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Blog Fast-track to Flawless Content: Introducing Suggestions in Planable

Fast-track to Flawless Content: Introducing Suggestions in Planable

Cross “understand confusing feedback” off your to-do list ’cause we’ve got big news.

I’m super excited to introduce our newest and brightest in the collaboration toolset:
🥁 Suggestions 🥁

From creation to publishing, content flows smoothly in Planable. You can work on social media posts, emails, articles, ads, and everything else in your communication campaigns. From A to Z – everything and everyone in one place.

Social media post with feedback comments and stakeholder approval.

Here’s how Planable helps you perfect your content and get approvals in no time:

1. Suggestions

With Suggestions, approvers change the text themselves, while marketers get clear input and accept or reject with one click. Suggestions are super useful to get really fast to the final version while making sure the writer sees the updates and learns from them.

To add a suggestion, the approvers select the text they want to change and go to Suggest edits.

Collaboration on an article in Planable, with higlighted text and the Suggest edits button highglithed.

Next, they edit the original text to the final form.

Collaboration on an article in Planable with editable textbox open, pre-filled with highlighted text, and an Suggest blue button.

Now you can clearly see the new text with track changes, and Accept or Decline with a click.

Collaboration on an article in Planable, showing a highlighted text and, on the right side, a block of text showing suggestions to add text in green, and to remove text in red.

That’s it, the copy is ready for the final approval. No back and forth with clarifications and endless polite follow-ups.

And Planable has more…

2. Annotations

Annotations are your go-to for general feedback on a block of text.

Article collaboration in Planable, showing a highlighted text annotation asking to make the text shorter, and a Resolve button selected.

Approvers select the exact text and leave clear, on-the-spot, feedback. Next, you can continue the conversation in a thread, or implement the feedback and click Resolve once you’re done.


Comments work best for generic instructions about the posts like “make the tone of voice a bit lighter”, “add some images”, or “this post would work better on Monday”.

Article in Planable with a highlighted comment, with a switch for "Internal" turned on, and a blue Post button.

They’re also a great place for strategic internal debates about the piece, before actually putting in the content.

With all these options, feedback in Planable is clearer than ever. And content approvals? Faster than a TikTok trend blowing up. Giving you more time to work on stuff that moves the needle.

Build your content calendar for months in advance, and directly publish to the major social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and Google Business Profile.

Not a user yet? 👉 See it in action, with the first 50 posts for free!

Miruna Dragomir

Miruna Dragomir

Miruna Dragomir, CMO @Planable, ex Social Media Comms Manager @Oracle & ex Marketing Coordinator @Uber. Social media fanatic, tech geek & a sucker for learning.

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