How This Agency Manages Social Media Assets For A $12 Billion Car Brand


Think Digital is a digital agency in charge of presenting Volkswagen to the world and has already up to 6 people using Planable. Planable was created with clients just like ThinkDigital and Volkswagen in mind. A tool for large companies, with complex approval structures.

How This Agency Saves 30 Hours/Month With Its Social Media Sharing


We sat down for a coffee with Alex, Kelermedia’s founder, a professional that became an entrepreneur without actually wanting to start a company. Kelermedia wanted feedback, they wanted to improve and to be better for their clients. Planable was the way to do it.

How This Agency is Leading Digital Innovation in the Baltic Region


Agris Locs-Dārznieks is the CEO and Founder of Notre, a strong and independent digital agency from Riga and the first Planable customer from Latvia. He’s leading the digital ecosystem in the Baltic States and managing more than 10 clients within Planable.

How To Manage 50 Social Media Pages and Drive More Traffic for Your Clients


Social media is here to stay, that’s what Isabelle Soete understood back in 2014 when she founded her first company, Social Lemon. Social Lemon is a solid and dynamic agency in the heart of Belgium. They’re managing more than 50 Social Media Pages at the same time.

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