Plan and schedule Instagram posts

Planning content for the most visual and competitive social network in the world requires a tool up to the task, and Planable offers just that. Plan and publish on Instagram with just a few clicks from desktop or mobile. Directly. Buh-bye push notifications. Planable is one of the best apps for Instagram.

Schedule instagram posts planable

Visualize your
Instagram content
while creating it

You like to brainstorm, focus on creativity and well-planned campaigns. Planning and formatting in spreadsheets and presentations aren’t what you signed up for. With Planable and

our free direct Instagram post scheduler, logistical conundrums are gone. You can plan your Instagram posts in advance AND collaborate with your team – all in one place.

Multiple views

With Planable, you’ve got options. Four, to be exact.

team collaboration

Flawless team collaboration is key to pulling off a
successful social media campaign. Searching for
feedback in endless email threads and spreadsheets
can be a challenge. Painfully relatable, isn’t it?
Planable’s got you covered here, too.

Your team and clients never
have to leave the page

Keep your team members and clients in the loop with a single shared workspace. No need for endless back and forths – you and all the parties are literally on the same page. Need feedback from someone outside the organization? Share your content via a unique link. No need to sign-up – all existing comments and labels will be visible to guests.

Instant, in-context feedback

Planable lets you gather feedback where it makes sense – right next to the post. Add internal notes for some team members only. Present the final approver with a polished, final version. Never miss feedback. (There’s only one place to check, so it’s sorta hard to miss.) Tag team members, choose the right people to receive notifications, and watch as your Instagram post blossoms.

Get your Instagram post
approved in a jiffy

Approvals at your desk or on the go are at a tap or click away. With Planable, you know for sure when your post is ready to be published. Our workspaces can accommodate any approval flow. Disable approvals completely or set up a multi-level approval sequence. Once posts are approved, you’re done. They’ll automatically schedule and post directly on Instagram.

Auto-post to Instagram
with one click

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Instagram content scheduling and planning is easier with our new direct publishing feature. Publish feed image or video posts directly without any hassle. If you’re looking for an app that lets you auto-post to Instagram, give Planable a try.

For anything else, you’ve got our mobile app. Get notifications when a story or video post is ready to go live. Publish your Instagram content in your feed or story, add filters, and customize it to perfection.

With Planable, you can actually schedule posts for all social media platforms

schedule tiktok videos

Boost your brand to TikTok stardom

With 1 billion monthly active users, it’s clear that TikTok is where it’s at right now. With Planable, you can harness the chaotic meme energy of TikTok and take your brand’s online presence to the next level. Drop your TikTok in Planable. Invite your team and clients to collaborate and leave feedback on that hashtag strategy you’ve been working on. Then, schedule those TikTok videos and go about your day. All that in one place — you and your team are literally on the same page. Let Planable help your brand tap into the power of TikTok.

schedule tweets planable

Never miss a trend

Twitter is the place to catch up with hot topics. Twitter is also the place where the biggest mistakes happen by virtue of that “no editing posts” thing. With Planable, you can avoid those huge Twitter PR crises. That’s because Planable is all about collaboration on Twitter content. Scheduling posts. Outlining hashtag strategies with your team and leaving them up for feedback in Planable, where everybody can see them. Use Planable to make sure those 280 characters will be mistake-free and you’ll have a good night’s sleep.

how to schedule posts on facebook planable

Visualize your campaigns

Facebook is all about wide-reaching social media marketing campaigns, and Planable is the perfect tool for that. Jump into Planable’s workspace, create posts and tag your team and clients to drop their thoughts. Worried about how a post will look? With Planable, you can preview content exactly as it would appear in feeds. Speaking of campaigns — adding CTAs to thumbnails, setting budgets, and targeting audiences in Facebook Ads Manager, all that is possible in Planable. With Planable, your Facebook campaigns are in good hands.

schedule youtube videos planable

Schedule those videos out in a jiffy

When it comes to social media platforms, YouTube is an entirely different beast. YouTube campaigns have a lot of moving parts and just as many logistical requirements. Planable takes all that grunt work off your back and allows you to focus on creating videos. Set hashtags and write descriptions for multiple videos. Include your videos in the right playlists. Not sure if a title’s good? Invite your team to leave feedback. Schedule YouTube videos with Planable and you’ll never have to spend hours copy-pasting descriptions.

schedule linkedin posts planable

Be the thought leader you always wanted to be

LinkedIn is the place to go if you’re looking for interesting insights and conversations about your industry. And Planable can help you harness the power of LinkedIn and become the industry leader you always aspired to be. Use Planable to schedule LinkedIn posts and raise awareness about your brand, business and projects; create and publish special, industry-specific content for your following; connect with LinkedIn’s sprawling community of professionals through your next-level content. Planable can provide you with that, and more.

schedule google my business posts planable

Attract customers from your own backyard

When it comes to attracting local customers, there’s no better tool for small businesses to use than Google My Business. Well, that and Planable. Like any platform, getting traction on Google My Business requires consistency, and Planable is all about helping teams achieve it. Sign up for Planable and schedule your posts ahead of time. Inform your customers about your latest products and promotions. Ranking on search engines? Guess what, Planable can help with that, too. Sign up to Planable and your business will grow to its full potential.

Publish Instagram posts 6X faster

Create and plan on your desktop, review and schedule on your mobile app. Sign up for Planable and download our mobile app to take your social media efforts to the next level.

Schedule facebook posts planable