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How does Planable compare with its alternatives?

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Create an automated social media workflow

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Streamline stakeholder communication

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Save up to 30 h per month for more creative work

Social media tools for teams

It doesn’t have to be that hard. Jumping from one page to another to understand which social media tool is the right fit for your team can be overwhelming. Use this chart to make your decision easier.

Planable Alternatives Instagram Grid
Planable Alternatives Instagram Grid

Best social media collaboration tools

Looking for a social media collaboration tool that works for your team? You will find the solution that’s fit for you once you see the big picture. Read our Social Media Collaboration Guide and side-by-side comparison to understand what’s the best choice for you.

A modern social media workflow

Social media mistakes, typos, or PR crises don’t have to happen. The one thing you can do to prevent them is to set up the right workflow. And find the perfect social media tool to accommodate it. Puff! No more accidents. See how the right workflow with the right tool AND the right features can mean the difference between having late-Thursday night panic attacks and lounging on your couch with a Mai Tai on your lap.

Planable Alternatives Instagram Grid

Planable vs. other social media tools

Here’s a quick comparison of the most important features you’ll need to manage your social media activity. This table parallels Planable and its alternatives to help you choose the best option for you.

Compare to others




  • Drag & drop calendar
  • Tweaking grouped posts
  • URL Shortener
  • Instagram story creator & editor


  • Multiple views for content
  • Time slots
  • Instagram grid
  • Labels/Tags
  • Workspaces/Folders


  • Internal vs. external collaboration flow
  • Approval workflow
  • Version control for posts
  • Share posts with guests


  • Bulk Scheduling
  • Facebook Groups
  • Approval status


  • Asset manager
  • Analytics
  • Inbox
  • Mobile App

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