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Social Teams 100

Top 100 Companies that grew their social media teams in 2020,
against all odds

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About Social Teams 100

2020 ended and after wiping our foreheads with a loud ‘phew’, we started thinking. Besides a year of horrors, what else happened in 2020? How did social media teams do? Were there any social media jobs posted? Did professionals in our space make career changes?

So many questions inevitably lead us to roll our sleeves and get to work. We started a research project and the results were quite impressive. We found so many companies that saw the importance of social media marketing in the worst of times. These brands needed to be noted. Mentioned. And shared with the world.

That’s how the top came to life. The top that shows just how essential social media is for most companies. From the filled positions, over 170 were social media manager jobs. Entry-level roles were also popular with 150 of the roles containing words such as social media specialists, strategists, interns, content creators, assistants, and associates finding a new and exciting place to work.

There were a total of more than 1,000 companies that hired social media professionals in all of the US last year. Diverse professionals with a previous experience ranging from 0 to 40 years of experience.

2020 was without a doubt a dreadful year. But good things happened too. Some companies managed to stand tall and invest in our beloved social media world. We wanted to celebrate these companies.

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