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Smart AI Pinterest Hashtag Generator (Free Tool)

Elevate your Pinterest game with hashtags that drive engagement. Uncover the best ones for likes and growth👇

How to generate AI Pinterest hashtags with our free tool

Use the smart AI hashtag generator by Planable to boost engagement and likes.

1. Select your Pinterest hashtags writing style:

  • 😂 Humorous: create funny and entertaining captions
  • 🌟 Inspirational: craft motivating and uplifting captions
  • 📚 Informative: generate educational and factual captions
  • 👋 Casual: compose friendly and relaxed captions
  • 💼 Formal: write professional and structured captions
  • 🙃 Witty: produce clever and quick-witted captions
  • 🎉 Enthusiastic: design excited and energetic captions
  • 💖 Empathetic: formulate caring and understanding captions
  • 💬 Convincing: construct persuasive and compelling captions
  • 😛 Teasing: write playful and slightly provocative captions

2. Select your Pinterest hashtags formatting:

  • List: hashtags are stacked vertically, each on a new line.
  • One line: hashtags are placed in a single horizontal line, separated by spaces.

3. Select your number of Pinterest hashtags: 5, 10, or 30.

“Our smart AI Pinterest hashtag generator works by using machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to analyze user input and suggest unique and relevant hashtags for your posts.”

Nicu Gudumac, CTO & Founder @ Planable

Pinterest hashtags best practices

If you’re not using hashtags on Pinterest, you’re basically yelling into the void and expecting an echo. But before you go slapping #BestLife on everything, let’s dive into some top-tier tactics to make your pins pop.

Relevant and specific hashtags: keep it real

Your hashtags should be like your coffee order: specific and necessary. Pinning a drool-worthy recipe? Skip the generic and go for gold with #EasyRecipes, #HealthyEating, or #DinnerIdeas. Think of hashtags as your pin’s hype squad – they need to match the vibe.

Moderation is key: don’t go hashtag wild

Less is more, my friends. Stick to 2-5 hashtags per pin. This isn’t Instagram – overloading your pins with hashtags can make them look like a hot mess. Think of it like seasoning your food; you want flavor, not a salt lick.

Trending and niche hashtags: best of both worlds

Blend popular hashtags with niche ones. Sure, #Travel is a crowd-pleaser, but #SoloTravelTips will grab the wandering souls looking for solo adventures. It’s like mixing high street fashion with vintage finds – a bit of both goes a long way.

Consistent branding: hashtag your brand

Create a branded hashtag like #YourBrandName to tie your pins together in a neat little bow. It’s like your secret handshake with your audience – keeps things cohesive and encourages engagement. Plus, who doesn’t love a good brand moment?

Descriptive hashtags: say what you mean

Descriptive hashtags are your new best friend. They tell users exactly what they’re getting into. Compare #DIYHomeDecor to just #DIY – one gives you the full picture, the other leaves you hanging. Be clear, be descriptive, be fabulous.

Seasonal and event hashtags: ride the trend train

Hop on the seasonal and event bandwagon. #ChristmasDecor during the holidays or #SummerOutfits when it’s hot outside can give your pins that extra oomph. It’s like dressing for the occasion – always a good idea.

Keyword integration: speak their language

Slip keywords into your hashtags to catch those search-savvy pinners. If you’re pinning about a specific diet, use #KetoDiet or #VeganRecipes. This way, your pins get in front of the people who are actually looking for them. Clever, right?

Analyze and adjust: get nerdy with data

Don’t just set it and forget it. Keep an eye on your hashtag performance using Pinterest analytics. See what’s working, what’s flopping, and tweak your strategy. Think of it as your regular hashtag health check-up.

Miruna Dragomir

Miruna Dragomir

Miruna Dragomir, CMO @Planable, ex Social Media Comms Manager @Oracle & ex Marketing Coordinator @Uber. 9 years of experience in social media and marketing. Built Planable’s brand and reputation and helped grow it from 50 customers to over 6.5K. Social media fanatic, tech geek & a sucker for learning.