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How to Schedule Instagram Reels

Wondering if you can schedule Reels on Instagram? With Planable, it's possible to schedule Reels for Instagram. Collaborate with your team and get approvals from all stakeholders with the best Instagram Reel scheduler on the market. IG Reels are growing ever more...

Social Media Captions Study

Social Media Captions Study

It’s not Christmas just yet, but you know we show love all year round. Soooo…. we’ve got another gift. A free report on social media captions. What works best, what other brands do, hashtags, emojis, contests, and whatnot.  And this time, we’ve partnered up with our...

This October’s Top Marketing Industry News

This October’s Top Marketing Industry News

Oh, hi! We’ve been expecting you. You know, we’ve read somewhere that 10% of everyone who lands on an article never scroll down. But we know better, our readers are special. Keep scrolling, as you’re about to find out which are October’s most exciting news from the...



Marketers’ Holiday Kit 2021

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