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Blog Migrating from ContentCal to Planable

Migrating from ContentCal to Planable

ContentCal was a social media tool that allowed teams to manage, schedule, and publish social media content. In December 2021, ContentCal was acquired by Adobe, and the tool became the Content Scheduler in Adobe Express. ContentCal’s existing customers now have until March 31st, 2023, to export their content, after which it will no longer be recoverable.

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What does this mean for existing ContentCal customers?

If you’re a ContentCal customer, you should know your account will not be automatically moved over to Adobe Express. If you want to continue using the tool, you need to separately sign up for Adobe Express, renew your pricing plan, and import your content.

Now that ContentCal has transformed into Content Scheduler within Adobe, they offer five integrations: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Facebook. 

What is Adobe Express Content Scheduler missing?

  • Integrations: no TikTok, Google My Business, and Youtube.
  • Approval: no feature for approval workflows on scheduled posts.
  • Collaboration: no option to invite team members to review or leave comments on scheduled posts.
  • Workspaces: no ability to group social media accounts or social media calendars into separate workspaces.
  • Grid view: no way to preview and plan your Instagram grid view.
  • Media library: no place to store your creative assets to use them later in posts.
  • Locations: no ability to add the location to your Instagram and Facebook posts.
  • Targeting: no option to target specific audiences on LinkedIn or Facebook.
  • Recurring posts: no feature to schedule the same posts several times in a row in advance.
  • Bulk scheduling: no option to schedule posts in bulk.
  • Mockups: no way to preview pages/content exactly as they would appear live.

How can Planable help?

If you’re considering migrating from ContentCal, Planable is the best social media management tool to schedule, approve and collaborate on posts.


I’ve been loving Planable! We had our first scheduled piece come out through the application today and it went seamlessly. I particularly enjoy the ‘Comments’ — its a great way to communicate with other members of my team before we sign off a post.

Your customer support team is really helpful!

Annabel Gibson, Marketing Coordinator @ Propeller

Here’s what Planable has to offer:

  • Social media management platforms: Instagram (Reels, Stories, Carousels), Facebook, YouTube (including Shorts), Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business (add offer, event, CTA), Pinterest, and TikTok.
  • Approval: 4 approval workflows: None, Optional, Required, Multi-Level.
  • Collaboration: option to invite team members or stakeholders to share comments and feedback next to scheduled posts.
  • Workspaces: flexible ways of grouping social media accounts, teams or social media calendars into separate workspaces.
  • Sync on option: easily group similar content across different platforms to approve, schedule, and publish them all at once.
  • Grid view: preview and plan your Instagram grid view to perfection.
  • Media library: save all your brand assets (images, gifs, and videos) in a  single Media Library to use them later in posts.
  • Locations: add the location to your Instagram or Facebook scheduled posts to grow your community and boost engagement.
  • Targeting: target specific audiences on LinkedIn and Facebook. 
  • Facebook Ads Manager: post organically or send to Facebook Ads Manager.
  • Recurring posts: schedule the same social media post several times in a row ahead of time.
  • Bulk scheduling: schedule and approve posts in bulk.
  • Mockups: preview pages/content exactly as they would appear live and showcase your work to your clients.
  • Labels: organize your posts with one or multiple labels for easier search and filtering.
  • Stellar customer support: our customer support is stellar.
  • Custom views: create a dedicated view for a specific group of posts instead of manually changing filters and sorting.
  • Bonus: you can manage your entire content marketing, not just social media in Planable. Your blog, email marketing, and any other forms of content.

And last but not least, you can easily import posts into Planable in bulk using the CSV file downloaded from ContentCal. 

Have more questions? Let us help, book a demo here.

Andreea Stefan

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