecting the Facebook page and creating a new post in the Planable app

Step 3: Write your copy and tap Next to Select the date and time.

Step 4: Choose the desired date and time and tap Schedule.


Once you’ve got the hang of scheduling your Facebook posts, remember: the right Facebook marketing tools can be a game changer. They simplify everything, allowing you more time to dive into creative ideas and connect with your community.

Facebook scheduling tips & tricks

Establish a posting frequency

There’s no magic number when it comes to posting frequency on Facebook, but the general rule of thumb is to post at least once a day. This ensures that your Page stays active and relevant in users’ News Feeds.

Depending on your business, you may not have something new to share every day. That’s perfectly fine! Just make sure that you are consistently posting quality content that your audience will find valuable.

Curate relevant posts

To ensure you’re keeping your Facebook audience engaged, you can curate content from other bloggers in your industry. Try to follow the 80/20 ratio: 80% original content created by you and 20% curated content that’s relevant to your audience’s pain points.

Be creative in advance

We are not always creative, so in the moments when we are inspired or have a lot of ideas, it’s good to take a moment to film or create more content. In this way, we will have content for a longer period of time and will avoid the potential appearance of stress because we don’t have content/need to do something urgently; thus, we also increase the quality of the content (all of this based on an already existing strategy).

Andreea Coroian, Social Media marketer

Planable vs. Meta Business Suite

The Meta Business Suite App is a great way to publish and schedule posts to your Facebook and Instagram accounts. However, if your needs extend beyond these simple requirements, Planable could be an excellent choice for you.

Here are the main differences between the 2 schedulers:

  • Publish content on all Facebook pages at once

With a Facebook management tool like Planable, you can publish content on all your Facebook pages at once. At the moment, you can’t do this with Meta Business Suite, you need to schedule posts on one Facebook page at a time.

  • Schedule content for 8 social media platforms

Business Suite only allows you to schedule content on Facebook and Instagram, while Planable allows you to schedule content for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Google My Business, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

  • Collaboration & Approval options

Planable’s Facebook Scheduler has powerful collaboration and approval features with next-to-the-post comments, activity history, and helpful notifications. Our app was built with marketing teams in mind and includes workflow options that vastly speed up your workflow.

Planable offers four different set-ups for approvals:

  1. None.
  2. Optional – suitable for Social Media Managers who don’t want to make approvals mandatory.
  3. Required – a must-have for safety and security, at least one approver needs to approve the post before it can go live.
  4. Multi-level – any one approval will move the status of the post forward.

Multi-level approval workflow settings in Planable

  • Schedule recurring posts

With Planable, you can easily recycle evergreen content. Use the recurring post option to schedule the same Facebook post multiple times weeks or months in advance.

  • Schedule posts on pages and groups simultaneously

Planable allows you to publish on pages and groups at the same time. At the moment, this is not possible in Meta Business Suite.

  • Different content views

The multiple views in Planable offer you the flexibility to view past and upcoming content in different ways. Toggle between Calendar, List, Feed, and Grid views to see all of your content at a glance across 7 different platforms and get a sense of what your content plan looks like across all your pages. The Grid and Feed views allow you to plan your Facebook and Instagram grid and feed, which is currently not possible with Meta Business Suite.

  • Mockups

With Planable, you can test different Facebook profile pictures and covers and get them approved by the client before they go live. You can also create mockup Facebook pages if you want to prepare a customer pitch or get more visual.

  • Media library

Planable’s media library allows you to see all your assets in one place and keep track of what’s been used across all platforms. This ensures you’re always on brand and saves you time. You can easily bulk upload all your assets in one go and not worry about tracking down the right assets or pre-approved photos.

  • Giphy integration

Planable has a giphy integration that makes using GIFs easy and fun. You can spice up your scheduled posts with entertaining GIFs that will stop users from scrolling on their feed and boost interactions.

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Facebook Post Scheduling FAQs

Can you schedule Facebook posts in bulk?

Yes! Planable makes it super easy to schedule your Facebook posts in bulk! With the bulk upload option, you can upload all your assets in one go and have them all in one place.

For example, if you receive a batch of photos from your client, you can upload all the images at once and keep track of what you’ve used and what you haven’t. Scheduling posts in bulk ensures you keep a consistent schedule and gives you better visibility over any gaps in your calendar.

Can you create recurring Facebook posts?

Yes! Planable has a useful reschedule post feature that will save you time creating individual posts. Easily create evergreen Facebook posts to increase social media engagement and stay on top of your posting strategy.

Can you schedule posts for a Facebook Group?

Yes! Planable allows you to schedule group posts in just a few clicks. And the best part is you can schedule posts for your page and your groups at the same time.

How do you plan Facebook Content in Planable?

Planable’s social media calendar makes creating content a breeze. You can choose between 4 views (feed, calendar, grid, and list) to better organize your upcoming posts. You can collaborate on content, label posts for faster search, and recycle evergreen content.

What other types of Facebook content can you schedule?

With Planable, you can schedule carousel links, add a CTA, organic targeting, location, videos, and change thumbnails.

Ready to start scheduling Facebook posts?

You should now feel confident in your scheduling abilities, be it natively or via third-party publishing tools.

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