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“My content calendar no longer makes me cry”

— Planable customer who’s hugging her calendar as you’re reading this

Planable is an end-to-end workflow tool that makes content collaboration fast and painless. Dare we say fun?

👋 Buh bye spreadsheet timesuck

👋 Buh bye tedious and repetitive tasks

🙌 Hello agility (and time) for new projects


Social media approval…

without spending 7 days a week on it.
Producing killer content — that’s the easy part. Getting your stakeholders’ approval — that’s like waiting for lockdown to end.


Why does it take 33% of your work hours (+ every ounce of your cold brew) just to get your content approved?

Why does it feel like you’re always one step away from crisis – instead of one click away from “publish”?

And if it takes this long to manage current brands… how will you ever scale?

Stop living in spreadsheets
Start putting out content in minutes

No other collaboration tool is as visual, clean, or intuitive as Planable.


Content creation on fire

Put together kickin’ posts that look exactly like the live versions, so what you see is what you get.

(Because you have imagination, but Justin? Not so much.)

Organize & prioritize like
a boss

Marie-Kondo your content and plan months at a time. Our eye-candy calendar is so visual and organized, joy will literally spark from your pores.

(Because color-coded labels give you a high. Admit it.)


Multiple views

With Planable, you’ve got options. Four, to be exact.



Giving and getting feedback is fun with (pretty!)
comments that display in context. And the flow is so
intuitive, even non-techy team members can
figure it out.

(Because the 80s called and they want Complicated & Ugly back)



Time-saving (and sanity-
sparing) approvals

With easy approvals and real-time updates, you’ll be
wrapping things up in no-time.

(Because you’ve got stuff to do, like creating more content
and breaking the internet.)

Trusted by the world largest platforms

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“There’s no need to explain how the asset will look”

Before Planable, we’d upload an asset and write the copy, and have to spend a lot more time with clients getting that copy through, explaining how it will look. With Planable, the whole process is streamlined. Everyone sees it exactly how it is. There’s no need to explain how it will look.


Social Media Manager @Dishoom | ex Jaguar Land Rover

“We love the ability to plan and preview posts”

We love being able to plan posts and see exactly how they will look like. We chose Planable because of the calendar format — we love it. Before, it was hard to imagine what the post was going to look like. Getting approvals was filled with painful back and forth. Planable helped all our processes.


Social Media Specialist @ 9Round Franchising

Social Media Specialist-9Round Franchising

Let’s do the math

What if you could check one place instead of eight…
for the 2,951 pieces of content you create Every.
Freakin’. Week?

Publishing just one piece of content takes 3 hours and
28 minutes on average.

How much money you’d save with Planable

Number of people involved in social media

Your hourly rate

Social Media Director-A+1 Digital Strategy

“Approvals in 15 minutes — instead of 4 hours”

Before Planable, it would take me four hours to get a post approved. After Planable, it’s 15 minutes. It really saves me time. And I can take on more clients because I have more time.


Social Media Director @A+1 Digital Strategy

“Two days, instead of a whole week”

We literally went from a whole week of back and forth to two days and done: now, we have the content ready on Monday and approved and edited by Wednesday. So we save two full days of communication.


Social Media and Marketing coordinator @Forward Progress

Social Media and Marketing coordinator-Forward Progress

Stop losing hours on
brain-mushing grunt work

Planable gives you way more time and way less busywork.

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