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Blog 9 Top Facebook Publishing Tools to Maximize Your Business Results

9 Top Facebook Publishing Tools to Maximize Your Business Results

We may be a long way from the era of people poking each other on Facebook, but around two billion people worldwide use the platform daily and it’s a crucial part of the editorial calendar for many brands.

The right Facebook publishing tools can make life much easier for social media marketers. A large chunk of the time you usually spend on admin can be dedicated to tweaking and improving the strategy, while reach and engagement go up.

Facebook publishing tools make it easy to schedule posts, but they also help improve your Facebook presence overall. They simplify the process of planning and publishing content that truly stands out in your audience’s news feed. Keep reading to learn more about the top 9 Facebook publishing tools you can use in 2024 to maximize business results.

What to look for in Facebook publishing software

When you’re on the hunt for a new Facebook publishing tool, keep a keen eye out for features that raise your Facebook marketing game by centralizing your team’s content creation efforts, keeping your ad spend effective, and measuring impact in a meaningful way.

Here’s what to look out for when choosing between Facebook publishing tools:

  • Features that mirror what you can do when posting natively
  • A friendly interface that’s easily adopted by newbies on your team
  • The ability to cross-post optimized content, if your strategy extends beyond Facebook publishing
  • Integrations with most of the other apps you already use
  • A strong library that lets you edit and optimize your media with no headaches
  • Comprehensive collaboration features that empower people to do what they do best

Let’s take a look at some great Facebook posting tools:

Planable | Hootsuite | Buffer |StoryChief | Agorapulse | Coschedule Post Planner | WordStream | Later 

1. Planable – best Facebook publishing tool for collaboration and approvals

Social media content calendar in Planable featuring multiple posts across different sm platforms with colored labels

Social Media calendar in Planable

Planable is an all-in-one social media marketing tool that handles scheduling Facebook posts but also much, much more. In addition to publishing on pages and groups, it covers automated posting to Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Pinterest. And the Universal Content feature bundle centralizes all your other content: blog posts, newsletters, ads, briefs, press releases, e-books, and so on.

Planable goes way beyond simple publishing tools: it’s built for collaboration and streamlines every stage of content production, starting with planning and ideation. Teams can work on content simultaneously while resting assured that version control keeps track of all the edits. You can ask for feedback from colleagues, clients, or stakeholders, and always see their comments in context.

Screenshot of Planable showing the comments feature for Facebook posts, displaying an interactive panel where team members can view, respond, and manage feedback directly within the platform

Team collaboration on a Facebook post in Planable

But one of my favorite features, and one that’s crucial for Facebook marketing, is access to customizable approval layers. Scheduling posts is way easier when you don’t have to chase down that green light via email. Planable lets you set approval flows: none, optional, required, or multi-level.

Content approval workflow configuration screen with options for approval levels, collaborators, and clients, featuring a multi-level approval process.

Multi-level approval workflow in Planable

Key features for Facebook publishing:

  • The ability to publish posts and reels to pages and groups at the same time, as long as you have admin access
  • The option to schedule the first comment, add a location, tag a Facebook page, and post link or carousel ads
  • Planable AI, which you can use to rewrite captions, generate them from scratch, or even generate them from an image

After you publish your articles, take a quick look at their performance with the Planable’s analytics. Its Facebook analytics tool is easy to use and helps you keep your strategy sharp and on track.

Pricing: There’s a free tier with 50 posts and paid plans start at $11/user/mo, billed yearly.

2. Hootsuite – best among Facebook posting tools for customer relationship management

Hootsuite is a one-stop shop when it comes to social media management and the oldest Facebook publishing tool in the biz. It covers the major social platforms and it’s currently working on adding Threads to the mix. The social inbox feature is especially robust: it lets you respond to page messages, comments, and replies from a single dashboard.

Many Facebook publishing tools have a version of Best Time to Publish, but Hootsuite’s approach is more granular: optimal times are shown depending on goals (traffic, engagement, reach, etc.). And there are lots of Facebook post templates to choose from.

Hootsuite's Facebook scheduler landing page

Key features:

  • Tools geared specifically towards engagement, including a free engagement rate calculator and a strong social listening bundle
  • Detailed analytics that don’t just include stats for organic vs. paid posts side by side, but also show how your brand is doing vs. the competition and the general industry
  • Hootsuite Streams, aka customized feeds that make it easy to track specific trends and topics plus your own content and engagement across multiple social media channels

Pricing: Two out of Hootsuite’s three plans come with a 30-day free trial. After that, it’s $99/user/mo (billed annually) for the Professional tier.

3. Buffer – best Facebook posting tool for driving traffic to an online shop

Buffer is a platform that lets you handle social media publishing for nine channels, including Facebook. It comes with integrations galore (Canva to Bitly to Unsplash), makes it easy to manage access to various social media accounts, and focuses on engagement by suggesting the best times and days to post. It’s also got a nifty grid view for handling unanswered comments.

Buffer's facebook planning landing page

Key features:

  • Scheduling to Facebook pages and groups for image/video posts, reels, multi-photo, and link preview posts
  • Shopify analytics and reporting for a clear view of how posting leads to sales
  • Start Page, an easy landing page builder that holds all your crucial links and content (and also supports scheduling)

Pricing: Buffer’s free plan allows for 10 scheduled posts at a time, per channel, and has most of the core feature bundles excluding analytics. Paid plans start at $5/mo/channel (billed annually) and all three come with a 14-day free trial.

4. StoryChief – best among Facebook publishing tools with social and website publishing

StoryChief is a content marketing platform that caters to agencies and in-house marketing teams. It’s got separate workspaces that keep content strategies streamlined for different clients and a thorough suite of SEO tools. Direct publishing capabilities include social media and CMS systems, all from a single calendar.

Storychief social media planning landing page

Key features:

  • Bulk scheduling for a variety of formats, including stories, carousels, and PDFs
  • A media assistant that holds photos and videos, allows for imports from several sources, and comes with built-in editing that helps you optimize for Facebook and other channels
  • Analytics that generate actionable insights and gather data from multiple social media platforms in one place

Pricing: The Individual plan has a 7-day free trial, and then it’s $40/user/mo, billed annually. This tier includes one workspace, 20 posts per month, and three social platforms.

5. Agorapulse – best among publishing tools for social listening and engagement

Agorapulse is a social media marketing tool created for agencies, retailers that want to engage audiences via socials, and small business owners that want a smooth experience with social commerce. In addition to post scheduling and ROI-focused reporting, it’s got post recycling, auto posting from RSS feeds, bulk importing, and the ability to schedule the first comment on a Facebook post.

Agorapulse Facebook management landing page

Key features:

  • Social listening that extends beyond social media, covering blogs and news websites
  • A sturdy social inbox with comments on organic posts and ads in the same place
  • Automation for moderation rules, like labeling, assigning, hiding, and deleting posts

Pricing: Agorapulse’s free plan comes with three social profiles and 10 scheduled posts. The next three all have a 30-day free trial, and prices start at $49/user/mo, billed annually.

6. CoSchedule – best among social media tools for learning as you go

CoSchedule is a major player among Facebook publishing tools. It’s got a strong social calendar that lets you schedule posts, a content calendar for all your non-social media initiatives (including campaigns), and a whole wealth of educational marketing resources that help you learn as you go along. It aims to centralize all your marketing efforts in a single place and has a little quiz for when you want to pitch its adoption to internal stakeholders.

Soschedule's social media calendar feature landing page

Key features:

  • ReQueue, which keeps publishing your most engaging content and handles recurring social promos automatically
  • Things that keep your Facebook posts on point: bulk upload, social templates, easy rescheduling via drag-and-drop
  • Specialized reports that give you an overview of particular campaigns and profiles or focus just on engagement

Pricing: CoSchedule provides a free-forever tier that’s good for basic social media publishing (one user, two profiles, 15 posts). The other plans start at $19/user/mo, billed annually.

7. Post Planner – best Facebook posting tool for sourcing shareable content

Post Planner is a social media management tool that lets you schedule content for seven of the major platforms. But as a Facebook publishing tool, it’s got content curation features geared specifically towards growing your page as a content hub.

You can create custom content streams that bring up (keyword-searchable!) viral posts from your particular niche, then either use them as inspiration or share them to build the credibility of your Facebook page as a source of expert content.

Post planner schedule facebook posts, stories and reels landing

Key features:

  • Automated publishing to Facebook for all sorts of posts: images, videos, articles, GIFs, reels, stories, carousels, contests, quotes, etc.
  • Capabilities that mirror Facebook’s native features: tagging, scheduling the first comment, posting to groups as either a page or a profile
  • Highlighting not just your top-performing posts, but also your competitors’, so you can easily extract actionable insights

Pricing: Post Planner’s free plan covers one user, one social account, and three daily posts per account. Paid tiers start at $7/user/mo, billed yearly.

8. WordStream – best among publishing tools for paid ads and social campaigns

WordStream grew out of a keyword research tool and now specializes in digital advertising for small businesses and agencies. It’s not exactly a Facebook post scheduler like other platforms in this list, but rather a tool that focuses on helping people scale their companies via search, display, video, and social ads. Its capabilities are also geared towards PPC, plus measuring and improving performance for ad campaigns.

WordStream homepage promoting business growth solutions with a sign-up form and impact metrics.

Key features:

  • Lead engagement solutions including analytics, a 24/7 website chat function, and the ability to manage appointments with customers
  • Free performance graders for Facebook Ads and Google Ads, with tips for improvement and a clear view of your current ROI
  • An SEO optimizer and a centralized dashboard to handle your business listings, everything with industry-specific tools included

Pricing: There’s no upfront pricing info, so you’ll have to submit your details (and an estimation of your monthly ad spend) to receive a personalized quote.

9. Later – best Facebook publishing tool for influencer marketing

Later helps you schedule social media posts ahead of time to seven major platforms, including Facebook. Its functionalities come grouped in clusters that are tailor-made for social media managers, small business owners, agencies, or independent content creators.

In addition to publishing, it also brings expansive content creation tools that make it easy to find hashtags, optimize posts, and source relevant user-generated content.

Later's website page featuring their Facebook post scheduler tool with images of scheduled posts on various social platforms.

Key features:

  • Client-ready reports that show ROI, real-time campaign stats, plus sales lift studies (and help map out predictive performance for future campaigns)
  • A Link in Bio tool that lets you drive traffic from socials to your online shop (with analytics included, so you know which posts did the heavy lifting)
  • Later Influence, an influencer search tool that lets you discover creators to partner with, across various social media platforms and niches (and then manage the relationship from one dashboard)

Pricing: The free plan includes one user, one set of social media accounts, and 12 posts per month per platform. It stays free forever. All four paid tiers have a 14-day free trial.

Streamline the growth of your Facebook page with the right publishing tools

Your Facebook posts can go a long way towards building a solid following if you dedicate more time to crafting them and less to admin. The right tool can help you crystallize a social media workflow that supports this goal on a daily basis.

Check out Planable, an easy-to-use facebook marketing tool that’s brimming with useful features and saves heaps of time for social media marketers. Plus, get 50 free posts when you sign up!

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