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So happy to be here with you again, marketing lovers! Curious what is this story about? People of Marketing Podcast has the 12th episode out!

*This episode was recorded before COVID-19 took over our day to day work-life.

Our guest today is Itay Rahat, associate VP product consumer marketing at Warner Music. He has designed and launched campaigns for several well-known artists such as Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Dua Lipa, and Cardi B.


I always had this affinity to the music business, while I was doing music.

Life’s unpredictable and plans can change. Itay knew what he wanted and had the opportunity to mix his two passions — marketing and music.
“I was studying music in Tel Aviv before I got to Boston and the Berklee College of Music. I was composing and writing music, working with artists. I always had this affinity to the music business. While I was doing music, I had my own internet advertising company. I was part of a group that was performing live in a bunch of events, and I was the general manager and head of marketing there. When I was at Berklee, I started consulting with artists and with the school itself on potential marketing strategies and marketing technologies that were relevant at the time for digital marketing.
Over time I just moved from being a full-time musician and producer to doing more and more technology and digital marketing. I started understanding that I have this passion for data, automation, integrations, and campaigns where consumers react and engage.”
This type of story shows that passions mixed with flexibility can lead to a successful career. Dive into your passion but keep an open mind.


Learn, improve, repeat

Becoming the best version of yourself starts with admitting that at the moment you still have things to improve. Be honest with yourself, realize your strengths and weaknesses, and work daily to achieve your goals.
“Outside of not looking at my phone first thing in the morning and last thing at night :), I’m always learning tech. In my world, knowing more tech and coding as well as new technologies coming out is always important. Other than that, communication strategies are important to navigate your way in the professional world. You need to understand communication strategy to talk to the right people, to celebrate the right successes, to bring up the right challenges. I realized at a certain point in my career that this is something I really need to put a certain time of my day every day, in order to really achieve my goals.
The other thing is listening more. There is so much information and people have a lot to say and it’s important to listen to them. Sometimes you come in as the solution person, you know how to do this, and people want to hear. But it’s also really important to listen to what others have to say. I’m definitely trying to get better at that. I think that’s an important skill. “
Nobody is perfect, but perfection is still a goal that keeps the flame alive to evolve and learn. Accepting your low points and working on them already gets you closer to become the best you can be.


When you feel you want to try something, don’t stop!

We, humans, are social beings and willingly or not, we are influenced by others’ opinions. A piece of bad advice from the past convinced Itay he should listen to his intuition and do what feels right.
”When you feel you want to try something, don’t stop. Don’t listen to other people telling you to do it or not because they don’t know. They’re not you. That person is very different from you. I didn’t know that at that time, he was a good friend.
Any advice that makes you hold back on something you really want, it’s probably not a good piece of advice. I’ve done that plenty. I’ve done plenty of listening to other people. Some is good advice, some is not.”
It’s important to listen to other people’s opinions, but without killing our instincts. Keep intuition alive and do what you feel is the best for yourself. Even if it’s in contradiction with others’ visions.
The whole episode is one click away. Enjoy!




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