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Blog 9 Twitter Management Tools to Outperform Competitors in 2024

9 Twitter Management Tools to Outperform Competitors in 2024

Cultivating one good Twitter account with a consistent strategy and an engaged community is hard enough on its own. If you manage multiple accounts or also work across other social media platforms, things can get intense quickly. Twitter management tools can lighten your load and spare you more than one headache.

You can create, approve, schedule, and collaborate on content without spending half your time on admin and emails about other emails. You’ve seen how some of the best, shortest tweets can take the longest time to craft. But you’re more likely to be inspired, witty, and laid-back when you know a whole month of tweets is already queued up.

Why do you need a Twitter management tool?

The bird app’s algorithm demands way more daily posts compared to other platforms, so if you manage multiple Twitter accounts, you know how tricky it is to maintain a constant flow. The best Twitter management tools help with features like:

  • a simple way to schedule tweets and posts on other social platforms
  • approval layers that are easy to configure
  • collaboration tools, crucial for a platform with no edit button
  • a way to keep track of your mentions, DMs, and replies
  • insightful analytics that can really guide your Twitter strategy
  • platform-specific tools like bulk scheduling, recurring posts & Twitter list management

Top Twitter management tools and software

If you’re a creator, I’m sure you’d rather spend less time on scheduling social media posts and more on your actual craft. On the other hand, if you’re an agency pro juggling multiple brands, you know how important it is to have an overview without centralizing things manually. These Twitter management tools are here to make it happen.

1. Planable: best Twitter management tool for collaborating on and scheduling tweets

Planable is a mighty Twitter management tool that makes it easy to plan, collaborate on, and auto-post tweets to multiple accounts. Agencies, brand managers, and business owners come for the intuitive social media planning and stay for the customizable collaboration and approval workflows.

Twitter content calendar in Planable for organized tweet scheduling and management with labels

Twitter content calendar in Planable

Key features:

  • Content scheduler for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, and Google My Business, all in a simple visual calendar.
  • Customizable collaboration tools for all kinds of teams, including real-time in-context comments with attachments, annotations, and suggestions.

Twitter team collaboration in Planable for streamlined tweet planning and approval

  • Multi-layer approval workflows that make it easy to loop everyone in – colleagues, clients, stakeholders.

Visualization of multi-layer approval workflows in Planable, indicating content review stages

  • Universal Content – a hefty feature that unifies your content marketing beyond the socials – blogs, newsletters, emails, you name it.
  • Version control that truly has your back. I mean hey, I have doubts about my tweets all the time. Whatever the issue, edit history clears things up with one click.

Bulk tweet scheduling is super-breezy since you can upload a CSV file and all your tweets get queued up. Same for recurring tweets – both the morning crowd and the night owls will get the best of your brand. And if you talk to different audiences from multiple accounts, you can create timetables to keep track of optimal times.

Downsides: Social listening isn’t included with Planable.

Pricing: Planable has four plans. The free one lets you publish 50 posts with no time limit and it includes enterprise-level features like multi-step approvals. After that, pricing starts at $11/user/month billed yearly and you can customize the cost depending on the number of users and workspaces.

2. Hootsuite: best for social media project management

Hootsuite is the O.G. of social media management platforms, founded in 2008. It covers scheduling, analytics, social listening, and more, but here’s the kicker: it’s got resources sorted by industry. So if you work in healthcare, higher ed, or a nonprofit, you’ll find helpful Twitter marketing tools geared towards your sector.

Hootsuite landing page for scheduling tweets

Key features:

  • A solid content scheduler that includes the ability to bulk schedule tweets and manage Twitter lists.
  • Campaign management with advanced targeting and side-by-side reporting for paid and organic posts.

Downsides: If you manage multiple accounts or a brand with several profiles, the user interface can get confusing pretty quickly since all content flows into an ever-growing stream. Also, many users are disappointed with the customer support.

Pricing: Hootsuite doesn’t have a free-forever plan, but two of its three paid plans do include a 30-day free trial. “Professional” is the lowest-priced tier, coming in at $99/mo billed annually. It’s got unlimited social media posts but no team roles and permissions, which are only unlocked with the next tier.

3. Sprout Social: best Twitter management tool for customer care

Sprout Social is a social media management tool created for agencies, marketing departments, and enterprise-level businesses. It comes with a deep focus on engagement and community management. Its specialty? Leveraging social media interactions, not just for Twitter performance, but for a sustainable way to keep scaling up.

Sprout Social landing page for Twitter management tools for business

Key features:

  • Follower growth tools geared towards social customer care, with CRM capabilities included.
  • A unified smart inbox that lets you use influencer indicators and VIP lists, so crucial tweets never get lost.

Downsides: Notifications can be laggy, especially for posts that fail to go live on time. Team messaging and collaboration options aren’t as strong as what you’d find in other Twitter management tools.

Pricing: Sprout Social has no plan that stays free, but three out of four (excluding the Enterprise version) come with a 30-day free trial. Pricing starts at $199/user/mo billed yearly for the Standard tier, which lets you post to five social media profiles.

4. Later: best for monetization via link-in-bio

Later is one of the friendliest social media tools, fit for everyone from solo creators and small business owners to social media managers and agencies. It covers most of the big platforms, Twitter included, and has a set of Instagram-specific tools. Their resource page is especially useful, with handy guides like an emoji dictionary.

Later scheduling tweets's landing page

Key features:

  • A robust scheduler with multimedia support and the ability to tag users in auto-publishing tweets.
  • Content creation tools that let you integrate user-generated content, all with proper credit to the original creators.

Downsides: Only the paid plans have Twitter analytics. Integrations and mobile app functionalities are both limited.

Pricing: Later brings four plans, one of which is permanently free. It’s for one user, one set of social media accounts, and 12 posts per month per platform. The other tiers start at $16.67/mo billed yearly and also come with a 14-day free trial — they grant access to more posts and collaboration tools.

5. Agorapulse: best for a unified social inbox

Agorapulse is good for agencies and social media marketers looking for a robust Twitter management tool. In addition to scheduling and publishing, it brings meticulous social monitoring and reporting, including ROI tools. And it’s got social commerce capabilities, whether you’re selling online or from a physical store.

AgoraPulse Twitter landing page

Key features:

  • A strong social inbox that keeps Twitter mentions, comments, and DMs in one place.
  • Social listening that connects you to important feedback with unlimited saved searches.

Downsides: When posting to multiple social media channels, there’s no option for editing several duplicated posts at the same time or for uploading different image sizes. And no integrated media editor.

Pricing: Agorapulse’s free plan stays free with no time limit, but unfortunately it doesn’t support Twitter profiles. You get this functionality by upgrading to one of four paid tiers (starting at $49/user/mo, billed yearly). Except for the Custom plan, they all include a 30-day free trial.

6. Loomly: best for running social media ad campaigns

Freelancers, agencies, brand managers, and franchise owners all use Loomly to implement their social media strategies. One of its focuses is improving not just the frequency, but the quality of your posts. So optimization tips, post ideas, and hashtag tools are available with every plan.

Loomly Twitter landing page for creating community

Key features:

  • Social media scheduling with near-native functionality for the big platforms and the ability to optimize content for each one.
  • Campaign management tools including labels for linking posts to specific campaigns, a hashtag manager, and advanced analytics.

Downsides: Users say that content scheduled for various social media platforms can get posted late, or not at all. It happens more often with videos and multi-image posts.

Pricing: You can use Loomly with one of four plans priced between $32/mo and $277/mo, billed yearly, and all four have a 15-day free trial. “Basic” includes Twitter analytics and approval workflows, but no custom views or integrations with Slack and Teams, all of which kick off with the next tiers.

7. Planoly: best social media management tool with a focus on visual content

Planoly is one of the most versatile social media tools for visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, but it also does a good job as a Twitter management tool. Entrepreneurs, social media managers, and creators of all sorts are big fans.

Planloly's landing page for auto posting to X

Key features:

  • Design capabilities like StoriesEdit, the integrated design app with hundreds of templates, and a Discover tab that lets you incorporate other people’s content.
  • E-commerce functionality via Sellit, Planoly’s link-in-bio tool that lets you sell from digital or physical stores and give out discount codes too.

Downsides: Collaboration tools are sparse – permissions and approval layers aren’t built in. No client access. Also, the publishing of scheduled posts can get glitchy.

Pricing: With Planoly, you’ve got three plans to choose from. They start at $14/mo billed yearly and all three are free for seven days. As you go up, you unlock more users, more profiles, and unlimited posts.

8. CoSchedule: best tool for social media marketing

CoSchedule does much more than social media management. It keeps all your marketing efforts in one place – use cases include blog publishing, email campaigns, podcast promotion, and event planning. Marketers of all stripes can up their game with the comprehensive resources CoSchedule offers.

CoSchedule landing page

Key features:

  • Powerful calendars, one for social, one for your other content, campaigns included.
  • A marketing knowledge base with an on-demand course library.

Downsides: Multiple users mention the learning curve since the user interface isn’t exactly intuitive. Also, you can’t do custom editing for different social media platforms. This means posts might not be optimized and engagement obviously drops.

Pricing: Out of CoSchedule’s four plans, the free one is free forever. It includes one user, two social media profiles, and a friendly drag-and-drop calendar. Twitter publishing is only available with paid tiers starting at $19/user/mo, billed yearly.

9. SocialPilot: best for analytics and performance management

SocialPilot is great for digital marketing agencies, small and medium businesses, and larger organizations. It’s got a robust social media calendar, but also team management tools and bulk scheduling capabilities. Plus easy client management.

SocialPilot's LP for X scheduler

Key features:

  • Advanced publishing for the most well-known social media channels, but also Twitter-specific tools like thread scheduling.
  • In-depth Twitter analytics, including tools like white-label reports with custom branding and a built-in mention tracker.

Downsides: Users report glitches with scheduling and bulk publishing, plus customer service that turns out to be unreliable.

Pricing: SocialPilot’s four plans range from $25.5/mo to $170/mo, billed yearly. They all come with a 14-day free trial.

Why Planable is the ultimate tool for managing multiple Twitter accounts

Planable is built for collaboration, all throughout a tweet’s life cycle. Planning, creating, and scheduling content all happen through one neat visual calendar that lets you spot gaps and prep weeks of tweets at a time.

Version control keeps all that feedback in check. And customizable approval workflows never slow you down, but let you ride the highs and lows of being on Twitter in 2024. Everything as part of a unified team.

Recurring tweets and bulk scheduling keep your Twitter account fully stocked, but you can also post to the other big platforms. And, if you’d like to manage all your marketing content from the same place, the Universal Content feature is ready for blogs, articles, newsletters, e-books, press releases, and more.

Twitter management FAQs

What is the best Twitter management app?

If you think in tweets, Planable is your app. Every part of your process is streamlined and improved, no matter the size of your team or the industry you’re making a mark in. Organize, create, edit, approve, and collaborate on insightful content that your audience will want to bookmark all the time. Optimal posting times for different time zones keep your brand internationally known and locally respected.

Is there an alternative to TweetDeck?

Planable is a smooth alternative to TweetDeck and a stress-free way to implement a Twitter strategy that boosts growth and plays the long game. But unlike TweetDeck, it’s not just a Twitter management tool.

Posting to your other socials is 6x faster and platform-specific features keep your content optimized. Clients and stakeholders can chime in with just a couple of clicks. All in all, Planable helps you build a Twitter presence with a unique, consistent voice.

Irina Tanase

Irina Tanase

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