What’s the best Buffer alternative?

You’re looking to move up from Buffer? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s why Planable is a better way to create, view and collaborate on your social media content.
buffer alternative Social media collaboration platform planabale

Planable is built with your team and your clients in mind.

– No more sheets, excels and docs to showcase your social media content.
– No need for a huge presentation to share your creative ideas.
– Add comments where it makes sense – next to the post itself.
– Involve specific team members in the conversation by tagging and mentioning them in the comments section.
– Let your clients hit the approve button, not reply to an endless email thread
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Planable is more visually accurate than Buffer.

– See your posts exactly as though they’re live.
– No need for test pages or Photoshop mockups to accurately preview your posts.
– Give clients a familiar look and feel with our timeline view.
– Make informed decisions once you see how the entire post looks like.
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buffer alternative social media planning tool planable

Planable has the richest social media calendar.

– See the big picture and the small details of your editorial plans.
– Draw insights at a glance using the calendar view.
– Easily plan the content with a drag and drop function.
– Distribute the right message in the right balance by grouping posts into categories.
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“Great time saver! I like the ability to work together with my clients on their social media accounts. It ensures we always have the right voice.”

Julie Hume | SpiderSauce SEO

You’ll still enjoy the features you’re used to.

– Create your posts for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
– Schedule your posts directly from Planable and we’ll automatically publish it for you at the right time.
– Spice up your posts with emojis, gifs and hashtags. Design the perfect posts in all shapes and types (carousel, links, videos).
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buffer alternative social media publishing automation platform tool planable
buffer alternative social media management platform tool planable

You think switching is hard? It takes seconds. Literally.

– You can connect all your social media accounts with just one click.
– Invite your team members in seconds – no need for training or technical onboarding.
– Easily share social media calendar with your clients – they don’t even have to log in.
– Everyone will get accustomed in the blink of an eye. We promise.
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Planable vs. Buffer prices

Planable Pricing

as low as $13/user

Buffer Pricing

as low as $16.5/user

OK, I’m convinced!

I want to switch to Planable.

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