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The book on how modern content teams collaborate

This book is a statement of belief on how teams should work together in the new world of content marketing. Brought to you by Xenia Muntean, our CEO and long time fan of everything adworld. Expect a realistic industry audit with a hopeful guide on mastering content operations. So grab that cup of flat white and let’s dive in 👇


The Manifesto

Since 1440, the marketing industry has lived through five major channels – print, radio, TV, Internet, and mobile. Instead of eliminating each other, they now coexist.

While marketing teams come in many shapes and sizes, all of them rely on two universal aspects: people and processes. And as anyone from the industry would attest to, these two crucial elements are impeded by logistical nightmares. And no one feels the burn more than content marketers.

As the marketing industry continues to grow, so does the number of tools and platforms content marketers have to keep up with and use to create engaging content. Now, content marketers need structure and tight-knit processes more than ever.

Sneak Peek


Xenia Muntean, CEO and Co-Founder of Planable, wrote this marketing book because she believed that the content marketing industry lacks the structure and processes necessary to achieve its full potential.

At 20, Xenia was already running her own shop. She saw her young team of talented content marketers struggling to create content while juggling mind-numbing tasks and tedious logistical issues.

The Manifesto on Content Marketing Teams is one of the few marketing books that not only takes a critical, and at the same time endearing look at our industry, but actually comes with solutions. It’s a book written from the perspective of an experienced marketer who loves this industry and genuinely wants to improve it. As far as the best marketing books are concerned, Xenia’s is a must-read.

The book consists of five chapters:

Chapter I: The Content Paralysis Epidemic

Where Xenia examines the problems plaguing content marketing companies – aptly called the content paralysis epidemic.

This first chapter goes into detail about content paralysis, its short and long-term effects, and how it applies to the modern marketing industry. Its symptoms might seem recognizable: the “back and forth ache”, “oops, it’s out spasm” and “did you see my last message rash”. That doesn’t mean they’re not surprisingly hard to identify in due time. This insightful first chapter is the perfect introduction to a widespread problem that not many marketers talk about.

Chapter II: The Content Paralysis Treatments & Prevention

Whether we’re talking about a huge multinational corporation or a fledgling startup, content paralysis can install at any time and bring everything to a halt.

While no marketing team is like another, all of them rely on people and processes to function at maximum efficiency. And these two crucial elements often get lost in a flurry of logistical conundrums and endless feedback loops.

This chapter offers solutions as well as a few preventative measures. CEOs, digital marketing managers, and even content marketers will find actionable advice.

Chapter III: Clarity Drops

Lack of clarity and transparency in organizations leads to a lot of wasted time and opportunities. Worst of all, it’s quantifiable. And it’s not as vague as it sounds – it’s actually very measurable.

In 2018, the average worker spent 2.5 hours per day just looking for information or locating documents. Planable’s report showed that 75% of brands and 71% of agencies use documents to share information. 90% of agencies and 69% of brands use emails to communicate.

What do these numbers amount to? Frustrated workers and wasted financial resources.

Chapter III addresses the issues affecting content marketers’ creativity and productivity – spreadsheets, docs, lackluster file and asset documentation, and the lack of reliable social media management tools.

Chapter IV: Coordination Injection

Imagine you’re taking a helicopter view of your team. How does that image look like? Is it in-sync? Are they on the same page? Are they tightly coordinated? Because, in order to make things happen, coordination is key.

Chapter IV, Coordination Injection, talks about the tedious and time-consuming workflows that hamper team collaboration. The result? It costs businesses financial and reputational capital.

Chapter V: Efficiency

Marketing is one of the most stressful fields in the creative industry. Why? Because precious time is wasted on laborious logistical processes and lengthy and confusing chains of communication.

The (buzz)word “efficiency” is often thrown around in the corporate world when it comes to solving productivity problems. Sadly, in most cases, it’s nothing more than a band-aid, because the core problems are often swept under the rug in favor of quick fixes. As a result, marketers are stressed and burned out, people spend nights and weekends working to meet their deadlines, and the quality of their work drops.

In this fifth and final chapter, Xenia examines the industry-wide burnout of content marketers and the advantages of implementing agile practices to increase efficiency.


“You rarely stumble upon a book as inspiring as the one Xenia wrote. If you consider yourself a game changer, an early adopter, or simply a person that likes to take risks for a better future, this is for you.”
Gabriela Bejan Amarie, Digital Tailors

“Xenia Muntean’s Manifesto on Content Marketing Teams highlights an opportunity for marketing teams to work more effectively by simplifying the process for creating great content.

At the Sustainability Champions media channel, we produce a lot of content on a daily basis. I’m grateful for the collaboration strategies Muntean outlines because I believe they can help our team create higher-quality content more efficiently.

I would recommend this ebook for marketing leaders or anyone who runs a content marketing team and wants to save both time and money.”
Daniel Hartz, Sustainability Champions

“This book is a valuable resource for any marketers looking to up their game. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to scale their content marketing and improve their team’s workflow.”
Rachel Manning, Clever Tiger

Xenia Muntean Book Manifesto Planable

Xenia Muntean

Xenia Muntean is the CEO and Co-Founder of Planable, a content marketing collaboration platform. Over 5,000 brands such as Christian Louboutin, Viber, Hyundai, and the United Nations, use Planable in their day to day operations. Prior to launching Planable, at just 20 years, Xenia founded a digital marketing agency and led social for prominent clients such as Coca-Cola.

Xenia was featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 list, and spoke on the Innovation Stage at Cannes Lion in 2018. She graduated from Tim Draper’s startup academy in Silicon Valley and participated in the Techstars London accelerator in 2017 with Planable.

In 2019, Xenia published a book – The Manifesto on Content Marketing Team – and has launched a podcast, People of Marketing, where she talked with high-profile guests from the marketing industry, such as Kevin Young, Head of Audience at The Economist, and Stuart Stobbs, Chief Creative Officer at McCann1886.