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How many separate projects/brands do you manage? ?It can be a client if you’re an agency, a location if you’re a franchise business, a region if you’re an international company with multiple teams, a product if you have multiple brands. Basically, if it has its own dedicated social media pages or dedicated teams, it counts as a project

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How many people would you like to invite to Planable in total? (clients or external stakeholders included)

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Maximum number of social media pages for any brand you manage:

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Do you consider how your Instagram grid will come together when planning posts?

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In what format do you like to look at your posts?

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Do you crosspost content between projects? (Example use case: you have a global brand as the master project and tweak content for local brands)

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Do you organize your content into different categories? (content pillars, topics, products, campaigns etc). If yes, what’s the maximum number of categories?

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Would you like us to give you context on previously published content?

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What describes your collaboration workflow best?

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How would you describe your approval processes?

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Do you want to collaborate on Facebook ads in Planable?

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When your company buys software, how do you usually pay?

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How would you describe your need for support?

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How would you describe your use of video content?

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