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Our lucky 13th episode of People of Marketing Podcast is live! We’re not superstitious. We just really like this one.
Our guest today is Elijah Toh, currently heading growth at WorldRemit, helping the business to deliver growth and optimize its operations. Before this, he led brands such as P&G, Now TV, Unibet, and Uber across disciplines such as product marketing, CRM, and acquisition. Elijah’s experiences also included a memorable stint as an entrepreneur running a craft beer distribution.


Growth marketing — practical, adaptable, people

Growth marketing is one of those topics people rarely dive deep into. More often than not, it’s just dropped into conversations. So it was so refreshing to hear the subject approached in detail from the vision of a professional in the field.
“From my perspective, if I would have to describe growth marketing in 3 words, the first one would be practical. There’s a lot of disconnection where people think that growth marketing is just a principle or a concept that can be easily applied across anywhere. But people sometimes forget the practicality that needs to be applied across different businesses or circumstances. That is one very key thing that I always try to bring into every area that I work on, to be able to be practical and to adapt to the changing needs at the time.
The second one it’s the willingness to learn and change. Within growth marketing, you’re encouraged to be experimental. But we cannot discount the confirmation bias that we, humans, naturally have. Over time we developed some beliefs that we stick rigidly to. That’s the part where the willingness to change and to be fit for purpose comes into place.
The third one is about people. You’re not just a one-man team, just one functional team. You’re working across different stakeholders across different functions. It’s not just about you pushing your ideas out, it’s getting people along the journey with you, aligned with you along the way to move the whole thing. So the whole company, the whole business needs to be so synchronized with you.”
Growth is a complex part of the marketing and in order for it to work, you need all the right mixes.


You’re not an octopus, you’re human

Different tasks, new opportunities, and projects may seem appealing. We want to start working on all. But great results show up when you focus and do your best for that one thing. So, sometimes it’s important to prioritize.
“I always struggle with the tendency to jump into everything and try to be like an octopus, involved with everything. And that’s something that I learned over time to try to cope or not to let it be a stumbling block. It takes experience and a bit of a learning curve to know how to manage this well.
It’s important to be able to know when to prioritize instead of jumping into all different areas all at the same time. It’s something I’m still learning and improving all the time.”
Keep on eye on everything, but never lose your focus. Admit that teleportation is still not an option and you have to say “no” sometimes to have great results.


Don’t be afraid to try out different things or even different companies.

For sure, being in a company for a very long time gives you a lot of advantages and benefits. But when your journey there brings you no challenges, letting you in a “lovely” comfort zone, there might be a problem.
“Don’t be afraid to try out different things or even different companies. I never regretted my decision to step out of my comfort zone. Worked in a very family-oriented company like Procter and Gamble, forced me into different areas, starting with Sky and then taking time off to do my own side business. After that, branched into CRM and into the world of ride-sharing with Uber.
I think having these all great experiences, it’s different learnings that you get from different places and different people. And at some point in your career, you’re able to combine the different thoughts different learning experiences and create an experience that you can rely on.”
I’ve learned a lot during this episode and I really hope you’ll feel the same after listening to it.
‘Till next time!




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