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Hi, folks! Are you ready for a new dose of inspiration and great insights? Here’s People of Marketing Podcast, episode 15. Let’s start!
Our guest today is Mostafa Elbermawy — entrepreneur, angel investor, and the founder of NoGood, one of the fastest-growing performance and growth agencies in New York City. At NoGood he has assembled a team of creative, product, and growth experts to help startups validate and scale their products. Previously, Mostafa worked as a growth team lead at various VC-backed startups and consulted with Fortune 500 brands including Microsoft, American Express, and Procter & Gamble.


Great work lasts forever

Changing your career and switching to a totally different direction, doesn’t mean what you’ve learned is useless. I like how Mostafa took such a powerful insight from archeology and implemented it in his marketing career.
“I have a degree in archeology and I actually went out on a few diggings here and there. I was fascinated by history, but later realized that it’s one of my passions, not the only passion I have. One thing that you learn in archaeology is that great work lasts forever. It helped me in my future career as a marketer. We get out there and dig for artifacts, and mummies, any valuable objects that can tell us something about the past. When you do that, there are a lot of remarkable works that just stand out. Some of this remarkable work is still captivating to the world until this day.
It just tells you that well-crafted work lasts forever. It maybe made me more of a perfectionist and a bit of a control freak. I’m always thinking about the quality of my work to always be at its best.”
Everything is about perspective. You just have to be open, versatile, and remember knowledge is transferable. Sometimes mummies are still saying a lot, even thousands of years later. 🙂


For great results, get in trenches. Be part of your own team.

I admire the humbleness Mostafa puts out when he talks about his progress and his team. He is always open to learning more from anyone who has something relevant to say, no matter who that person is. He also respects his team and treats them equally.
”I usually hire smart people. They challenge me and every day I feel like I’m learning something new. That’s the best part of my job. I thought I was a good marketer until I met them. They teach me all these sorts of details about their areas of expertise that I guess makes my job fun.
My official title is Growth Lead. I do a lot of that, so I did my best to build a structure that allows me to do the things I do best and I love to do as well. I don’t want to be just an admin manager, a CEO that comes in, says a few nice things, and moves on. To actually be able to run an agency efficiently, to hire the right people, and drive results, you really need to be in the work. Otherwise, you’ll just throw generic things at your clients and not be able to get the most out of your team either. You need to really be in the trenches with them. See the pain of optimizing a simple Facebook campaign or having to set up a tracking scheme of sorts.”
I think this was really interesting to hear. Leaders always struggle to find the balance. Keeping an overview vs being too detached and out of the loop. I love Mostafa’s view. If you’re not there, you can’t provide real value.


AI and tech bring aid and support. Without a strong foundation, they don’t work.

The evolution of AI is fascinating and each day new inventions and technologies are released. No matter how groundbreaking and helpful are they, it’s important to remember the fascinating and unique value humans bring. At least for now, AI isn’t able to replace them.
“I used to really hate the idea of AI machine learning impact on marketing. It’s really missing the value communication piece of marketing. At the end of the day, marketing is about communicating value with clarity and in a succinct way to a cohort of users. You’re convincing them to take an action, longterm ideally, and build affinity with that brand or that message.
At the end of the day, it’s a communication problem. So AI and technology are going to aid you and support you to do that more efficiently. But without having the foundation around effective communication, it’s not gonna work. Without having the empathy and sympathy of your users and understanding them as humans, I think all of these tools and buzzwords we hear every day will just not work.”
I think Mostafa combines very well the two elements, humans and technology. He recognizes the importance of each of them but reminds us of the value people bring. It’s not replaceable yet.
Such an empowering episode! I loved Mostafa’s vibe and the lessons he shared!
It’s your time now. Enjoy!




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