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Blog 5 Ideas for Tweets that Boost Exposure for Your Business

5 Ideas for Tweets that Boost Exposure for Your Business

X (formerly Twitter) is a social media platform that allows brands to establish a brand identity, reach a wide audience, monitor trends, resolve issues, market their products, and more. Additionally, premium accounts on X can now post long-form content, increasing the potential of this platform for boosting brand exposure.

To capitalize on this opportunity, brands need to have a data-backed, sustainable posting schedule that allows them not only to publish content regularly but also engage with their audience and customers.

This can get challenging, as posting on X requires you to create drafts, collaboratively review them, get approvals, and schedule them, a particularly friction-laden process for small teams with a lot on their plates. There are tools for social media marketing teams, where they can create, review, approve, and publish posts that helpes them create captivating content. Additionally, brands can also measure the impact of their posts and manage all their creatives at once.

However, you still need to create captivating content consistently that gets you heard.

In this article, let’s look at five ideas for X posts (tweets) that will boost your business exposure.

1. Promoting content and sales offers

While engaging with your audience on X, it is essential to deliver value in each post and keep your message on-message with your brand. This will subconsciously place your brand’s markers (like name and logo) into your audience’s good books and encourage them to visit your website, where they can interact with you without any distractions.

To keep your X posts appropriately focused on your brand’s messaging, you can link to content resources on your website that educate your audience about their pain points, empowering them to make better decisions. To a lesser degree, you can mix in posts that speak to your brand’s offerings (products and services), as long as the emphasis is on the advantages they bring to your audience.

Here are some strategies that will help you promote your content better:

  • Link to your website: Write engaging descriptions, share images, or ask thought-provoking questions while providing the link to your website. You can promote any type of content like this, including whitepapers, articles, and webinars.
  • Post threads: Pick an article or a few sections of it to weave a narrative around it through threads. This builds anticipation and motivates your readers to click on the link.
  • Engage with your audience: Whenever you share the link to a content asset, you might get questions or comments about it from your audience. Reply to them promptly to humanize your brand.
  • Promote posts: You can increase the reach of your content even further by leveraging X’s advertising platform.

When promoting your products or services, keep these best practices in mind:

  • Focus on the value: Rather than talking about how good your products or services are as compared to your competitors, share how efficient your solution is at solving your audience’s problems, while saving them money.

Rand Fishkin describing the values of SparkToro


  • Talk about one type of value at a time: It may be convenient to share the list of reasons why your audience should consider your offerings, but this dilutes the importance of each element. Also, by limiting the scope, you can target specific personas.
  • Be transparent: Authenticity builds trust. Although it may not get you an overwhelming number of impressions, being honest with your audience will keep them returning.
  • Stay consistent in your messaging: Collaborate with your team members to ensure your posts remain uniform with time. This is where Planable.io’s social media content management platform can come in especially handy.

2.  Engagement and Customer Interaction

As mentioned above, you are on X (or any social media platform, for that matter) to interact with your audience, not merely to broadcast your promotional messages. This helps your audience to feel like they are buying from actual people rather than a faceless corporation, which plays a crucial role in earning their trust.

Plus, interactions on your posts help send signals to the X algorithm that your profile’s content is worthy of surfacing in more people’s newsfeeds, helping to increase your exposure further.

There are various ways to engage with your audience on X:

  • Thought leadership content: Well-formed opinions on recent trends or news can open the door to constructive and thought-provoking engagement between brands and their audiences. Of course, using this tactic at scale requires that you stay abreast of relevant industry trends.
  • Contests and giveaways: You can host these types of digital events with your customers as well as a general audience. This will increase brand affinity and your reach.
  • Resolving queries and providing support: X is always live. So naturally, customers take their grievances there whenever they encounter a roadblock while using your products or services. Providing prompt assistance will not only help your customer but also provide social proof of your support quality.
  • Conduct polls and ask questions: Polls and open-ended questions can help you learn the opinions and segment your audience based on the subject of the question.

Semrush getting to know what their audience prefers


Engaging with your audience is key to keeping them interested and invested in your brand so that whenever they are ready to purchase, you are the first name on their mind.

3. Content Variety to Advance Your Brand Image

Whenever your audience is browsing any social media feed, they see an array of diverse content from different brands, creators, and users. To make sure you get their attention and inspire them to click on your links, you need to invest in a variety of content that keeps them interested.

Moreover, posting different kinds of content on X allows you to appeal to different audience segments. For instance, images attract visual learners, while long-form content targets individuals who seek in-depth insights into their challenges.

We have already touched upon the different kinds of posts you can publish on your X feed to enhance engagement. However, based on the purpose, X posts can be segmented into five broad categories:

  • Educational: About the problems and challenges faced by your target audience and what they can do about it. You can also post industry updates.
  • Commercial: This type of content focuses on your brand’s offerings and highlights the advantages of leveraging them. Brands can also talk about offers, discounts, and loyalty programs.
  • Announcement: Any internal update or news that you think your audience would benefit from knowing. Keep it strictly on a need-to-know basis.
  • Interactive: Questions, polls, and feedback.
  • Entertaining: Light-hearted content that evokes positive emotions in your audience. You can share relevant jokes and memes as well.


Each of the above categories can be further divided based on their length (short or long) and nature (textual or visual). Out of all of them, visual content, statistically, performs the best in terms of getting impressions and engagement.

Videoleap, a mobile video creation app from Lightricks, simplifies creating engaging visual content, thanks to its AI-powered tools such as video-to-video filters, object removal, and voice changers. You can refine your videos further through various one-tap editing tools that let you blur backgrounds, remove noise, add special effects, and resize dimensions for various platforms.



Moreover, you can quickly whip up attention-grabbing short-form videos using Videoleap’s dynamic feeds of trending templates shared by creators. Simply add your media assets, tweak the text and colors, and the app handles the rest.

4. Community and Brand Awareness

Building a community around your brand allows you to form stronger relationships with your audience that go beyond a commercial exchange of goods and services. Your community members will naturally engage more with your brand, become loyal customers, and promote your brand in front of others.

To show on X that you value your community and you’re interested in building long-term relationships with your audience, you can share:

  • Customer highlights: Celebrate the wins of your community members. If one of your customers saved their resources through your products or services, share how happy that makes you.
  • Talk about holidays and festivals: Sharing content about local and global festivals that your audience and customers celebrate will bring you closer to them in terms of values.


  • Participate and host X Spaces: Spaces allow you to have live audio conversations with anyone on X. Partaking in Spaces will allow you to talk directly to your customers, partners, and other audiences.
  • Community events: If you host real or virtual events such as conferences or webinars, you can livestream them and share the key takeaways for your community on X.

While putting the community forward, it is essential to keep your messaging coherent, consistent, and centralized around your brand values. It should be clear to the listeners that the posts are coming from your brand at all times.

5. Strategic Brand Building

Each of the post ideas for X shared above requires dedicated effort. Hence, you should ensure all of them collectively contribute toward a common goal: increasing your online visibility among your target audience.

The first thing you need to do is create an X-specific landing page. An X landing page takes your audience from the platform to your website where they are properly (and formally) introduced to your brand and its offerings.

This dedicated page is designed for your X audience who may not know much about your brand beyond your social media content but are interested in what you have to offer. The X landing page tells them what exactly they need to do to get their desired value from your brand.

Unbounce offers an intuitive landing page builder where you can choose from various templates to convert your interested audience from X into leads. Moreover, its AI copywriter helps you speak your audience’s language while keeping the focus on your brand’s offerings.

If you have multiple landing pages and aren’t sure which one will work the best, Unbounce’s Smart Traffic feature makes that choice for you to increase sales and signups.

Apart from an attractive landing page, it is also beneficial to create various Lists. For instance, you can create a list of your loyal customers, one for your competitors, and another for industry leaders. This will allow you to engage back with different audiences and boost your brand’s exposure in the process.

Finally, update the various aspects of your X profile such as the display picture and bio at regular intervals that reflect current trends or your upgraded mission and vision.

Wrapping Up

X is a great platform for brands to build a strong connection with their audience and boost their exposure in the process of getting more customers.

To make the most of the platform, businesses need to plan and schedule their posts, promote their website content, talk about their offerings, post diverse content, engage with their followers, put their community first, and centralize their messages around their brand.

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