Plan and schedule Instagram posts

No push notification needed

Planning content for the most visual and competitive social network in the world requires a tool up to the task, and Planable offers just that. Plan and publish on Instagram with just a few clicks from desktop or mobile. Directly. Buh-bye push notifications. Planable is one of the best apps for Instagram.

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Visualize your Instagram content while creating it

You like to brainstorm, focus on creativity and well-planned campaigns. Planning and formatting in spreadsheets and presentations aren’t what you signed up for. With Planable and our free direct Instagram post scheduler, logistical conundrums are gone. You can plan your Instagram posts in advance AND collaborate with your team – all in one place.

Image? Carousel? Video? With Planable, it’s easier than ever to post in any format, whether for your feed or Story. Make that Instagram story yours. Change the font. Fiddle with the background gradients. Add some emojis. ‘Cuz everything is at your fingertips.

Whiteboard sketches or PowerPoint mock-ups are… not what visual marketers deserve. With Planable, you don’t have to put mock-ups together. Just create Instagram posts and view them as if they’re live on mobile or desktop. No need to rely on your imagination or on a throwaway account.

Organizing and categorizing content is as vital a step as creating it. And Planable is an organizational heaven. You have multiple views. Dragging & dropping. Colored labels. Private workspaces. Time slots. And a media library for all your assets.

Multiple views

With Planable, you’ve got options. Four, to be exact.

On-the-go team collaboration

Flawless team collaboration is key to pulling off a successful social media campaign. Searching for feedback in endless email threads and spreadsheets can be a challenge. Painfully relatable, isn’t it? Planable’s got you covered here, too.

Keep your team members and clients in the loop with a single shared workspace. No need for endless back and forths – you and all the parties are literally on the same page. Need feedback from someone outside the organization? Share your content via a unique link. No need to sign-up – all existing comments and labels will be visible to guests.

Planable lets you gather feedback where it makes sense – right next to the post. Add internal notes for some team members only. Present the final approver with a polished, final version. Never miss feedback. (There’s only one place to check, so it’s sorta hard to miss.) Tag team members, choose the right people to receive notifications, and watch as your Instagram post blossoms.

Approvals at your desk or on the go are at a tap or click away. With Planable, you know for sure when your post is ready to be published. Our workspaces are designed to give our users flexibility and accommodate any approval flow. You can disable approvals completely or set up a complex, multi-level approval sequence to accommodate your large team of marketers. Once your posts are approved, you’re done. They will automatically schedule and post directly on Instagram.

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Auto-post to Instagram with one click

Instagram content scheduling and planning is easier with our newd irect publishing feature. Publish feed image or video posts directly without any hassle. If you’re looking for an app that lets you auto-post to Instagram, give Planable a try.

For anything else, you’ve got our mobile app. Get notifications when a story or video post is ready to go live. Publish your Instagram content in your feed or story, add filters, and customize it to perfection.

Access Planable on desktop or mobile

Create and plan on your desktop, review and schedule on your mobile app. Sign up for Planable and download our mobile app to take your social media efforts to the next level.