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I’m so so excited to share with you our 8th People of Marketing Podcast episode! Curious to find out what it’s about? Here we go!
Our guest today is Ksenia Barton, currently looking after LEGO Communication strategy for EMEA overlooking overall eco-system and communication planning. Previously being part of the LEGO Social media team Ksenia developed and launched highly awarded first LEGO Chatbot, which was named as an industry benchmark by Facebook. Ksenia moved to the UK from Russia where she was driving LEGO Digital strategy including launching LEGO Social media presence and Search strategy in close collaboration with local platforms like Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and Yandex.



I’ve always believed in destiny and in life guiding me to the right path

It’s somewhat soothing to think that we have some sort of guidance in our lives, and everything happens for a reason. And I love hearing these kinds of examples.
“As a child, I’ve always believed in destiny and life guiding me into the right path. My first interaction with marketing happened when I was 19, and I was still in university and wanted to be financially independent. I was part of a comedy club in Russia and the leader of the team with two other friends organized one of the first digital agencies in Russia and they needed somebody to help them with one of their projects.
Because digital marketing wasn’t there yet I became the accounts manager, working for clients like Coca Cola, Unilever. And now, looking back, I was 20 and pitching to the marketing director of Unilever, as the digital strategist. That was a really interesting moment in my life. In Russia, we really like this approach to be thrown in the middle of the sea and learn to swim, to survive.”
I loved Ksenia’s example because it shows us that sometimes things are just meant to be. Opportunities just show up at the right time, maybe when we least expect. And also, many times, you just have to take the risk and take action if you want to grow, even if it means to fail. Practice is the best way to learn.


Always be updated if you really want to create digital disruption

We often lose ourselves in our daily activities, into our work bubbles, and forget to take a look at our audience.
“It’s very important to stay on top of the industry. It’s so easy to drown into the workstreams, in emails, and all the corporate communications, meetings.
And, sometimes you can lose what’s happening outside. And in what your audience is interested in. The audience for whom you’re actually creating all of this communication. So, I really try to start my day by looking at the latest news, not only from a marketing perspective but also from a people’s perspective. I have got so many Google alerts, starting from gen Z, millennials, parents, and sustainability, all of the hot topics, to the updates from the platforms because every day there are so many new things coming and you need to take it into consideration if you really want to create a digital disruption.”
Ksenia’s strategy to stay updated with all the new hot topics for her audience shows us how easy we can adopt some techniques that make significant improvements in our results. Knowing what’s most important at the moment for our audience, we’ll be able to implement the best strategies to catch their attention.


Don’t stay low! Challenge each other, challenge your manager, ask difficult questions

Sometimes the worst advice teaches us the best lesson, as long as we are aware of the consequences.
“The worst advice I’ve ever received was -try to stay low-. Like be in a safe place, don’t challenge. I think it’s important to let things go, but it’s very different from staying low. I think it’s very important in order to find the true answer. Even in sport, you need somebody who will hit hard in your face in order to train yourself to develop your physical strength. You don’t want to have a sparring partner who is just standing and not respondent to you.
That’s why I think it’s very important in business to actually challenge each other, even to challenge your manager and ask difficult questions. Curiosity. If we wouldn’t ask those difficult questions, we wouldn’t achieve a lot of things in science.”
This part is very inspiring for me! Curiosity is something vital in this industry, and it’s important to make it an instinct and put in practice every day. No matter the context, we should always develop the best in ourselves and challenge each other.
Such an amazing occasion to learn from Ksenia’s experiences. Can’t wait to see what the next episode will bring to us!
Here you have it! Enjoy and be inspired!



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