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Blog 12 Facebook Management Tools to Increase Your Efficiency and Reach in 2024

12 Facebook Management Tools to Increase Your Efficiency and Reach in 2024

Facebook management tools are irreplaceable when it comes to truly taking control over your presence on the platform. Native tools are overcomplicated and mediocre functionality-wise, so social media managers usually opt for third-party software.

Such tools help your team create content faster, automate content planning, gather real-time analytics, and overall streamline your social media efforts, keeping you laser-focused on the impact your content brings.

In this article, I’ve gathered 12 tools that meet any team’s social media management needs. So, read on!

What are Facebook management tools?

Facebook management tools are software solutions designed to streamline the creation, scheduling, and analysis of Facebook content. Facebook tools help optimize content scheduling, monitor analytics, and manage interactions, enabling marketers and businesses to improve their Facebook presence and take control of their social media ROI.

Basically, these tools can help you with all of your Facebook-related tasks, from social media scheduling to customer relationship management.

What to look for in Facebook management software

When evaluating social media software for Facebook, it’s essential to look for features that streamline and enhance your everyday work. There are several social media management tools to choose from, and the best of them include:

  • A social media scheduler

Essential for organizing and automating post scheduling, a social calendar helps you maintain consistency and ditch manual scheduling.

  • Analytics and reporting tools

Data is vital for optimizing your Facebook presence and adjusting strategies. Your tool should provide insights into engagement, reach, and the effectiveness of your content.

  • Team collaboration

The best social media tools ease everyday collaboration and communication between team members at every stage, from content creation to approval processes.

  • User-friendly interface

Prioritize apps that are intuitive and easy to navigate, reducing the learning curve and the urge to cry while looking for a particular piece of data (yes, Meta Business Suite, I’m talking about you).

  • Integrations

Look for tools that integrate smoothly with other platforms and tools you use, ensuring a cohesive and streamlined workflow.

Facebook publishing tools

1. Planable – best Facebook management tool for collaboration and scheduling

Planable is a social media management tool that allows you to drop Meta Business Suite altogether and opt for an intuitive interface, comprehensive functionality, and powerful team collaboration features.

Planable's social media calendar with scheduled and published facebook posts

Social media calendar in Planable

With Planable, you can plan, collaborate on, and schedule social media posts for all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Google Business Profile, and more. You can also collaborate on other types of content, like blogs or newsletters, thanks to Planable’s Universal Content feature.

Collaborative editing of a Facebook post within Planable, showcasing real-time team interactions and edits via comments and suggestions

Collaboration through comments and suggestions on a Facebook posts in Planable

Planable helps your team manage social media accounts faster and more efficiently, largely due to its extensive collaboration capabilities.

You can work on Facebook content with your colleagues using comments, internal notes, text suggestions, and annotations. All the features are designed for seamless real-time collaboration, ensuring you post only the hottest version of your content. Managing multiple Facebook accounts never been easier!

Besides utilizing real-time feedback to craft compelling Facebook content, you can set up customizable approval workflows to green-light your content faster.

Key features:

  • Schedule Facebook posts – any posts, be it videos, images, or Reels. Through Planable, you can manage content for business pages and Facebook groups (provided you have admin access).
  • Leverage the first comment. No more hanging around until the post goes live — schedule the first comment together with the post and go about your day.
  • Link and carousel ads. You can save your posts as link or carousel ads for your paid campaigns. After you create a post in Planable, it’ll be visible in Facebook Ads Manager as an ad draft.
  • Planable AI. Utilize Planable’s writing wingman to turn your captions into gems or battle the blank page. Planable AI can generate a caption for you or polish your existing text.

Pricing: The social media management platform offers 50 free posts you can use for an unlimited amount of time. After that, upgrade for as little as $11/month. Planable’s billing system is flexible, based on the features and number of users and workspaces.

2. Buffer – best for social media managers of small businesses

Buffer is a simple and efficient social media management solution for small social teams who want to get the most out of their Facebook strategy. Buffer helps you plan and schedule posts for multiple social media platforms, including Facebook.

Buffer's social media planning calendar displaying scheduled posts across multiple platforms.

Buffer’s standout feature is the Chrome extension, which allows you to save post ideas for later in the dedicated space.

Key features:

  • Automated scheduling. Plan and schedule your posts to go live automatically through Buffer, including images, videos, and Reels. You can connect as many Facebook business pages as your plan allows.
  • Analytics. Track the performance of your Facebook posts with metrics like engaged users, reactions, reach and impressions, and follower growth.
  • Social inbox. Answer Facebook comments and tags directly from Buffer’s engagement page.

Pricing: Buffer has a free plan with planning and publishing tools included. Its three paid plans with additional features start at $6/month/channel.

3. SocialPilot – best for managing evergreen content

SocialPilot publishes social media posts across multiple platforms, including Facebook. It offers a handy solution for managing evergreen content and hashtag clusters. You can store and recycle the brand’s best-performing posts in Social Pilot’s database and create frequently used hashtag groups.

Screenshot showing the Social Pilot interface for scheduling a Facebook post, featuring a user-friendly layout with calendar and post options.

Key features:

  • Visual content calendar. Visualize your publishing schedule to get a bird’s-eye view of your social media strategy and improve your presence on the social media platform.
  • Bulk scheduling. Schedule multiple posts in advance through a CSV file. You can upload up to 500 posts with images or links.
  • AI Assistant. SocialPilot’s AI writer helps you craft Facebook captions, generate ideas for social media campaigns, and boost engagement through recommended hashtags.

Pricing: SocialPilot has four paid plans starting at $30/month. You can give it a try for free with a 14-day free trial.

4. Loomly – best for publishing content across multiple platforms

Loomly is a neat tool that helps teams manage their social media presence across Facebook and other platforms.

Loomly's social media tool dashboard highlighting post creation and branding tools for effective social media management.

This tool stands out with its RSS feeds, which provide continuous inspiration for Facebook posts. It also simplifies social media monitoring and content planning, aiding teams in finding fresh ideas and ensuring a smooth content management workflow.

Key features:

  • Social media scheduling tools. You can bulk-schedule posts for Facebook using Loomly’s content calendar.
  • Approval workflows. Collaborate with your teammates and set up approval workflows to keep your colleagues and clients in the loop.
  • Track Facebook performance. Use Loomly’s analytics capabilities to see how your content is performing and adjust your strategy.

Pricing: Loomly provides a 15-day free trial period and four paid plans starting at $42/month.

Facebook content creation tools

5. Planable AI – best for writing and rewriting content

Planable AI is an invaluable assistant for those running multiple social media profiles. It is, first of all, a reliable writing wingman that can help you easily beat the blank page.

Planable AI is integrated right in Planable’s post composer. Give it any prompt and it generates your first caption draft.

Planable AI’s interface featuring its AI functionality for rewriting social media captions using different tone of voice

Rewrite Facebook captions with Planable AI

Planable AI can also help you rewrite and refine existing content in just a few clicks so you don’t end up posting the same captions across multiple accounts. And if you’re starting from an image, it can recognize what’s in it and write the caption from scratch.

Planable AI generating captions from images.

Generate caption from image with Planable AI

Together with its image and video editing tools, Planable can elevate your content and make it stand out.

Key features

  • Create captions from scratch. Enter your prompt when scheduling your new Facebook post, and let Planable AI take it from here.
  • Polish existing text. You can make your text punchier, shorter, or longer, or try the “Surprise Me” option and see what happens.
  • Generate caption from image. Start your post by uploading your image. Planable AI recognizes what’s in it and suggests the caption.

Pricing: Planable AI is included in all of Planable’s paid plans starting at $11/month.

6. Canva – best for creating Facebook visuals

Canva is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop graphic design platform that helps you create stylish, on-brand Facebook visuals even without a dedicated designer. Its intuitive interface and broad selection of templates empower users to produce engaging Facebook content quickly.

Canva interface displaying a variety of customizable design templates for social media posts.

With Canva, you can create images for posts, group and event covers, videos, and even social media ads.

Key features

  • Template library. Canva has ready-made, customizable templates for multiple social media channels, including Facebook. Create pixel-perfect posts, Reels, and covers.
  • Brand book. Ensure your Facebook content is always on-brand with Canva’s built-in brand book, where you can save your brand fonts and colors, logos, stickers, and more.
  • AI tools. Canva provides handy tools like the background remover, magic eraser, expanding tool, and more AI-powered gizmos.

Pricing: Small businesses and individual creators can find Canva’s free plan sufficient. But if you need AI tools and access to an extensive asset library, you can upgrade for $11.99/month.

7. CapCut – best for Facebook video editing and creation

Initially created for TikTok, CapCut proves equally powerful for crafting Facebook videos, Reels, and animated stories.

CapCut video editing app interface on a mobile device, illustrating tools for trimming, adding effects, and exporting high-quality videos

It’s a simple yet reliable social media tool for video editing that helps you create compelling Facebook videos and leverage them in your social media marketing strategy.

Key features

  • Video editing. Trim, split, and reverse your video files, add or delete audio, change the speed, or freeze frames. You can also add filters and transitions for a dynamic, stylish look.
  • Caption generation. CapCut can create subtitles for your video in seconds. Customize them using one of many available templates.
  • Commercial music library. An invaluable feature for business social media accounts — CapCut differentiates licensed music from royalty-free music so your legal team can catch a breath.

Pricing: CapCut’s mobile app offers specific tools as part of a premium plan. However, you can use all available tools for free in CapCut’s desktop version.

8. Repurpose.io – best for repurposing content for multiple social networks

Even though Facebook is among the most used social media networks, it’s rare to see it used as the only one in a social media strategy. Repurpose.io helps you — you guessed it right — repurpose your videos and podcasts across various social media platforms.

Interface of Repurpose.io showing video and podcast content management features for streamlined social media repurposing.

You can choose videos directly from our other social media accounts and edit them to fit Facebook’s requirements.

Key features:

  • Video resize. You can automatically convert your videos into vertical, horizontal, or square ones. Works with Facebook videos, Stories, Reels, and Lives!
  • Add elements videos. Headers, subtitles, and in-video text — add any required elements while editing your video. You can use one of the ready-made templates or design your own.
  • Schedule and publish social media content. After editing your videos, you can automatically publish them to social media platforms, including Facebook.

Pricing: Repurpose.io offers a 14-day free trial. After that, you can upgrade for $25/month.

Facebook analytics tools

9. Planable Analytics – best for social media analytics

Planable enhances Facebook analytics, offering a seamless way to analyze content performance. Track page likes, impressions, engagement, and page views to identify the most impactful content and refine your strategy.

Detailed view of Planable's Facebook analytics dashboard showing engagement statistics and audience insights.

Facebook analytics in Planable showing engagement statistics and audience insights

With its sleek interface and integration in the complete social media management tool, Planable Analytics gives you an easy overview of your social media content performance and which types of posts best resonate with the target audience.

  • Intuitive interface. Unlike Meta Business Suite, Planable’s interface is straightforward, simple, and easy to comprehend. You can monitor performance across all social platforms in one place, ensuring a holistic view.
  • Reporting capabilities. You can generate reports on Facebook analytics for any piece of content, including posts published natively or before you connected Planable to your Facebook account.
  • Integrated content calendar. Planable combines content planning and social media analytics tools in one neat platform, so you can easily switch between scheduling and analyzing within the same suite and identify best-performing content.

Pricing: Planable Analytics is available for $9/month/workspace in addition to any Planable paid plan.

10. Keyhole – best for social media listening and Facebook trends

Keyhole is a powerful platform for in-depth analytics to help you tweak your strategy and leverage social media efficiently.

Keyhole dashboard interface displaying real-time hashtag tracking and social media analytics.

In addition to measuring classic social media metrics like follower growth and Facebook reach, Keyhole helps you run competitor analysis and track hashtags to measure the impact of your social campaigns.

Key features

  • Social listening capabilities. Monitor all your brand’s mentions and analyze the sentiment across Facebook and other social media sites. You can jump into a conversation immediately, taking your social engagement to another level.
  • Campaign forecasting. Keyhole’s AI analyzes your campaign data, predicting the results you might expect in the next day, week, and month.
  • Trending topics. Keyhole analyzes the market, identifying rising trends and finding hot topics worth riding for your brand.

Pricing: Keyhole offers six paid plans starting at $89/month.

11. Iconosquare – best for comprehensive analytics and competitor analysis

Iconosquare offers detailed insights into social media performance across various platforms, including Facebook. This data empowers you to optimize your social media strategy based on actual numbers.

Iconosquare analytics platform showing detailed metrics and graphs for Instagram performance analysis.

Iconosquare’s social listening helps you track and benchmark your competitors’ performance, analyze trending hashtags, and collect all relevant data in a neat report, giving you a competitive edge in content planning.

Key features:

  • Unified social media inbox. Spy on your social media comments and reply to mentions in seconds.
  • White-label reporting. Craft on-brand reports to send to your clients. You can adjust the data you want to present and set up automatic email delivery on reporting dates.
  • Multiple profiles management. This feature allows you to manage multiple social media accounts from one dashboard and combine them in customizable reports.

Pricing: Iconosquare has a 14-day free trial and three paid plans starting at $59/month.

12. Brand24 – best for real-time sentiment monitoring

Brand24 shines as a Facebook analytics tool, providing real-time insights into brand mentions, engagement, and sentiment analysis.

Brand24 dashboard showcasing Facebook analytics with metrics on mentions, sentiment analysis, and user engagement trends.

It stands out through its instant notifications feature, which alerts users to changes in engagement or mentions so you can swiftly respond to and contain a potential crisis (or ride a positive wave).

Key features:

  • Instant alerts. Set up specific alerts to stay updated on your brand’s social mentions and engagement.
  • Sentiment analysis. Analyze how people perceive your brand across multiple platforms, including Facebook.
  • Measure awareness. Brand24 helps you evaluate how recognizable your brand is online by evaluating total reach and the importance of mentions.

Pricing: Try Brand24 for free for 14 days and then upgrade using one of four paid plans starting at $99/month

Facebook management tools are game-changers for taking control of your social media game. Facebook’s native tools can be clunky, so smart managers opt for third-party options. These tools speed up content creation, automate scheduling, and provide real-time analytics, making team collaboration seamless. By using these handy Facebook publishing tools, you can streamline your workflow, boost engagement, and get the most out of your social media efforts.

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