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Marketing Teams of the Future is a digital book that covers content marketing from its early beginnings to today. Subscribe to Planable’s newsletter and get it for free.

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Why should you get it?

The book will help
your reevaluate your

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Download the book today and be a part
of the Marketing Teams of the Future

Efficiency is an issue that’s becoming more and
more pressing. We need help in crafting the
future of marketing teams.

About Marketing Teams
of the Future book

There’s an urgent need to understand the marketing
industry better from top to bottom.

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If you look at the way marketers plan,
organize & collaborate on content
(social media, blog posts, banners,
podcasts, newsletters, email
campaigns) it’s all old school.

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Marketing, an industry whose DNA is
built around innovation, still bows to
the “almighty” Excel, a software
released way back in ‘85.

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This marketing book is fighting for
the evolution the industry deserves.
An industry where the creative is not
bogged down by logistics.

Preview of the Marketing Teams of the Future book

Vlad Calus is the author of this book and co-founder of Planable, a free social media management, and
collaboration tool. He wrote this book as an optimistic statement that marketing teams will find the
right workflow to survive in the close future.

As a Millennial dropout, he’s been working with digital agencies and brands since he was 17 years old.
Even in the early days of his career, he was looking to answer one question – what’s the main thing
keeping marketing & creatives from finding a more seamless way to work? And this book is his way of
trying to answer that burning question.

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The future, for us as marketers, will continue to be about understanding our customers or audiences best. Whether we do that based on data, or gut feel, or AI or whatever, may change.

But the core of marketing will always be to help the Brand best understand who it is serving, what problem it is solving, and to be able to communicate that in the most effective and compelling way possible. Whatever new skillset or mindsets are needed to do that successfully is what marketers need to be aware of and adapt to on an ongoing basis.

Chitra Iyer

Editor-in-Chief @ MarTech Advisor

The book is divided into
three chapters:

The past

A brief history of marketing from a
millennial dropout’s perspective

We will explore the history of marketing. How it started, how the first ads looked like, how the first years of the internet meant for marketing.

You’ll go through the first tools such as Excel, Word & Adobe, then transition to the development of social media platforms, until today’s cloud platforms. It’s a short and clear description of the life of our industry — the way marketing evolved in the past 10, 20, 50, and 100 years.

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The present

Analysis of the biggest marketing
f*ck ups and success stories

This chapter explores the state of the modern marketing industry – the main issues, problems, and struggles that marketers are experiencing.

The general anxiety marketers experience on a daily basis as they’re tackling countless difficult tools while trying to maintain a steady supply of content. We’ll dwell over multiple PR crises due to a lack of clear approval processes and the way these crises affect companies long term. We then dive into the best modern examples from companies that excel at content marketing in this hectic world.

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The future

How marketing teams need to adapt their
workflow to be prepared for what’s coming

This chapter is a prediction of how world developments will impact marketing. We’ll look at the changes marketing teams need to make to be prepared and ready to move fast. It’s about organization, processes, mindset changes. Designing teams that are ready to adapt to whatever trend or technology.

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One of the biggest challenges when launching a new marketing initiative is making sure
everyone is on the same page in terms of what the goal of the project is, and then having the
content marketing leadership team properly communicate our knowledge down to new hires
and specialists.

Levi Olmstead

Director of Marketing @ 2ndKitchen

Marketing Teams of the Future
is available in all formats.

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Why we wrote this book

Marketers spend two hours a day gathering information as a result of being isolated. Marketing channels are expanding and brands are creating more content than ever which leads to professionals being overworked. Pushing content is, paradoxically, rapidly becoming marketer’s biggest bottleneck. And the tools they currently use are not going to help them make this easier.

We hope that Marketing Teams of the Future will represent a valuable contribution to the ever-expanding literature of marketing books and will help entrepreneurs and marketing managers reevaluate their strategies.

How this marketing book
can help you

Today, content production happens across a mishmash of spreadsheets, powerpoints, and endless email threads. This process is slow and frustrating for those in the trenches. It also places a heavy financial burden on agencies in the form of paid overtime.

If we continue wasting time we will never evolve as an industry and will just fortify the bottleneck. After analyzing hundreds of teams and discussing with thousands of professionals, we found a fix. That’s the main thesis of the book – improving & creating an efficient workflow for content collaboration efforts by implementing high-value insights & techniques that we shared in the second chapter of the book.This book is for you if you’re looking to build a team that is ready to take on the content world as it is today.

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I think the future of content marketing is LESS about marketing. It’s about
creating. The best content today documents what’s really happening in the
world and what real people are doing. I love the motto of documents don’t
create, and that’s where I think the future of content will be.

Dave Gerhardt

VP of Marketing @ Drift

Profile (1)

Vlad Calus,

Co-Founder @Planable


About the author

Vlad Calus is the Co-Founder of Planable, a free content collaboration tool. Over 5,000 brands such as Christian Louboutin, Viber, Hyundai, and the United Nations, use Planable in their day-to-day operations. Prior to launching Planable, at just 17, Vlad grew a nonprofit organization – AoM. An academy meant to help young men between 16 and 19 y.o. learn more about manly ethics, manners, and real men’s behavior.

Two years later, at 19, Vlad started Planable – one of the most successful marketing startups. He was featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 list and participated in the Techstars London accelerator in 2017 with Planable.


Note from the author:

I’m a 24 y.o. marketer who grew up with the internet. I’m a millennial. You know, the species that older generations hate and who apparently can’t afford a house because of too many avocado toasts. Like it or not, the internet is shaping the world we live in, how we communicate, interact with others & businesses and consume content. Facebook users spend an average of 1.7 seconds per piece of content on mobile and 2.5 seconds on desktop.

We are an on-the-go generation with a very short attention span – I know that because I am part of that same cohort. So, I will try to earn your undivided attention for the next few hours with actionable advice and valuable information. I’ll be telling you a story ABOUT content, digital, and essentially how to survive as a marketing team in the close future. I don’t have any academic background, I’m actually a dropout. Millennials, right?

Nevertheless, I’ve been working with digital agencies and brands since I was 17 years old. Even in the early days of my career, I was looking to answer one question – what’s keeping creatives & marketing from finding a more seamless way to work and collaborate? And this book tries to untangle that dilemma. Now, I’m not a scientist and this is not an academic study. Rather, this book is the culmination of over 8 years of observing and analyzing hundreds of teams struggling with the same problem. And it’s what I do best.

Marketing Teams of the Future
is available in all formats.

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