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Blog 11 Essential TikTok Tools to Grow Your Reach and Engagement in 2024

11 Essential TikTok Tools to Grow Your Reach and Engagement in 2024

Brands on TikTok experience an average engagement rate per follower of 5.7%, according to a recent study. Instagram takes the second place with just 0.47%. TikTok is the place to be if you want to boost brand awareness and build a loyal community — if you have the right TikTok tools, that is.

TikTok’s fast-paced environment can be pretty headache-inducing for social media managers. Staying on top of ever-changing trends and figuring out how to land on your followers’ For You page, all while scheduling your TikTok videos in advance, is quite the task.

But, with the right tools, your job will be much easier. So, let’s have a look at the best TikTok tools that will skyrocket your presence on the platform.

What to look for in TikTok marketing tools

First, here’s a brief rundown of what you need to look for when choosing the TikTok tools that work for you:

  • Team collaboration: With great teamwork, comes great content. TikTok tools with built-in collaboration features ensure your posts are in the best possible shape when they roll out. The option to set up approval workflows is a big plus.
  • Analytics: TikTok is all about engagement. You need to keep an eye on your posts’ performance to see what works for your target audience and what doesn’t, identify popular hashtags to maximize reach, and so on.
  • Built-in video editor: A TikTok publishing tool with a built-in video editor would be ideal — it spares you the hassle of jumping from one platform to the other and helps boost productivity.
  • Social listening: TikTok tools with options to quickly monitor and reply to comments help you establish a stronger connection with your audience and build trust.

TikTok publishing tools

1. Planable – best TikTok tool for collaboration, approvals, and scheduling

Planable's collaboration and scheduling features upon a social media post

Collaboration and scheduling features in Planable

Planable is a content collaboration and scheduling tool that stands out through its top-notch approval workflows and intuitive calendar.

It allows you to automatically publish TikTok posts and content for other social media platforms (like Instagram and Facebook Reels, or YouTube) through a drag-and-drop interface.

You can publish a post across multiple social media channels simultaneously, or make changes specific to each network via the Sync ON/OFF feature.

Collaboration in planable with comments and suggestions upon a TikTok post that's going to be scheduled and published

Collaboration via comments and suggestions in Planable

You can then organize content via color-coded labels, leave comments, and approve posts with just one click directly within the calendar.

Speaking of approvals, Planable offers multi-level workflows — multiple team members will need to approve a post before it rolls out.

Besides social media platforms, Planable’s Universal Content feature lets you work and collaborate on any type of text-based content — ideal for video scripts, creative briefs, and brand guidelines.

Content calendar in Planable with TikTok and other social media channels

Content calendar in Planable with TikTok and other channels

Key features

  • Built-in media library: Store and manage your media assets directly within the platform so team members can edit and publish posts right away.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate with team members through comments-in-context, annotations, and internal notes. Set custom roles and permissions, as well as invite external collaborators or clients through shareable links.
  • Video editing: Crop, trim, and flip videos. Choose between 13 filters and get into the details through Planable’s fine-tuning capabilities (adjust brightness, temperature, saturation, etc.).
  • Planable AI: Generate engaging social media captions and other types of written content with Planable’s AI assistant. Improve existing content by making it catchier, shorter, or more in-depth.
  • Analytics: Measure social media campaigns by tracking reach, engagement, and follower growth across multiple networks.

Drawbacks: Planable currently lacks social media listening features.

Pricing: Planable starts at $11 per user per month (billed yearly). Pricing is flexible based on the number of workspaces and users you have. There’s also a free plan that includes all the platform’s features and lets you schedule up to 50 posts.

2. Buffer – best TikTok tool for eCommerce

Buffer's homepage

Buffer is a social media management platform with built-in social listening, analytics, and publishing tools — all packed in affordable pricing plans.

Buffer stands out through its Start Page functionality. You can build customized Link in Bio pages and share them across multiple social media accounts, which is ideal for driving social media traffic to your online store.

You can set up pages from scratch or choose one of Buffer’s pre-made templates. You’re then free to tweak colors, customize fonts, and more. Buffer also integrates with Shopify — you can access Shopify analytics and see which social networks generate the most sales directly within Buffer.

Key features

  • Content planning: Brainstorm content ideas and save them into Buffer’s Ideas. Leverage the platform’s AI assistant to improve on these concepts. Use the platform’s repurposing tool to turn TikTok videos into Instagram Reels and schedule content via an intuitive calendar.
  • Social listening: Set up alerts and get notified whenever you receive questions or complaints. Reply to comments directly within the platform.
  • Analytics: Measure organic and boosted post performance, track audience demographics, as well as get ideal posting time, type, and frequency suggestions.

Drawbacks: Buffer lacks a built-in video editing tool. Although the platform includes content approvals, they’re not multi-level.

Pricing: There’s a free version with up to three social channels included. Paid plans start at $5 per social channel per month (billed annually).

3. Sprout Social – best TikTok tool for inbox management

Sprout Social's homepage

Sprout Social is a social media management platform with advanced features like a built-in social CRM and sentiment analysis tools.

The platform automatically detects high-priority comments based on their tone (neutral, positive, and negative), which you can delegate to the appropriate team members. You can also leave notes next to each comment so teammates have the context necessary to provide relevant responses.

Key features

  • Content scheduling: Publish posts across multiple networks simultaneously. Get ideal posting time suggestions to maximize engagement on each social media platform.
  • Content curation: Leverage the platform’s Content Suggestions tool to identify trending videos and share them with your audience.
  • Analytics: Measure TikTok post performance by tracking shares, reactions, video views, and more. Stack up your TikTok marketing strategy’s effectiveness against other social media platforms through Sprout Social’s cross-reports.

Drawbacks: Sprout Social includes a Link in Bio tool, but it’s only available for Instagram. It also lacks a built-in video editor, and its pricing plans are not accessible to smaller businesses.

Pricing: Sprout Social starts at $249 per month (billed annually), with one user included across all packages. Each extra user will set you back $149, $299, or $349 per month depending on your selected plan.

TikTok editing tools

4. Planable AI – best for generating engaging TikTok captions

PlanableAI ai feature for social media posts that helps rewriting the caption with these promts: More punchier, More Shorter, Expand concept and Suprize me

PlanableAI feature for social media posts

Planable’s AI-powered writing assistant is perfect for generating catchy TikTok captions, writing copy for your ad campaigns, or repurposing content by making it shorter and adding on to it — simply write a few prompts and the platform will take it from there. It can even add hashtags, emojis, and more.

Coupled with Planable’s built-in image and video editing tools, you’ll get to streamline the content creation process and spare your creative teams a few headaches.

Key features

  • Generate captions: Give it any custom prompt and it’ll generate a caption from scratch. Here are 50 social media ai prompts for your inspiration.
  • Expand on a concept: Build on your existing content by letting the AI expand on specific ideas — ideal for turning a short social media post into an email newsletter.
  • Make captions punchier: Automatically rewrite TikTok captions so they’re more engaging and attention-grabbing.
  • Surprise me: Let the platform bring new perspectives to your content and switch up your brand’s tone of voice.

Drawbacks: Although Planable AI helps you generate captions for all supported social media networks, it’s not yet available in Planable’s universal content for blog posts or newsletters.

Pricing: Planable AI is available in all of the platform’s pricing plans, including the free plan and the paid plans, which start at $11/user/month.

5. CapCut – best for quick edits

Capcut's homepage

CapCut is an all-in-one editing platform with a dedicated TikTok video editor. The platform offers various TikTok-specific templates to kickstart the video editing process, while its AI-powered tools fine-tune videos for you, saving you time and effort. You can also upload videos to TikTok directly from the platform.

Key features

  • AI tools: Make the most out of your content by automatically turning long-form videos into engaging, short snippets ready for TikTok. Quickly remove blur, generate captions, and change video aspect ratios.
  • Editing: Easily add trendy songs or dynamic sound effects to your TikTok videos. Generate text overlays, speed up videos, add transition effects, and more.
  • Texts: Automatically turn text files into voiceovers, or vice-versa. Transcribe videos in numerous languages, including Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and more.

Drawbacks: CapCut doesn’t allow you to edit videos that are longer than 15 minutes.

Pricing: You can use CapCut for free.

6. Filmora – best for advanced edits

Filmora's homepage

Filmora is another all-in-one video editor. However, Filmora includes more features suitable for complex editing projects, like a broader range of effects and transitions, as well as a montage maker that automatically matches videos with music.

Unlike CapCut, Filmora doesn’t come with any video length limitations.

Key features

  • AI editor: Automatically generate music custom-tailored to your videos, create thumbnails, and video scripts or captions.
  • Compound Clips: Easily merge multiple clips into the same video to edit them simultaneously. Choose between a large selection of transitions and effects to create a smooth viewing experience.
  • Keyframing: Create videos that pop by animating texts and other visuals. Edit multiple keyframes simultaneously or save them as presets to boost productivity.

Drawbacks: The free version includes watermarks.

Pricing: There’s a free version available, while paid plans start at $29.99 per quarter.

TikTok analytics tools

7. Keyhole – best for engagement analysis

Keyhole's homepage

Keyhole is an all-in-one social media analytics tool for TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The platform reveals everything you need to know about your social media campaign’s performance — from account analytics to influencer tracking, and more.

Keyhole also allows you to adjust your strategy on each social media platform through its network-specific analytics. As for TikTok, Keyhole stands out through its ability to identify which video effects generate the most engagement.

Key features

  • Engagement analysis: Quickly identify your top-performing posts and zoom in on the details to see their video views, total engagement, and engagement rates. Get ideal posting time suggestions to maximize follower interactions.
  • Competitor analysis: Compare your TikTok performance against your competitors side-by-side. Track their top-performing post and engagement rates. Identify the hashtags that bring them the most engagement.
  • Trend discovery: Type in a keyword or hashtag and track how follower interest changes over time. Uncover customer sentiment related to the said hashtags and get insights into other closely related topics, along with their popularity levels.

Drawbacks: Keyhole’s entry-level plan only supports Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. TikTok support is available starting at $141.75 per month (billed annually).

Pricing: Keyhole starts at $66.75 per month (billed annually), with a 7-day free trial available.

8. Brand24 – best for TikTok monitoring

brand24's homepage

Brand24 is a social media monitoring tool with excellent AI-powered sentiment and tracking analysis features. The platform stands out through its ability to monitor brand mentions from all across the web.

Besides social media platforms, Brand24 also pulls information from Medium, Twitch, newsletters, podcasts, and news articles — perfect for getting an accurate representation of your brand awareness campaign efforts.

Key features

  • Influencer discovery: Find TikTok influencers relevant to your niche. Use the platform’s Influencer Score and track their reach as well as engagement rates to determine which social media personalities are best suited for your influencer marketing needs.
  • Sentiment analysis: Leverage the platform’s sentiment analysis tool to stay on top of your TikTok comments and reply to feedback accordingly. View comments based on their tone (neutral, positive, negative).
  • Hashtag analysis: Uncover trending hashtags and influencers or the most active TikTok accounts that use your hashtags, and more.

Drawbacks: Brand24 only includes TikTok support starting from the Team plan, which costs $149 per month (billed annually).

Pricing: Pricing starts at $79 per month (billed annually), with a 14-day free trial available.

9. TrendTok – best for trend discovery

trendtok's homepage

TrendTok is a TikTok tool (for iOS only) specifically dedicated to trend discovery and analytics. The platform leverages AI to help you uncover upcoming viral TikTok trends and sounds based on your niche, location, or the creators you follow.

TrendTok can also display a map showing countries where specific songs are most popular along with all the hashtags they’re associated with.

Key features

  • Hashtag recommendations: Get personalized hashtag recommendations along with insights on their popularity and difficulty — similar to SEO keyword research tools.
  • Push notifications: Get notified as soon as the platform spots new viral trends to capitalize on them right away.
  • Built-in learning center: Learn how to break the TikTok algorithm through the platform’s learning center.

Drawbacks: Unlike other similar TikTok tools, TrendTok is only available for iOS.

Pricing: You can use the platform for free, but there are in-app purchases.

TikTok growth tools

10. TikTok Promote – best for TikTok ads

TikTok for business homepage

TikTok Promote is the native TikTok tool for advertising. Although rather simple, it works for both personal and business accounts, and it offers a highly user-friendly interface.

Besides, it offers all the features you need to draw more eyes to your business, like access to numerous ad formats (top-view, in-feed, brand takeover ads, and more).

Key features

  • TikTok analytics: Get a high-level overview of your ads’ performance. Track video views, click-throughs, engagement, and demographics directly in your TikTok account.
  • Commercial music library: Access over one million soundtracks for your advertisements.
  • User segmentation: Target TikTok users based on their age groups and interests.

Drawbacks: Unlike on Android, iOS users can’t pay for the advertisements directly via credit card — they’ll need to purchase TikTok coins first.

Pricing: The minimum ad spend per day is $3.

11. Upfluence – best for influencer marketing

Upfluence's homepage

Upfluence is an influencer marketing platform that provides a database where you can find thousands of social media personalities spread across TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

You can also integrate data from your own CRM or CMS systems and use the platform’s Influencer Matching functionality to find influencers relevant to your brand and audience. From there, you can get in touch and pay content creators directly within the platform.

Key features

  • Influencer analysis: Track each influencer’s average engagement rates, comments, and likes, as well as get a pricing estimate to find the right personalities.
  • Campaign analysis: Track the performance of your influencer campaigns by measuring total reach, generated sales revenue, and more.
  • Influencer management: Hire influencers, review drafts, and track campaign ROI from within a single dashboard.

Drawbacks: Users report a rather steep learning curve.

Pricing: Pricing is upon request with a one-year minimum contract duration.


And there you have it — the best TikTok tools currently available. Although some TikTok tools serve only for specific uses, like video editing or analytics, consider something more unified to manage all your TikTok tasks from the same place. This helps you streamline workflows and spares you the trouble of jumping between multiple tools.

Planable helps you with just that. The platform’s publishing features, coupled with its built-in video editor, collaboration, approval, and AI capabilities cover everything you need for the perfect TikTok strategy — all without having to switch to other platforms. That said, it’s definitely worth a shot. Try it for free (no credit card required)!

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