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Multiple ways to view your posts — posting on LinkedIn has never been easier

LinkedIn campaigns have a lot of moving parts and take a long time to execute. It’s easy to lose focus. And keeping track of your content in a spreadsheet is not ideal. Or sticking screenshots to a wall like a 1940s social media detective.

What you need is Planable’s multiple ways to view posts. We’re talking calendar view. List view. Feed view. Grid view. Yes, calendar view. Remember the “becoming an industry leader” part? Calendar mode allows you to plan your LinkedIn content to the hour. This is the stuff that the best content marketing tools are made of.

Open collaboration and tight approval system — take your LinkedIn efforts to the next level

Collaboration. Approval processes. Sounds very technical and boring, but it’s not. In fact, these two features are exactly what will save you from the boring busywork that LinkedIn marketing entails.

Planable’s collaboration-focused design helps teams plan and collaborate on their LinkedIn content in real time. Not sure about that copy for your LinkedIn video? Tag Jessica and invite her to share her thoughts, in a comment, right next to the post. Afraid that a typo might slip through the cracks? Use Planable’s approval system and set how many layers of approval you think are necessary. With Planable, your LinkedIn posts will never go live until they are 100% ready. It’s super easy. That and scheduling posts on LinkedIn. Did you know Planable can also do that? You do? Well, here’s how you can do it anyway.

Can you schedule posts on LinkedIn? How do I do that?

So glad you asked. It’s pretty simple:

  1. Sign up — it’s simple and free.
  2. Connect your LinkedIn profile and create a workspace.
  3. Start creating, planning, experimenting, writing, and whatever strikes your fancy. Schedule a LinkedIn post — or 50, while you’re at it. Play around with Planable’s calendar. Sort your posts with the appropriate labels. My god, there are so many things you can do, and you’re still here. Go. Try Planable out. Please? Who knows, maybe your search for LinkedIn scheduling tools will end here.

And that’s how to schedule posts on LinkedIn. For real. You literally have nothing else to do. Now go create amazing content.

LinkedIn scheduling and collaboration in one package

Imagine this — LinkedIn automation tools built with collaboration in mind. Even more — a workspace where your team can plan and create Linkedin content. All that without any extra tabs slowing down your laptop. Plus scheduling LinkedIn posts — let’s not forget about that. ‘Cause it wouldn’t really be “automated” if you couldn’t do the one thing that requires the most tedious manual work. Use this LinkedIn post scheduler and manual work will be a thing of the past.

With Planable, you can actually schedule posts for all social media platforms

schedule instagram posts planable

Boost your brand’s visual appeal

Instagram’s the most visual platform out there, and there’s no better tool to take advantage of than Planable. Create stories in Planable and schedule them for later. Arrange your pictures in complex grids and preview them before hitting that “post” button. Wait, there’s more. Nobody’s saying you gotta lone-wolf the whole thing, and that’s where Planable’s collaboration features come in. Schedule posts, tag your team and invite them to leave feedback. Invite your clients, too, while you’re at it. Let Planable do all the work and focus on creating.

schedule tweets planable

Never miss a trend

Twitter’s all about expressing ideas in 280 characters. That’s the beauty of it, and if you’re here, you want to harness its power and deliver snappy social media campaigns. Good thing there’s Planable for that. Worried about the lack of an edit button? Don’t. By planning and outlining your campaigns in Planable, the potential for making mistakes drops to 0. Sign up for Planable, invite your team and start creating Twitter posts. Drop a few hashtags for multiple posts instead of doing it individually while you’re at it. It’s that simple.

Visualize your campaigns

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think “large-scale marketing campaigns”? If it’s Facebook, congrats. Would’ve been nice if you said Planable, but you can’t have everything in life. Anyway. Planable is the perfect solution for your social media marketing needs. Add CTAs to thumbnails. Change meta titles and descriptions. Post organically, or link it up with Facebook Ads Manager, where you can play with budgets and set your targets. Sign up to Planable and take your Facebook campaigns to the next level.

schedule youtube videos planable

Schedule those videos out in a jiffy

Uploading thumbnails. Adding hashtags. Creating playlists and adding videos to them. Copy-pasting titles and descriptions. Over tens and hundreds of videos, that kind of grunt work adds up. YouTube can be an absolute chore, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Planable can help you streamline all that boring, logistical stuff and free up your time to do stuff that you actually love — creating engaging YouTube videos. Oh, and you can also schedule YouTube videos with Planable, in the same place. You don’t ever need to leave the screen.

schedule tiktok videos

Plan your videos with no hassle

1 billion monthly active users and counting — and that’s far from the end of it. TikTok is the hottest social media platform right now, so brands and social media teams should strike the iron while it’s hot. With Planable, you can plan, create, schedule and collaborate on your TikTok content with no hassle. Invite team members to drop their thoughts about your hashtag strategy. While you’re at it, ask them to leave a reply about the effects you’ve used — in a comment, right next to the post. Then schedule those TikTok videos and plan for the next week.

schedule google my business posts planable

Attract customers from
your own backyard

Small businesses have a lot to gain from including Google My Business in their marketing strategies. And with Planable, you can take your Google My Business efforts to the next level. Spread the word about your newest promotions and deals by scheduling your posts. Drop some pictures with your products or the office. With Planable’s Google My Business integration, you can be sure you’ll attract customers from your own backyard. Let Planable help your business grow to its full potential.

LinkedIn best practices and tips

Optimize your company page for search.

It will make videos easier for you to write and for the audience to understand.

Make use of images and videos.

Just like any social media platform, visual assets are great for boosting engagement and reaching a wider audience.

Encourage employees/coworkers to engage with company posts.

Your coworkers and employees can be the best brand ambassadors a company could wish for. Even better: connect their LinkedIn profiles to Planable and post all that content at once. No need to ask them to do it individually.

Use LinkedIn tools.

Use Planable to plan, create, and schedule Linkedin posts free of charge. I mean, obviously, right? Every marketer worth their salt will incorporate at least a couple LinkedIn marketing tools into their workflow. Oh, if you’re asking how to schedule LinkedIn posts — scroll above, it’s right there.

More leadership pieces, less salesly content.

At the end of the day, the best way to push your product or service is to, well, not push it, if that makes any sense. Do it only when it makes strategic sense — for instance, around feature launches and such.

Analyze competitor company pages.

LinkedIn offers a neat feature called Companies to track. There, you can track key metrics such as social engagement, number of followers, rate of follower growth, etc. and compare numbers.

Experiment with LinkedIn ads.

Sponsored content, inMail, text ads. These are great ways to spread the word about your content and company.

Don’t forget to add CTAs.

It might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many marketers forget to include them.

Always be ready to try new strategies.

Social media, including LinkedIn, is all about optimization, experimentation and reiteration.

Take advantage of showcase pages.

These will help you show different aspects of your company, especially if it offers/sells multiple products/services.

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Publish LinkedIn posts 6X faster

That’s right. 6X faster. With Planable, you can free up to a week’s worth of busy work to focus on creating content. Sign up to Planable and say goodbye to boring logistics and spreadsheets.

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