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Blog 5 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Content with Planable AI

5 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Content with Planable AI

You, dear marketer, have a lot of content to write, and you’re tired of synonyms, antonyms, words, words, and more words. Who’s got that much inspiration all the time? No one.

That’s why today we’re super happy to introduce Planable AI — your ultimate writing wingman. You know those sweat drips coming down your forehead when you’ve got a blank screen and nothing to write? Well, our AI will wipe it all away.

Planable AI is conveniently placed right in your composer. So you can have it handy when creating and scheduling posts. It can help you write from scratch or rewrite your content for a boost of inspiration. Here are 5 ways in which Planable AI can help improve your content:

1. Make it shorter

The “Make it shorter” prompt will rewrite your text more concisely, keeping the format and context.

2. Surprise me

Ask Planable AI to surprise you with a rewrite of your text in a different tone of voice. You can try multiple iterations and polish the result you like best.


3. Expand concept

Takes your idea and adds more info to it. Comes in handy when you’ve got the main point down but need to flesh it out with more substance and depth.

4. Make it punchier

That moment when you’re almost there. Happy with your message, but you’d like it a bit fine-tuned? This one brings your caption home.


5. Custom instructions

You know best what you want. Let your imagination run, and ask Planable AI to help you in any way you need. Add hashtag, emoji, continue text, make it funnier… Go wild and make that copy shine!


Simple, isn’t it?! And right where you need it, when you need it. So let us help you create copy that’s straight fire, without the burnout. Not sure how to craft the perfect prompt for the perfect caption? Here are 50 social media prompts to get you started! 

Give Planable AI a try! We promise it’ll be love at first write.

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Miruna Dragomir

Miruna Dragomir

Miruna Dragomir, Marketing Manager @Planable. Social media fanatic, tech geek & a sucker for learning. Past experience? Social Media Comms Manager @Oracle & Marketing Coordinator @Uber

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