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Smart AI Instagram Hashtag Generator (Free Tool)

Generate Instagram hashtags that send engagement soaring. Discover the best hashtags for growth and likes👇

How to generate AI Instagram hashtags with our free tool

Use the smart AI hashtag generator by Planable to boost engagement and likes.

1. Select your Instagram hashtags writing style:

  • 😂 Humorous: create funny and entertaining captions
  • 🌟 Inspirational: craft motivating and uplifting captions
  • 📚 Informative: generate educational and factual captions
  • 👋 Casual: compose friendly and relaxed captions
  • 💼 Formal: write professional and structured captions
  • 🙃 Witty: produce clever and quick-witted captions
  • 🎉 Enthusiastic: design excited and energetic captions
  • 💖 Empathetic: formulate caring and understanding captions
  • 💬 Convincing: construct persuasive and compelling captions
  • 😛 Teasing: write playful and slightly provocative captions

3. Select your Instagram hashtags formatting:

  • List: hashtags are stacked vertically, each on a new line.
  • One line: hashtags are placed in a single horizontal line, separated by spaces.

4. Select your number of IG hashtags: 5, 10, or 30.

“Our smart AI Instagram hashtag generator works by using machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to analyze user input and suggest unique and relevant hashtags for your posts.”

Nicu Gudumac, CTO & Founder @ Planable

Instagram hashtags best practices

Using hashtags effectively on Instagram is like finding the secret ingredient to your grandma’s famous cookies. Follow these best practices, and you’ll optimize your hashtag strategy to boost reach and engagement.

1. Keep it relevant

Choose hashtags that are spot-on with your content and audience. Using generic or overly popular hashtags is like shouting into the void – your post gets lost in the noise.

2. Blend popular and niche hashtags

Mix it up! Combine those trending hashtags with niche ones. The popular tags give you broad visibility, while niche tags connect you with a more focused, interested crowd.

3. Do your homework

Use Instagram’s search function to uncover hashtags related to your content. Check out their usage and engagement levels to find the perfect fit.

4. Brand your hashtags

Create a unique hashtag for your brand to build a loyal community. Encourage your followers to use it and watch your brand grow.

5. Don’t overdo it

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, but don’t go overboard. Aim for 5-10 relevant hashtags to strike a balance between reach and looking spammy.

6. Tag your stories

Include hashtags in your Instagram Stories to reach a wider audience. Use the hashtag sticker or just add them in the text.

7. Keep captions clean

If you prefer tidy captions, place your hashtags in the first comment. This tactic keeps your post looking clean while still reaching new audiences.

8. Join the conversation

Engage with communities around your chosen hashtags. Like and comment on posts using the same tags to boost your visibility.

9. Track your tags

Use Instagram Insights to monitor hashtag performance. Tweak your strategy based on what works best for your content and audience.

10. Avoid the blacklist

Stay away from Instagram’s banned hashtags list to prevent reduced visibility or shadowbanning. Regularly check that your hashtags are still effective and safe to use.

11. Be consistent

Consistency breeds recognition and loyalty. Use a core set of hashtags regularly, and switch up others depending on your content.

12. Stay real

Your hashtags should reflect the true nature of your content. Authenticity attracts genuine engagement and followers.

Implementing these best practices will make your hashtag game strong, driving better engagement and growth on Instagram. Ready, set, tag!

Miruna Dragomir

Miruna Dragomir

Miruna Dragomir, CMO @Planable, ex Social Media Comms Manager @Oracle & ex Marketing Coordinator @Uber. 9 years of experience in social media and marketing. Built Planable’s brand and reputation and helped grow it from 50 customers to over 6.5K. Social media fanatic, tech geek & a sucker for learning.