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Blog 10 Best AI Tools for Marketing in 2024 for Growth & Productivity

10 Best AI Tools for Marketing in 2024 for Growth & Productivity

Feeling overwhelmed by the never-ending list of marketing tasks? You’re not alone.

Today, marketers are expected to be jacks of all trades, handling everything from strategizing to creating editorial calendars and running profitable campaigns.

But AI technology comes in to do the heavy lifting for you. The right AI marketing tool should help with time-consuming duties like ideation, content writing, or task management. Thus saving you time and amping up your efficiency.

In this article, I’ll show you the best AI marketing tools to up your marketing game. First, let’s go through some of the benefits and things to consider when choosing an AI-powered marketing tool.

What are AI marketing tools?

AI tools for marketing are software solutions that leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate routine tasks, speed up the research and ideation processes, and enhance various aspects of marketing.

This automation serves to complement the marketer’s role, providing a supportive platform for creativity and strategy rather than replacing human input.

For example, AI marketing tools can assist with:

  • Content ideas tailored for various platforms
  • Content optimization for search engines
  • Task automation
  • Audience insights and competitive intelligence from customer data

Ultimately, AI marketing tools allow marketers to focus on creative input and final adjustments, thus ensuring strategies are both efficient and personalized.

Benefits of using an AI marketing tool

5 important benefits of using AI tools for marketing illustrated

AI marketing tools turbocharge your B2B content writing and optimize marketing campaigns, becoming essential tools for any marketer. Let’s dive into the game-changing perks they offer and the pros and cons of AI content marketing.

More efficient content creation

We’ve all hit that creative wall, staring blankly into space, waiting for inspiration.

AI tools offer a rich pool of idea suggestions and content to populate your content calendar. Just remember, it’s essential to double-check any facts and data to maintain accuracy and reliability in your content.

In fact, according to HubSpot, 67% of marketers credit AI tools with supercharging their content strategy, specifically by accelerating the content creation cycle.

AI marketing tools aren’t about replacing human creativity, but rather enhancing it. And 5% of marketers using AI tools to write entire pieces of content proves AI more likely wouldn’t take anyone’s job.

Approximately 35% of those who employ generative AI turn to it for inspiration or creative ideas, while another third (33%) utilize AI marketing tools to craft outlines.

Purple pie chart representing AI marketing tools usage in 2023

Faster media consumption

AI tools streamline your media consumption by summarizing lengthy articles and converting podcasts or videos into text. This saves you time and allows for quicker, more focused absorption of any kind of information.

Cost and time efficiency

Leveraging artificial intelligence in content marketing slashes expenses and boosts efficiency.

With AI marketing tools, you can automate repetitive tasks like scheduling posts, finding semantically relevant keywords to your main topic, and automating marketing-related tasks within your team.

Counting on machine learning and reducing manual labor hours means you can potentially bypass the need for additional marketing assistants for those tasks, ultimately cutting down costs for you.

Things to consider when using AI tools for marketing

An AI tool can be a powerful ally in your marketing toolkit, but it’s not a magic wand. As with all software, they come with caveats and require careful handling and well crafted AI prompts.

Your marketing strategy still needs the human touch

AI tools are fantastic time-savers, but they shouldn’t entirely replace human judgment and creativity.

For example, while AI can analyze customer behavior, it can’t understand the nuance of human emotions or cultural subtleties that might impact a marketing campaign.

That’s why it’s crucial to balance the power of artificial intelligence with the emotional intelligence that only humans can provide.

Not all audiences will accept AI content

While AI-generated content might be quick and data-driven, it can lack the authenticity and expert opinion that some audiences crave.

This is particularly true for markets built on trust and expertise, like healthcare, legal services, or high-end luxury brands.

Incorporating content generated with artificial intelligence without carefully considering your target audience’s preferences could risk alienating them and damaging your brand’s reputation.

Best AI tools to help digital marketing teams be more efficient

With so many things on your marketing to-do list, you want to find a way to make your processes more efficient. Here are the best AI marketing tools that can help you save time.

1. Planable: best for content marketing collaboration and approvals

Planable is a one-stop AI marketing tool that helps to plan, draft, collaborate, and approve all types of written content. It also helps you schedule and publish social media posts.

Planable goes well beyond the basics. With its AI writing assistant, Planable covers all your team’s creation and revision needs when it comes to content and social media marketing.

Monthly marketing content calendar in Planable with multiple daily posts planned across social media platforms, blog and newsletter.

Content marketing calendar in Planable

Here’s how Planable AI works:

  • Create a new post: Opt for the “Generate with AI” option before you even start typing. Be specific with your prompt, whether that’s including hashtags, emojis, or making a list.
Blank post composer with highlighted "Generate with AI" button

Planable AI generator for social media posts captions

  • Continue a post: If you suddenly feel stuck at any point in your writing process, simply hit the “Continue” button, and AI will organically build upon your initial text, maintaining the original formatting.
Social media post editor in Planable with Rewrite with AI and Continue buttons.

“Continue with AI” social media post caption

  • Rewrite a post: If you already have a post but feel it needs a new spin, Planable’s predefined artificial intelligence options can make it shorter, fix any grammar errors, or give it that extra punch for audience engagement. Plus, with custom instructions, you can request the AI to sprinkle in emojis, add hashtags, translate the text, or any other tweak you have in mind.
Social media post editor in Planable with Rewrite with AI options to Make it shorter, Fix grammar, Surprise me, and Make it punchier.

“Rewrite text with AI” in Planable

  • Generate caption for image or video: When you already have an image, a carousel, or a video, and you’re looking for a quick description, Planable’s AI recognizes the content in the visuals and suggests a suitable caption.

Facebook post draft with added image from the media library and AI generated caption for image

Creating killer social media posts is a team effort, bringing together writers, graphic designers, and strategists.

With Planable, once that first draft is down, everyone can dive into the same workspace to collaborate on content. When the post gets the green light, you can effortlessly move it to your publishing calendar.

You can try Planable for free up to your first 50 posts.

Once you’ve reached that limit, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan, which starts at $11 per user per month.

Planable is a Cloud Campaign alternative that excels in content creation and collaboration. But it expands the clean, beautiful interface to its analytics and reporting feature as well, allowing you to easily check and report your content’s impact.

2. Jasper: best AI marketing tool for long-form content generation

With features like long-form content generation, social media post creation, and even scriptwriting, Jasper is a robust artificial intelligence marketing tool.

AI templates library in Jasper, including options such as long-form assistant, content improver, marketing angles, or email subject lines.

It’s available on the web, iOS, and Android, making it accessible wherever you are. Geared towards small businesses, agencies, and freelancers, Jasper offers three pricing plans starting at $39 per month.

While Jasper offers a multi-channel content writing aid, it lacks built-in SEO tools. So you’ll need to supplement with other resources to optimize your articles with keywords.


Jasper is best for creating content across various channels. It’s suited for small to midsize businesses, agencies, or freelancers looking for an accessible and multi-platform writing assistance.

3. ClickUp: best AI tool for marketing project management

ClickUp is an AI-powered project management tool that serves various content needs, from article writing and video creation to campaign planning.

ClickUp AI is an add-on this tool offers, helping you to enhance marketing workflow and productivity. Leveraging role-specific prompts, it streamlines content creation from idea generation to a final draft, leaving brainstorming sessions in the past.

Here’s what you can do with ClickUp AI:

      • Write content

With ClickUp AI, you can write content on any topic. In your prompt, make sure to specify your desired format, like a list or a blog post, and your target tone of voice.

      • Edit content

Once you’ve generated content with ClickUp AI, you can edit it by tweaking the initial prompt or requesting different AI responses. For refining existing drafts, simply paste the text in ClickUp, select it, and hit the AI icon from the toolbar to edit it. You can choose to improve or simplify writing, make the content longer or shorter, or fix spelling and grammar.

      • Summarize large volumes of information

You can request to summarize content of any length in Docs, recent ClickUp task activities, and task or inbox threads. You can also customize summaries with specific prompts and choose different time frames for task updates.

      • Generate subtasks

Using ClickUp AI, you can automatically generate subtasks from open tasks, pulling details from task descriptions and comments. Simply hit the “Generate” button in the Subtasks section and then tailor the subtask names as needed.

ClickUp AI is available on all ClickUp paid plans (starting at $7 per member per month) at $5 per workspace member and internal guest per month.

However, be prepared for a steep learning curve due to ClickUp’s extensive features.


ClickUp is best suited for teams that require a centralized platform to manage the whole content creation process.

4. ChatGPT: best AI tool for general creation and summarization

If text-based content is a cornerstone of your digital marketing strategies, ChatGPT is a tool worth considering.

Probably the most famous of all free marketing tools with AI technology, it can assist you in multiple areas, from topic research and idea generation to drafting a variety of marketing content (e.g., emails, articles, social media content, landing pages, Google ads).

Chat-GPT prompt including buttons with suggested options such as Compare storytelling techniques, Come up with concepts, Explain nostalgia, and Help me study.

Accessible via web and mobile app, ChatGPT offers a free plan, while the Plus plan costs $20 per month. The paid version offers faster response times, priority access to new updates and features, and access to the tool even during peak times.

You can use ChatGPT for social media, to brainstorm content marketing ideas and draft initial copies, but it’s crucial to verify the accuracy of any facts it suggests. You may also need to add depth to the final content to ensure that it resonates with your target audience.


ChatGPT is one of the best artificial intelligence marketing tools for content creators, digital marketers, and businesses looking to scale their written output.

5. Optimonk AI: best AI tool for conversion rate optimization

OptiMonk AI helps optimize your e-commerce conversion rate through its AI-powered conversion rate optimization and personalization platform.

In contrast to other CRO tools, OptiMonk AI simplifies the process. No CRO knowledge is needed, as it automates 99% of tasks. You can run A/B tests and implement personalization 10x faster.

Optimonk AI generating a description for a man shirt

Here’s what you can do with OptiMonk AI:

      • Optimize the copy of thousands of product pages

With the help of AI, OptiMonk AI understands the essence of your products. Then, it adds new headlines, descriptions, and benefits to your product pages automatically

      • Create relevant popups for each visitor

With OptiMonk AI, you can personalize the headline of your popups for each visitor based on the page they’re browsing.

      • Run fully automated, AI-powered A/B tests

Forget about hours of brainstorming, OptiMonk AI takes care of it and helps to determine which headlines or other website elements perform better.

      • Personalize headlines

Match the messaging of your landing pages to your Google Ads and Facebook Ads automatically with AI.

OptiMonk AI’s pricing starts from $249 per month, and it scales with your business.


OptiMonk stands out as one of the best solutions for teams in search of a versatile website personalization platform.

6. Brand24: best AI marketing tool for social listening and online media monitoring 

Brand24 is one of the market’s most robust AI-powered social listening and online media monitoring tools. It allows users to monitor, track, and analyze mentions across social media platforms and other online sources (websites with news, videos, podcasts, blogs, forums, reviews).

Brand24 AI insights

This tool collects mentions containing your brand name, hashtags, phrases, or other specific keywords in real-time!

You can use Brand24 to:

You can get to know all the opinions of customers or partners who talk about you online. Brand24 also provides valuable AI Insights so you can make the right data-driven decisions.

Learn your customers’ pain points, even if they don’t tag you or mention you in a place you wouldn’t have thought of at all!

Thanks to Sentiment Analysis, you see negative mentions instantly, and you are notified about them!

Brand24 spots current trends, allows you to track your competitors and compare with them!

Brand24’s algorithms, like Social Media Reach, Non-social Media Reach, and AVE estimate the number of people who have received content related to your brand and measure the effectiveness of the marketing activities.

Thanks to Influencer Score, you can identify the most relevant influencers and opinion leaders in your industry. It makes finding potential collaboration much easier!

Brand24 offers 4 pricing plans depending on your needs. They start from $79 per month! For such an advanced tool, the pricing is very reasonable. Other similar tools designed for social listening can cost up to three times as much.

Take advantage of the free 14-day trial and see if this marketing tool suits your needs.


Brand24 is the best AI tool for agencies, marketers, PR professionals, and businesses of all sizes.

7. Emplifi: best AI marketing tool for content research and publishing

Emplifi is a marketing tool that enables you to research, schedule, and publish content across various social media platforms. Its AI-powered automation scans data on various digital marketing channels to provide real-time actionable insights that can guide your content strategy, posting schedule, and audience engagement tactics. This takes the guesswork out of decision-making, helping you react swiftly to trends or shifts in audience behavior.

Emplifi's content dashboard including AI composer feature, and menu on the left side.

Emplify has a free trial available, though they don’t specify the duration upfront. Once you’ve signed up for the free trial, you’ll receive an email confirmation informing you that they will call you soon to discuss pricing details.


Emplifi is best for marketers seeking an all-in-one solution to amplify their social media presence through AI-driven insights. Just be ready for a little mystery around trial duration and pricing until you get that follow-up call.

8. HubSpot: Best AI tool for scaling content marketing strategy

HubSpot’s AI content writer is a game-changer for businesses looking to scale their content marketing strategy. By utilizing this innovative tool, companies can create high-quality, engaging content at scale, saving time and resources. 

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, this tool analyzes your target audience, suggests relevant keywords, and even helps you generate engaging and SEO-friendly content. You can generate different types of copy ranging from engaging blog posts to crafting compelling social media captions.

Hubspot AI content writer landing page

Here’s what you can do with HubSpot AI Content Writer:

      • Scale content creation strategy

Generate engaging website copy, blog content, social posts, and more.

      • Paragraph rewriting tool

Repurpose and refine existing content for use on different channels and use cases.

      • Topic suggestion tool

If you’re having trouble with writer’s block, simply input a prompt and customer audience to get a list of relevant topic proposals.

      • Natural language processing and machine learning

This advanced platform can help streamline the content creation process and improve overall productivity.

      • Data trends and reports

The AI content writer can analyze data and trends to identify which copies have had more success than others to determine the best way to improve your marketing campaigns.


This powerful tool helps streamline the content creation process and ensures that the content produced is relevant and effective. With HubSpot’s AI content writer, businesses can take their content marketing efforts to the next level and see tangible results in their digital marketing campaigns.

9. SurferSEO: best AI powered tool for SEO content research and generation

SurferSEO is designed to help you create SEO-optimized content for better search engine rankings. It analyzes over 500 different ranking factors and provides semantically relevant keyword suggestions for your article.

Keyword prompt in SurferSEO with the option of Write with AI.

With its additional feature, Surfer AI, you can generate the outline and the whole article in just a few clicks. And if you find Surfer AI doesn’t meet all your needs, you can seamlessly integrate it with Jasper for more advanced content creation and optimization for search engines.

Pricing for SurferSEO starts at $69 per month, while Surfer AI costs $29 per article. Each comes with its own separate cost, allowing you to pick what best suits your content needs.

The cost can be a drawback, though, especially for smaller businesses or freelancers, as opting for both SurferSEO and Surfer AI can make expenses pile up.


SurferSEO is ideal for a wide range of professionals. Freelance writers, SEO agencies, and SEO-focused brands use SurferSEO to perfect their search engine optimization strategies. So whether boosting organic traffic to their own sites or enhancing their clients’ web presence, this tool is a go-to solution.

10. Notion AI: for AI software for marketing teams’ productivity

Notion AI is designed to make you more productive and your writing more efficient. Integrated directly into Notion, it comes with features that summarize meetings, generate action items from meetings, and even augment your writing by fixing grammar and spelling.

"Ask AI anything" prompt in Notion, showing options such as Summarize, Find action items, Translate, or Explain this.

Priced at $10 per month for individuals, it’s more cost-effective compared to similar platforms like Grammarly Premium, ChatGPT Plus, and Jasper.

However, the tool is deeply integrated into Notion, so if you’re not already a Notion user, this could be a drawback.


Notion AI is best if you’re already using Notion and want to supercharge your digital marketing campaigns with AI-driven writing and task automation.

Wrap up

If you’re a busy marketer, you can use AI marketing tools to increase your efficiency. AI-powered social media tools can streamline your social media marketing efforts, manage routine tasks with more complex AI marketing tools, and offer useful insights. This allows you to focus more on your marketing strategy and creative initiatives rather than getting stuck with mundane tasks.

Kate Starr

Kate Starr is a freelance SaaS and MarTech content writer. With an extensive background in marketing, she mostly covers topics like digital marketing, social media marketing, and sales. When Kate doesn’t create stunning content, you can find her at the gym or exploring new cities.

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