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Blog EmojiCalendar – Social Media Calendar of All the Summer Events

EmojiCalendar – Social Media Calendar of All the Summer Events

For every social media calendar and post, there’s an expert at his laptop googling content ideas. For every National Day, International Day, World & Global day, there’s a Google Search History with “what’s today?” right in the title.

So for all that typing, to spare the tired fingertips and the washed out keyboard keys of our laptops, we give you, the emoji calendar.

Before the happy dance starts, you haven’t even heard the best part yet. It doesn’t only contain the notable national/international/global/galaxy events happening this summer, it’s also… drumroll… filled with emojis!

For every month and for every event there’s an emoji to inspire you and, why not, make you smile. Because who doesn’t love emojis? Scratch that. What social media professional in their right mind doesn’t love emojis?! There. Better.

What you have to do to get your hands on this baby is to go here and download it. Piece of cake.

Oh, and because beauty isn’t always the most practical, we’ve also made this Google Calendar that you can just add and use in piece.

Here’s the full list of events happening this summer:



1 (US) National Leave the office early dayGlobal Day of Parents
3 World Bicycle Day
4 National Cheese dayWorld Environment Day
5 World Oceans Day
6 National Running Day
14 Donald Trump’s BdayFlag Day
17 Father’s Day
18 International Picnic Day
21 National Selfie day
13 Let it go day
26 Forgiveness Day
30 Social Media Day




1 International Joke Day
3 Compliment your mirror day
4 Independence Day
6 International Kissing Day
7 World Chocolate Day
10 Nikola Tesla’s Bday
14 Shark Awareness Day
15 National Ice Cream Day
17 World Emoji Day
18 International Nelson Mandela Day
20 Moon Day
21 Junk Food Day
29 International Tiger Day
30 International Day of Friendship




3 International Beer Day
4 Coast Guard Day
8 International Cat Day
9 Book Lovers Day
12 International Youth Day
15 Relaxation Day
17 World Marketing Day
19 World Photography Day
21 Poet’s Day
23 Burger Day
26 Dog Day

Women’s Equality Day

27 Banana Lovers Day
28 Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Miruna Dragomir

Miruna Dragomir

Miruna Dragomir, Marketing Manager @Planable. Social media fanatic, tech geek & a sucker for learning. Past experience? Social Media Comms Manager @Oracle & Marketing Coordinator @Uber

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