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It’s official. Starting today, you can use Planable as your go-to free social media management tool. 🎉  Create the social media workflow of your dreams. For free. 
We have the same cool stuff we always did. Only now, there’s a free plan to play with them. Plan. Create. Review. Approve. Schedule. All in one place and 6x times faster than the old spreadsheet & email workflow. Oh, and did we mention? We now have all that in a free plan. Without any time limit. Commit when you’re ready. 


Why we’re doing this

We’re tired of talking about it, but it’s impossible to avoid it. The global pandemic has taken a toll on all businesses. It’s impacted the way people work together. It’s made us all realize that spreadsheets can’t work in remote collaboration. We need to visualize social media posts. Teams realized copy-pasting from spreadsheets to publishing tools is inefficient. Remote collaboration isn’t suited for tedious tasks. Marketers realized they deserve better. Better processes and better tools. 
Now, everyone’s readjusting. Learning to collaborate better. At all times and in all conditions. It’s our turn to contribute to the change. 
We decided to give Planable for free to whoever needs a social media management software. Explore all functionalities at no cost with a limit of 50 total created social media posts. When you reach that magical number, hopefully, we won you over and you’ll upgrade to a paid plan.


What facing a global crisis taught us

The first half of 2020 taught us that teams who nailed collaboration and had adaptable processes can go through global changes a lot easier. The new wave is all about collaboration. Some are just learning how to do it, and they need a playground. This is us. More than a free social media scheduler. An end to end platform for social media teams collaboration. 
We also learned that anything is possible. Who knows anymore. What we know now and didn’t in January 2020 is that collaboration is fundamental. Teams all over the world proved they can keep work productive from anywhere if they have the right tools for collaboration.


Start your social media collaboration with Planable

Put an end to clunky spreadsheets and infinite email threads. This is not how modern social media collaboration should look like. No more missed feedback. No more copy-pasting. 
Enjoy your work again. With the right features, your team and your stakeholders will save hours of work. Weekly. 
Before Planable, creating posts for 8 pages was chaotic and it took too much time. Now I can do it so much faster, focused, and I can work with my colleagues simultaneously. Also, the discussions about each post don’t get mixed up in other chats. Everything important stays organized. I became more efficient and working at a distance with the client became so much simpler. – Mariana, Marketing Strategist Social Media
With Planable, you’ll put together kickin’ posts that look exactly like the live versions. So what you see is what you get. 
You’ll literally keep everyone on the same page. With one shared space for your team and clients to collaborate, everybody is in the loop at all times. Gather feedback where it makes sense, right next to every social media post. Add comments, tag your team members, and send notifications to the right people. Miscommunications will be the horror stories told by the water cooler. Or virtual water cooler. 
Every team works differently. That’s why you can set up Planable to work in the way you already do, no matter how many levels of approval you need. 


Ready to start your free plan?

Signup now and start working on your social media content at no cost. No credit card required.  No time limits. Commit when you’re ready. 5 minutes to set your account for a lifetime of enjoyable work.


Luciana Nitu, Content Marketing Manager @Planable. Digital devotee, & data junky. SEO is my religion and Social Media is my playground. Reciprocate is my favorite word for both its meaning and its sound.
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