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Blog 5 AI Social Media Post Generators for Engaging Content

5 AI Social Media Post Generators for Engaging Content

It’s often frustrating to see how other social media marketers and influencers come up with such amazing social media content every time. How come their creativity never runs dry? For most of us, on the other hand, the wonder ideas for viral social media posts strike one day, and the next day you just struggle to find inspiration. But have you ever thought that there could be something more that these brands have? Creativity is a no-brainer, of course. You can’t get anywhere in the world of social media marketing without it. But what if you had tools to supplement your creativity as well? Yes, we’re talking about AI social media post generators.

AI content generation tools are the secret ingredient behind a lot of the amazing content you see on social media today. They can not only give you spectacular first drafts for your posts on any topic for any social platform but also make sure you’re using the right emojis, leveraging humor, and doing everything it takes to make a post engaging.

According to a Sprout Pulse survey, 71% of the 255 social media marketers surveyed have already started incorporating AI and automation into their daily tasks. Around 82% of them have also seen great results from it. If you’re hoping to see similar results with your social media marketing strategy, it’s time you jumped on the AI content bandwagon too. In this article, we’ll provide 5 great options to help you get started. Read on and find out.

What are AI social media post generators?

An AI social media post generator, as we can tell from the name itself, is an artificial intelligence and machine learning powered tool for generating social media content. It is designed to generate text (and sometimes multimedia content too) based on your input. It can tailor the content to your preferred social media channel, including maintaining the length and tone of the posts. It can often create an attention-grabbing post from just a blog or website URL. And it doesn’t just help in generating content.

Some AI social media content generators can provide you with interesting ideas for social posts (such as for polls and memes), generate relevant images to go with them, and even help in publishing/scheduling posts at the right time. These AI tools can bring a new level of efficiency to your social media marketing efforts. By keeping your social media content calendar always full, they help you build better relationships with your audience and expand your brand’s reach across multiple platforms.

If you want to create good social media posts, you need to choose an AI social media content generator that aligns with your unique needs. You need a tool that allows you to customize the tone of voice and style of the AI-generated content to be in sync with your brand’s personality. And if it comes with additional tools for content ideation, text to image generation, emoji/hashtag suggestions, and more, you’ll probably never have to worry about creating social media content manually ever again!

The next section will have some great options for AI social media post generators that offer all these features and more.

Top 5 AI social media post generators to create engaging content

AI is a force multiplier for creative expression.

– David Raichman from Oglivy

In the case of social media marketers and creators, AI can help you climb out of a creative rut and get content to market faster by creating stunning posts at least 5x faster. Here are some AI social media post generators that you can try today to level up your social media marketing game.

1. Planable AI

Planable AI rewriting function with options like: Make it shorter, Surprise me, Expand concept, make it punchier

Rewrite with AI in Planable for social media posts

Planable is not your average social media post generator. It’s a collaboration platform that streamlines social media management from start to finish. From creating posts, organizing them, handling approval workflows, and publishing them on different social media platforms, Planable takes care of it all.

Since we’re here to talk about using AI to create social posts, let’s get to Planable AI content writing features. The tool offers 4 options to help you rewrite and optimize your social media content for maximum engagement. These are:

  • Make it shorter: This can be used to make your text to the point and less wordy.
  • Expand concept: This can be used to expand on an idea you have already added to a social post. You just need to provide a starting point and the AI will take it from there.
  • Make it punchier: This can be used for times when your copy sounds dull and boring. You can use Planable’s AI to breathe some life into it.
  • Surprise me: When you don’t know what to do with a social post, use this option to give the reigns to AI.

You can also provide social media AI prompts to the tool for additional social media post ideation and writing assistance. Plus, when you’re posting an image or video, you can first upload your asset, and ask the AI to generate the caption for it.

Facebook post draft with added image from the media library and AI generated caption for image

After you’re done creating your posts on Planable, you can preview them to see how they would look on different social platforms, and also invite your team members for their inputs. Once the approvals are taken care of, the social posts can be published to 8 different social media platforms straightaway. You’re all set, from creation to publishing, and with the AI writing, content organization, and planning features, you’ll probably get it done 5x faster.

Pricing: Planable paid plans start from $11 per user per month. There’s also a forever free plan, where you can post a total of 50 posts.

2. Narrato AI

Narrato's AI Content Genie that helps creating custom social media posts

Narrato’s AI Content Genie

Narrato AI is a content creation platform that offers several AI tools for social media content generation. The AI Content Genie on Narrato automatically generates fresh social posts (+blog posts) every week, based on a one-time input of your target themes and your website/blog URL. The AI doesn’t just generate the text for these posts but also recommends relevant hashtags, emojis, and images to go with the content. Users have the option to edit the content and replace the image with a royalty-free GIF/image from Narrato’s library or an AI-generated one using AI image prompts. You can also publish or schedule the content to any social media channel straight from the platform.

Narrato’s AI social media post generator with 15+ different templates for various types of social media posts can generate posts with notes, themes, or even a webpage URL. These AI-generated posts can be tailored to different platforms. For instance, the AI Facebook Post Generator gives you the option to create both long and short-form posts, that are great for diversifying your content on the platform. For Twitter (or X), the AI tool can generate short posts as well as threads that ensure your content stays well within the character limits on the microblogging site. The same goes for its Facebook and Instagram post generators. It also offers AI tools to help with other social media content creation tasks:

  • AI meme idea + caption generator
  • Social media poll generator
  • Twitter thread generator from a blog or webpage
  • YouTube video script and description generator
  • Social media page intro generator
  • Holiday/special occasion social post generator

Narrato could be a good fit for content creators, marketers, and businesses that are looking for a complete social media management suite with AI and automated content creation capabilities. The platform offers over 100+ AI templates and tools for all your other content creation needs as well.

Pricing: Narrato plans start from $36 per month, and include 4 user seats. It also offers a 14-day free trial to test out the platform.

3. Supermeme

Supermeme AI

Next on the list is Supermeme – an AI social media post generator specifically designed for creating memes. Considering the growing popularity of memes in the world of content, any brand that is looking to increase engagement is creating meme content. Look at the Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook pages of any popular brand/creator, and you’ll find some meme posts driving likes and comments in thousands. Supermeme is an AI tool that can help you capitalize on this trend, by generating meme posts from basic text prompts. All you need to do is input your main theme or message, and the AI takes care of the rest, adding a caption to a relevant meme template.

Besides the text-to-meme generator, Supermeme offers a few other options:

  • Themed memes: Generates meme captions on custom themes and meme templates.
  • Meme maker: This lets you create your own memes from scratch.
  • Meme Search: You can search for your favorite meme template from 1000+ options and use generative AI to edit them.

The Supermeme meme editor is quite easy to work with, so creating memes for your social media campaigns doesn’t take up too much effort. Plus, anyone can do it. You don’t need to be an everyday meme-er to create funny memes using Supermeme’s AI.

Pricing: Supermeme’s paid plans start from $9.99 per month, where you get 100 credits every month. There’s also a free plan, which gives you 20 one-time free credits to generate memes.

4. Canva Magic Studio

CanvaMagic Studio interface

If you’re a content creator or a creative, you’re probably already familiar with this name. Canva was the tool that made graphic designing simple and accessible to everyone, with its drag-and-drop functions and other cool features. The latest addition to its list of features is the Magic Studio, a suite of AI-powered tools to help with various aspects of visual content creation.

Every good social post needs quality visual content. Tweets containing videos get 33% more engagement. The same goes for other social media platforms too. So, if you need to create quality visual content for your social media, Canva Magic Studio is the way to go.

  • Magic Design lets you create custom templates for your social posts using only a few words.
  • Magic Write can be used to generate and refine copy for your social media posts.
  • Text-to-video and text-to-image can be used to create visual elements from simple text prompts.
  • There’s also Magic Edit, Magic Expand, Magic Grab, and tons of other AI features to simplify content creation.

Besides this, the platform offers many ready-made templates and elements for creating stunning graphics and banners for your social media channels.

Pricing: Canva’s paid plans start from $14.99 per person per month. There’s also a forever free plan that lets you try out its AI writing and design features.

5. AdCreative.ai

AdCreative.ai interface

If you’re looking to create attention-grabbing ads for social, AdCreative.ai is an AI-powered tool that could be pretty useful. While it is primarily designed for social media ads, it can also help with social post creatives. It allows you to create perfect-sized social posts for every channel, with attractive designs that look like they’ve been created by a professional.

While there are better AI tools in this list that are specifically designed for social media post generation, AdCreative’s expertise lies in creating high-converting social media ads. The platform supports a variety of ad formats and can render the creative design for an ad within seconds. You can also use AI to generate text and headlines for the ad. The platform supports all the major copywriting frameworks: PAS Formula, BAB Formula, AIDA Model, Lift Method, and more. What’s more, it can produce text in more than 30 unique languages.

Pricing: AdCreative.ai plans start from $21 per month. There’s also a 7-day free trial.

Wrapping up

These 5 amazing AI social media post generators could help you with everything that successful social media marketing demands. Each of these tools comes with its own unique features and capabilities to streamline your social media content creation process. Now, the choice is yours. Identify your needs, and the goals of your social media campaigns, and decide which of these tools could help you get closer to them. Or maybe try them all! All the tools we’ve listed offer free trials and plans. Make the most of them, and see which ones could be your accomplices in your social media marketing journey.

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