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Blog Top 5 Repurpose.io Alternatives to Amplify Your Content Strategy

Top 5 Repurpose.io Alternatives to Amplify Your Content Strategy

Content repurposing is an excellent tactic to make the most out of your existing social media posts, especially when managing multiple accounts. That’s without drying up your creative juices or blowing a hole in your wallet.

Repurpose.io’s automation tools help you with just that. But its lack of collaboration and approval features might leave you seeking other Repurpose.io alternatives. Especially when creating content is all about teamwork.

That’s exactly why I’ve compiled a list of some of the top Repurpose.io alternatives that fill in the platform’s gaps. Keep reading and see which one fits your business the best!

Why should you consider Repurpose.io alternatives?

repurpose.io homepage

Repurpose.io is an intuitive platform that allows you to automatically repurpose and distribute video and audio content across multiple social media channels, including TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

For instance, you could easily repurpose YouTube videos on Soundcloud — ideal to boost your podcast’s reach. You can also turn TikToks into YouTube Shorts videos without any watermarks.

But it doesn’t go much further than that. Repurpose.io lacks team collaboration, analytics, and other features that could come in handy.

The platform also doesn’t facilitate any other formats outside videos and audios, like images or text-based posts, which limits your content creation and distribution options.

Besides, for a video-focused platform, its editing tools are rather limited — you can’t tweak your video’s saturation, color temperature, or brightness, for instance. Moreover, despite its focus on video content, the service lacks an integrated feature for automatically generating captions, missing an opportunity to enhance both content accessibility and searchability.


Repurpose.io offers two paid plans. The Content Marketer package costs $20.75 per month (billed annually) with the ability to connect up to five accounts per social media network.

The Agency plan costs $104.08 per month (billed annually) with up to 20 accounts per social channel.

There’s also a 14-day free trial available that allows you to connect one account per social network — with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter excluded.

Here’s why content managers should consider a Repurpose.io alternative in 2024

  • Scalability: There’s a significant difference between the platform’s pricing plans, which makes scalability an issue.
  • Features: The platform includes a limited selection of functionalities outside its automation tools — no team collaboration and approval levels, while its video editor lacks filters and fine-tuning capabilities.
  • Convenience: Some of the supported social media networks don’t work interchangeably. For instance, you can only repurpose an Instagram video for Twitter, with no option to go the other way around.

1. Planable – best for social media distribution with collaboration and approvals

Planable's social media calendar overview

Planable’s calendar overview

After testing multiple tools, I found Planable among the top Repurpose.io alternatives. The platform fills in most of Repurpose.io’s gaps and also brings a lot more to the table. For instance, Planable covers image, text-based, and video content.

Its Universal Content feature lets you collaborate and work on any type of written content like a video script, blog post, ad copy, or any other text-based format you wish — perfect for centralizing all your content marketing efforts.

Planable also doubles down on collaboration tools. You can collaborate with team members in real time through comments-in-context, annotations, and internal notes. Its multi-level approval workflows ensure that posts are in tip-top shape before you roll them out.

I found Planable’s video editing tools more in-depth than Repurpose.io’s. You can tweak social media clips by adjusting their brightness, temperature, contrast, and saturation, as well as leave feedback on video clips via comments — something that Repurpose.io lacks.

Planable's build-in video editing feature

Video editing feature in Planable

The platform’s Sync feature lets you publish the same post across multiple social media platforms simultaneously. You can turn this feature on or off to make changes specific to each platform.

But there’s much more to it than that. So let’s dive a little deeper into Planable’s key features.


Both Planable and Repurpose.io allow you to plan content through intuitive calendars. But after testing both platforms, Planable takes the cake in terms of functionalities and convenience.

Content calendar with different labels in Planable for multiple social media posts and blog articles

Content calendar in Planable

Its drag-and-drop interface makes scheduling content a breeze, while Repurpose.io requires you to go through different submenus to assign or change due dates, taking up a bit more of your time.

You also have the option to organize upcoming posts via color-coded labels, leave comments, and approve posts directly within the calendar view — which is not possible with Repurpose.io.

However, Repurpose.io’s calendar does allow you to view scheduled posts by day, week, or month. The daily view is especially handy if you have numerous posts across different channels scheduled on the same date. Planable only offers monthly and weekly views.

Outside the calendar, Planable also gives you access to grid, list, and feed views, unlike Repurpose.io.

Editing and Collaboration

Planable’s collaboration tools are one of the platform’s main standouts. You can leave feedback next to each post, notify team members through mentions, and mark each comment as resolved once that feedback is implemented.

Feedback in Planable including comments and suggestions section

Comments and suggestions section in Planable for feedback

Additionally, the platform’s annotations let you highlight specific text fragments and leave direct text suggestions — just like Google Docs. I found this feature particularly useful in longer text-based posts, like video scripts. In contrast, Repurpose.io doesn’t include any collaboration features.

As for video editing, both platforms allow you to split and crop videos. However, Repurpose.io’s AI-generated captions and customizable templates can speed up parts of the video creation process.

Planable gears more towards aesthetics. You can choose between 13 filters and use the platform’s fine-tuning capabilities to create engaging videos.


Multi level approval settings in Planable that includes content team, design team and client

Multi level approval settings in Planable

Planable offers four approval workflow types: none, optional, required, and multi-level, with the latter being the highlight. Multi-level approvals ensure that your content is green-lit by multiple people before rolling out.

For instance, a video would first get approved by the creative lead, then by the project manager, while the client does the final sign-off. Repurpose.io doesn’t include approval capabilities.


Planable offers a free version that allows you to schedule up to 50 posts and includes all of the platform’s features.

Planable’s paid packages start at $11 per user per month (billed annually). The pricing is flexible based on the number of users and workspaces you use.


Although Planable allows you to work on blog posts or landing page content, the platform doesn’t integrate with any CMS solutions directly — you’ll need to copy/paste content from Planable into your CMS. Additionally, the platform lacks social media listening tools.

Planable vs Repurpose.io

  • Features: Planable is significantly more extensive in terms of functionalities, as it also covers collaboration and approval tools, along with image, text support, and more.
  • Scalability: Planable’s flexible pricing plans and its broad variety of features make it a more scalable solution than Repurpose.io.
  • Ease of use: Both platforms are a breeze. However, Repurpose.io’s focus on video content recycling makes the platform easier to use for that specific use case — Planable has more going on to it.


Planable is the best choice if you’re looking to handle creative videos for social media as well as other formats, and if content collaboration and approvals are an important part of your workflow.

2. Adventr – best for AI video content creation

Adventr homepage

Adventr is an AI-powered video platform that banks on interactivity. You can create video content with clickable elements to set up gamified experiences and maximize engagement levels — perfect for video advertisements, training materials, or video quizzes.

You can handle the video content creation process via a straightforward interface. Simply upload your videos into the platform and set up branches by dragging and dropping them onto the canvas.

Key features

  • SmartListen: Take interactivity up a notch by letting users control videos through speech.
  • SmartMerge: Merge Adventr with your database to dynamically generate personalized video experiences based on customer data, like ads that show viewers products based on their browsing history.
  • Analytics: Track video plays, watch times, click-throughs, and engagement levels directly on the platform.


There’s a free plan available for one user and two published projects. Paid plans start at $99 per month (billed annually).


  • The paid entry-level plan costs $99 per month and is limited — it’s restricted to one user, doesn’t allow for video advertisements, and caps at 4,000 video monthly views. The other plans cost $299 (up to 10,00 monthly views) and $999 per month (unlimited views), respectively.
  • The platform lacks scheduling, team collaboration, and built-in video editing tools.

Adventr vs Repurpose.io

  • Features: Although Adventr offers advanced functionalities like SmartMerge and personalization, Repurpose.io is more versatile. Adventr strictly focuses on interactive video experiences, while Repurpose.io is useful for turning podcasts and live streams into short-form highlights, repurposing videos, ads, etc.
  • Scalability: Repurpose.io is the more scalable option — Adventr’s significant pricing gaps between packages and their caps on monthly views can make the platform get expensive quickly.
  • Video editor: Repurpose.io allows you to automatically cut and resize videos, as well as add captions. Adventr’s editing tools strictly focus on user interactions. You can only tweak buttons and add transitions.


Adventr is an excellent option if you’re seeking to create videos that are highly interactive for your digital marketing campaigns.

3. Flowjin – best for podcast video marketing

Flowjin homepage

Flowjin is an AI-powered video editor specifically dedicated to podcasts. The platform takes your podcast and cuts it into digestible, bite-sized pieces to create short-form videos for LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram Reels, TikTok, as well as YouTube Shorts and Clips — perfect for promoting your podcast through intriguing highlights.

Key features

  • Title and description optimization: Automatically generate optimized titles, descriptions, and keywords to boost video visibility.
  • AI summaries and transcriptions: Use the platform’s automatic summaries as show notes or video descriptions. Turn your videos into blog posts and email or social media copy via Flowjin’s transcription feature.
  • Speaker detection: Flowjin detects your podcast’s speakers and automatically frames and resizes your short videos to keep them in focus.


The platform’s Starter plan costs $24 per month (billed annually), while the other two packages are $41 and $124 per month.


  • Flowjin doesn’t include any other editing features outside its automatic clipping, framing, and resizing tools.
  • Flowjin lacks analytics and the option to publish content directly from the platform.

Flowjin vs Repurpose.io

  • Features: Although Repurpose.io also offers podcast-specific tools, Flowjin is more versatile in this regard. It can also automatically edit short-form videos to highlight speakers or guests.
  • Scalability: Flowjin is more scalability-friendly as it offers extra variety in pricing packages.
  • Video editor: Both platforms share the same editing capabilities, giving you the option to cut and resize videos, or add captions. However, Repurpose.io’s ready-made templates can speed up the process.


Flowjin is the perfect choice if you want to create videos promoting your podcasts. It covers all the tools necessary to highlight key podcast moments to attract the viewers’ attention and boost reach through its optimization tools.

4. Sprout Social – best for large organizations with complex social media activity

Sprout social homepage

Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media management platform that covers scheduling, reporting, and inbox management capabilities.

One of the platform’s standouts is its social CRM. You can track all customer interactions and contact details as well as leave notes next to each conversation to give employees the context necessary to respond appropriately — all within the same dashboard.

Key features

  • Content curation and publishing: Use the Find Content feature to identify and share trending content relevant to your audience and industry. Schedule posts via an intuitive calendar and maximize engagement with the platform’s posting time suggestions.
  • Social media analytics: Measure your social media marketing campaigns across multiple platforms or narrow them down to specific channels. Track video views, audience growth, competitor performance, and more through interactive charts.
  • Inbox management: Leverage Sprout Social’s AI-powered sentiment analysis tool to identify customer complaints and address them right away. Craft more impactful replies with the platform’s AI assistant.


Pricing starts at $299 per month (billed monthly), with one user included. Each additional user costs an extra $199, $299, and $349, depending on your selected packages. There’s a 30-day free trial available for all pricing plans.


  • Sprout Social’s pricing structure doesn’t make it a viable option for smaller businesses.
  • No built-in video editor, but it does include an image editor.

Sprout Social vs Repurpose.io

  • Features: Sprout Social is much more versatile in terms of functionalities, as it offers inbox management, advanced analytics, and more. However, it lacks Repurpose.io’s automated video recycling capabilities.
  • Scalability: Sprout Social’s per-user pricing structure significantly hinders scalability, so Repurpose.io takes the cake here.
  • Video editor: Sprout Social lacks a video editor, but its image editing tools allow you to select between multiple filters as well as resize and crop images.


Sprout Social is a solid choice for large organizations seeking to manage all aspects of their social media presence — from scheduling to competitor analysis and social inbox management.

5. Later – best for Instagram and TikTok videos

Later homepage

Later is a straightforward social media management platform with solid content publishing, creation, and analytics tools. Although Later also supports Facebook, X, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, the platform emphasizes Instagram and TikTok.

More specifically, the platform allows you to schedule Instagram Reels and Stories and generate captions automatically, while its visual grid planner lets you rearrange your feed in any way you like. You can also set Link in Bio pages for TikTok and Instagram.

Key features

  • AI Instagram caption writer and hashtag suggestions: Quickly generate persuasive Instagram captions by writing a few prompts about your audience, brand, and desired tone of voice. Boost Instagram reach and identify hashtags popular among your audience via the platform’s suggestion tool.
  • Video editor: Easily trim and crop videos with the platform’s simple video editor. Set up catchy thumbnails to attract more clicks (for Instagram and Pinterest only).
  • TikTok and Instagram Conversations: Monitor and filter, then reply or react to TikTok or Instagram comments directly within the platform. Hide inappropriate comments to keep self-promotional or any other type of unfitting responses away from the public.


Later starts at $16.67 per user per month (billed annually), available for one user. The other two plans cost $30 and $53.33 per user per month.


  • Later’s audience demographics tool is limited to TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Later lacks content approval functionalities.

Later vs Repurpose.io

  • Features: With features like TikTok and Instagram Conversations, Link in Bio pages, and an Instagram grid planner, Later is more versatile.
  • Scalability: Later is more affordable across the board, while pricing differences between packages are not as significant, making it the more scalable option by far.
  • Video editor: Both platforms offer roughly the same editing capabilities, but Repurpose.io’s templates will speed up the process.


Later is an excellent option for marketers focusing most of their efforts on TikTok and Instagram.


Overall, Repurpose.io is a solid tool, but its features are rather limited — it could definitely do with team collaboration tools and more editing options. Here, Planable fills in the gap perfectly.

Its team collaboration features and in-depth approval workflows allow you to streamline creative processes and ensure posts roll out in tip-top shape.

Planable’s editing capabilities are also more versatile, which spares you the headache of relying on separate editors to make your videos more visually pleasing. Give it a shot to repurpose your content – you can create 50 posts for free (no credit card required), and see for yourself.

Horea Matei

Horea Matei

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