How to schedule your posts on Facebook – never been easier

Plan, create, schedule, and collaborate on your Facebook content with no hassle. No push notifications. No “dings” in the heat of the night. You’ll never have to read a “how to schedule a post on Facebook” guide ever again. We got you. And it’s free.

how to schedule a post on facebook

Schedule Facebook posts and lay back relaxed

Finally say goodbye to spreadsheets. The constant back and forths. And 5PM emails referencing that carousel in row AB345.

None of that with Planable. Cut out the middleman. Plan, create, schedule and collaborate on your Facebook posts in advance – all in one place.

Everybody is on the
same page

A single, shared workspace for everybody. And we mean
EVERYBODY. Endless back and forths? Gone. Need quick
feedback from your team or clients? *Click*, that’s all it takes.
Wanna show your handiwork to an outsider? Send them a
guest link, with feedback & comments in place.


Get content approved
faster than saying “approved”. Or this sentence

You always know, 100%, guaranteed, that your Facebook post
is ready to leave the coop. Meaning multiple approval levels.
Or none at all — you do you. Once posts are approved, you
can go back to binge-watching your favorite 5-part Danish
crime drama. Your Facebook post will be automatically
scheduled and published, no interrupting family dinners.

Get feedback and start
scheduling your
Facebook posts

Feedback where it makes sense – right next to the post. Leave
internal notes for your team’s eyes only. Exchange feedback
and friendly banter with your team in real time. Sprinkle your
notes and comments with emojis, and react to them
accordingly (with emojis, of course, no words needed).

Plan your Facebook
campaign in Planable’s
sleek, visually-rich

Want to schedule posts on your Facebook pages, but to also
get a bird’s eye view of your entire campaign and see how it
fits? You can do exactly that with Planable’s calendar. Organize
posts by topic with Planable’s colored labels. Move posts to
time slots by dragging and dropping them. Visualize your
Facebook content by week or month, so there’s no confusion
regarding the campaign’s timeline. See campaigns at a glance,
across multiple pages.

How to schedule a post on
Facebook and Facebook
groups from mobile

Solve problems on the go. Schedule your Facebook posts and
collaborate on the go, in real-time, on our mobile app.
Edit and review Facebook content while riding the bus. Drop
your feedback quickly while the cashier is scanning your
organic milk. Plan and schedule your Facebook content with
only a few taps on the screen.

Connect your Facebook groups to Planable and start scheduling. As
simple as scheduling Facebook posts for your feed.

how to schedule a post on facebook mobile planable

With Planable, you can actually schedule posts for all social media platforms

schedule instagram posts planable

Boost your brand’s visual appeal

Instagram’s the coolest kid on the block, and with Planable you won’t miss out on all the fun. Carousels. Emojis. Stories. Arrange your photos into beautiful grids and schedule them for later directly through Planable (our uncle works at Instagram). Schedule your Instagram content, sit back and let Planable do the rest.

schedule tweets planable

Never miss a trend

When it comes to Twitter, trending’s the word. With
Planable, you can collaborate on and schedule your
Twitter posts and plan out those hashtags that
everybody wants to be a part of. Planable is the
perfect choice if you want to make those 280
characters count.

schedule tiktok videos

Boost your brand to TikTok stardom

TikTok is the Wild West of social media marketing, but brands are slowly catching up. With Planable’s TikTok integration, you can delegate all that busy work that social media planning involves. Sign up to Planable, create a workspace and connect your TikTok page. Invite team members to leave feedback in comments, right next to the posts. Schedule TikTok videos. All that in one place.

schedule youtube videos planable

Schedule those videos out in a jiffy

YouTube is all about consistency, and the best way to
achieve that is with careful planning and outlining.
Planable helps you streamline all the hassle that comes
with posting YouTube videos – adding tags; creating
playlists; writing descriptions and titles; setting
video categories; uploading thumbnails. Schedule your
YouTube videos and do all that grunt work ahead of time.

schedule linkedin posts planable

Be the thought leader you always wanted to be

With Planable, you can be sure you’ll always be a part of
all the important industry discussions on Linkedin.
Schedule Linkedin posts ahead of time and let people
know what projects you’re working on; be the thought
leader you always wanted to be and share your
professional insights; raise awareness through a
carefully planned social media campaign on Linkedin.

schedule google my business posts planable

Attract customers from
your own backyard

Google My Business can be a great marketing tool for
small businesses and our integration can help your
business achieve its full potential. Schedule your
Google My Business posts and let potential customers
know about your newest promotions and deals; share
pictures of your products or day-to-day announcements.
Attract customers easily with Planable.

Since you’re here, here are a few useful Facebook posting guidelines

schedule facebook posts planable

Post consistently

Post consistently. Not frequently – consistently. The
consensus is that 3 posts per week are more than

how to schedule posts on facebook planable

Take advantage

Take advantage of Facebook videos. In 2020, video
made 15% of brands’ content on Facebook – and
this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Schedule posts on facebook page planable

Be there for your customer

Engage with customers and respond to as many
comments as possible.

Schedule posts on facebook planable

Use engaging photos

Personalize your brand, choose engaging cover and
profile photos.

Schedule facebook posts planable

Optimize for your audience

Don’t forget about Facebook’s audience optimization
feature. It’s a handy targeting tool that brands and
businesses can use to reach their target audience.

how to schedule posts on facebook planable

Stay human

Be personable. Everybody knows why you’ve made
a Facebook Business page, but that doesn’t mean
people like to be served advertisements all the time.

how to schedule a post on facebook planable

Keep it 100%

Make sure to fill out all the page sections as it can help
with SEO.

Schedule posts on facebook planable

Simplicity is key

Keep posts short and simple. The farther you are
from triggering the “show more” button, the better.

Schedule posts on facebook planable

Bring it home

Don’t shy away from sharing content from other
sources. Curating external content not only saves
money and time, but can also bring great networking

Schedule posts on facebook page planable

Use planning calendars

Use a social media calendar to plan out your posts
ahead of time. Planable has a great calendar that
will help you achieve peak social media posting

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Publish Facebook posts 6X faster

That’s totally an actual number. We didn’t invent it. Planable customers save up to 30 hours a month with Planable. Plan and create on your desktop, review and schedule on your phone while folding laundry. Sign up for Planable, download the mobile app, and leave the grunt work to us.

Schedule facebook posts planable