When it comes to Christmas I always get excited about the idea of wrapping presents, buying gifts for my friends and family, new Spotify playlist, and really good social media campaigns for Christmas. All the time, I cry and laugh by watching them. Some of them are goofy, others are funny, but most importantly, they’re magical.
We thought it’s time to really zoom in on ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ and present the Christmas edition of the best social media campaigns of the year. Our goal is to show you the best examples, ideas and inspire you for the upcoming event. If you still haven’t created a post or campaign for 25th December, then start scrolling 👇. We’ll take you through social media posts from brands such as John Lewis, Samsung, Apple, Costa Coffee, and many many others.
We’ll go crazy and present you the awards by the following categories. And by the way, I added the best campaigns from 2019 so far. Because every year comes with a lot of creativity. So let’s start!

Best Christmas campaigns for 2020

This year’s Holidays will feel different, so here are safe for social distancing campaign ideas to get your inspiration juices flowing.

Budweiser. Wise men don’t drink and drive

A lot of songs are centered around driving home for Christmas. Here’s a campaign that does this in a cool way: Budweiser Prohibition. The brand created the campaign in partnership with the Department for Transport and its ‘Think!’ initiative. Combining out-of-home and digital ads, it was designed to convince consumers not to drink and drive over the festive period. Cheers to that! *grabs alcohol-free beer*


Oreo. Elf eats his first Oreo

Here’s Oreo’s first holiday campaign since 2016. It appears that the recipe for a successful Christmas campaign includes an elf, festive music, and Oreo cookies. Delicious! The ad features a clerk teaching an elf the proper way to eat an Oreo cookie. You know it, we know it, everybody knows it. Except for the elf. But he eventually learned how to eat the Oreo. Elf eats his first Oreo 21 In 2017, Starbucks launched the “Project Give Good”, which To drive some engagement, they also released new cups with lots of white space that consumers could color and personalize for themselves. Starbucks encouraged people to post pictures of their cups under the hashtag #GiveGood. Voilà! That’s one example of how to get into the festive spirit and encourage user-generated content at the same time. Starbucks. #GiveGood cookie and we learned how to create a successful marketing campaign for Christmas.


Starbucks. #GiveGood

In 2017, Starbucks launched the “Project Give Good”, which involved offering gift cards to give customers the opportunity to take a break or catch up with a loved one over coffee. To drive some engagement, they also released new cups with lots of white space that consumers could color and personalize for themselves. Starbucks encouraged people to post pictures of their cups under the hashtag #GiveGood. Voilà! That’s one example of how to get into the festive spirit and encourage user-generated content at the same time.


UPS. #WishesDelivered

Christmas is a great time to do a social campaign. In some cases, it becomes a global initiative to spread goodwill and inspiration. The #WishesDelivered campaign from UPS is a great example of combining authenticity and good deeds in a wonderful festive campaign. What started with a Colorado Springs boy named Carson who had a heart-warming relationship with his UPS driver, Mr. Ernie, quickly became a successful yearly campaign. The stories are worth exploring. People are encouraged to use the #WishesDelivered hashtag to share UPS’s stories or even their own. The best part? Each time the hashtag is used, UPS makes a donation to one of their charity partners.


Coca-Cola. A sleepover in the famous Christmas truck

How do you know it’s Christmas? You spot the Coca Cola truck on your TV screen. Remember that? Of course you do. In 2017, the brand decided to do a fun competition in partnership with Laterooms. Users had to explain why they’re the “ultimate Christmas fan” to get a chance of winning a sleepover in the famous Christmas truck. The lucky winners also received presents from Santa, got to watch festive films, and enjoyed Christmassy food to complete their stay.



Best Christmas cover photos by brands


I love a good pun, and Hershey’s managed to use their kisses in the most funny way. Not to mention they got some new flavors. Right on time!

facebook cover photo christmas


Amazon knows what Christmas is about. Presents, nice boxes, family, and hot cocoa. And they managed to capture it in their Christmas cover photo on Facebook. One of my favorites:

amazon facebook cover photoPenguins Books

As a publishing house and publishers of bestselling fiction, nonfiction, classics, and children’s books, Penguin Books have always been active on social media. For Christmas, they’ve decorated their cover photo on Facebook with a lovely set of books and illustrations representing the company brand.

best social media campaigns penguin books christmas cover


The all-known coffee brand has updated their Twitter Cover Photo with a new set of winter holidays cups that you’ll receive while buying a coffee. What do you think, makes you want to drop by soon?
best social media campaigns starbucks christmas cover

Victoria Secret’s

There are two important events in the life of VS’s brand – VS Fashion Show and Christmas – both of them are highly important for leveraging their community and promoting the new products. Since Christmas is almost there they’ve redesigned their Facebook Cover Photo with some of the top models on the page.

best social media campaigns victoria secrets christmas cover

London Drugs

A Canadian retail store chain with a primary focus on pharmaceuticals, electronics, housewares, and cosmetics, with a limited selection of grocery items. It seems like in 2018 they’ve followed the trend and changed both the profile picture by adding a ribbon on the logo and the cover picture with a lovely snowman on it.
best social media campaigns london drugs christmas cover
For 2019, they’ve chosen to focus on their cover photo –  smart, savvy, and true.


The eighth-largest department store retailer in the United States did not forget about their online presence for Christmas. Aside from managing to arrange their stores in a Christmas mood, they’ve dressed up the Twitter page with a party-moon-on couple in their traditional white & red ambiance.
best social media campaigns target christmas cover

Costa Coffee

The company was recently acquired by The Coca-Cola Company for $5.1 billion and have managed to grow constantly with their online presence. Not only they’re making great coffee but also play with the coffee cups format, size & colors for this Christmas. If you check their Twitter (see here) you’ll see customers sharing this cups online which is an indicator of a successful holiday campaign.
best social media campaigns costa coffee christmas cover


Since I finally joined Netflix last year, I had to make sure and check out their Facebook. Look at what I’ve found last year: Netflix is promoting their latest movie “The Christmas Chronicles”, a story of sister and brother, Kate and Teddy Pierce, whose Christmas Eve plan to catch Santa Claus on camera turns into an unexpected journey that most kids could only dream about.

best social media campaigns netflix christmas cover

You can also see Christmas posts by Netflix on Twitter and Instagram.


And last but not least, the award for the best cover picture of Christmas goes to Samsung. They are presenting multiple products in one single photo in a beautifully designed box that you can easily gift to your loved ones.

best social media campaigns samsung christmas cover

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Best Social Media campaigns of Christmas by fashion brands

John Lewis

It’s a chain of high-end department stores operating in UK, Ireland, and Australia that has been jing-a-jing-ling since the beginning of December. With each new content created on social media, they have been promoting the #JohnLewisChristmas hashtag to reinforce the upcoming event.
John Lewis managed to balance multiple types of content, such as posts, videos & commercials, and Instagram Stories cross-promotion for this year to bring even more value to their followers. Brits love the annual Christmas spot from John Lewis – like really love. That’s why each year they come up with a new one.
Last year’s story is about the power of a gift. And how that gift inspired, changed, and influenced the course of a little boy’s life. That little boy just happens to be Elton John. The film begins in the present day and works backward chronologically through Elton’s life right until the moment on Christmas morning when he received the special gift that changed his life.
best social media campaigns john lewis christmas instagram post
And they’re also cross-promoting the Christmas campaign on their Instagram Profile.
best social media campaigns john lewis christmas instagram post with tree
The John Lewis Christmas campaign for 2019 is simply beautiful, and if you’re not shedding a tear at the end, you should watch it again:


As a luxury fashion company focused on leather products it’s more complicated to go with mainstream content. But the British brand is taking on that challenge and using social visual marketing this Christmas with multiple creative campaigns using their #MulberryGifts and #MyTrueLoveGaveMetoMe.


I’ve learned so many things from Nordstrom last year. They’re a great teacher of the way social holiday campaigning works. Last year, they’ve connected with many world stars to transform the idea of the advent calendar by kicking it off with Celine Dion! I mean how can it get bigger?








View this post on Instagram















The countdown’s begun – but what’s behind door number 1? #December, we’re ready for you! #fridayfeeling A post shared by Nordstrom (@nordstrom) on


What happens when Cinderella lives in 2017 and has a smartphone? Probably the story would’ve been 10x shorter because you can start a social media campaign just by tweeting the lost shoe, right? Well, that’s exactly what Debenham’s Christmas ad pictures perfectly. It was produced by J. Walter Thompson London and features a pair of followers trying to reconnect with the help of strangers on the internet #YouShall
For 2019, they’ve got their advent calendar ready:


Stop for a second and look at this ad. It’s a like a gift wrapped in a designer holiday ad featuring M.I.A., Kristin Scott Thomas, Naomi Campbell, Valerie Morris-Campbell and Matt Smith. All of them in one single beautiful video!
For this Christmas, Burberry decided to celebrate love in all its forms.


No wonder it’s tough being an elf on Christmas. You have to make millions of toys, make sure they get delivered, and keep the ultimate secrets, not that much different from a marketer if you ask me. Luckily our friend elf made sure he remained Santa’s elf this year.

Urban Outfitters

Some shops simply prefer a different way and that’s alright but UO is making sure to focus on both online & offline presence of the brand. We see a photogenic display on one of their shops in this Instagram post.
best social media campaigns urban outfitters christmas instagram post
And then activating their customers through both Instagram posts and Stories like a true pros.

best social media campaigns urban outfitters christmas instagram post giveaway

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Best Social Media Campaigns of Christmas by beverage brands

Lagavulin – Yule Log

Apparently, you can do nothing for 45 minutes and get your brand noticed. In 2015, Lagavulin recreated the traditional Yule Log. In this video, Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation) accompanied by the Lagavulin whiskey sits silently as the fireplace burns in the background. This unique combination was watched on Youtube more than 3.5M times.
And he continues to do so. Last year, not finding the perfect present was just a nightmare.

Costa Coffee

I thought that’d be worth complimenting Costa Coffee one more time just for being really active with their Christmas campaign. Because they didn’t forget about Instagram.

best social media campaigns costa coffee christmas instagram post


Best Social Media Campaigns of Christmas by tech brands


Yes, holidays are great but having a friend exploring new skills and getting to the next level of a computer game is awesome, right? Microsoft celebrated Christmas 2018 with an ad about its new inclusive product designed for XBOX.


Nothing says holiday like singing packaging. Amazon continues its tradition of promoting its packaging in every single possible corner of the online & offline world. Can you feel Christmas coming yet?
The British Broadcasting Corporation never fails to deliver the festive feels. It shows what all the fuss around the holiday is about – making & spending time with the loved ones. Well, seems like all we need for a quiet and happy Christmas is to figure out how to stop time, freeze everyone, and finally get that assignment done.
And what about the best childhood movies & characters? Disney published an Instagram picture with what’s happening in Disneyland. Looks like Micky & Minnie are full-on Christmas mood.

best social media campaigns disney christmas instagram post

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Best Social Media Campaigns of Christmas 2018 by airlines


In 2017, Heathrow introduced us to a snuggly pair of traveling teddy bears, it was very adorable. Now the cuddly couple is back! In 208 they jet home to England (via Heathrow, d’ooh) to reunite with their family over holidays.
Can’t wait to see what they have prepared for this Christmas!

Emirates Airlines

Emirates embraces the festive season with selected lounges and flights for you. They’ve got treats, sweets, and other special surprises this holiday season. Emirates’ holiday video was watched more than 150k times on Facebook alone and was cross-promoted on Instagram and Twitter

British Airways

That’s exactly what I was expecting to see from an airline – a travel destination that would make Christmas even more special. British Airways are promoting Cologne for your winter holidays to explore Christmas markets nearby, warm up with Gluhwein, and get cozy.

best social media campaigns british airways christmas instagram post

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Best Social Media Campaigns of Christmas by banks

Erste Group

Erste Group and its campaign for the Christmas 2018 season follow the same viral path (but without being banned). The story about the little hedgehog. A story about the power of love, of believing in yourself, and in the good of others. And no matter how insurmountable an obstacle may seem: love will find its way.
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Best Social Media Campaigns of Christmas by retail


Santa stranded in the middle of nowhere is something you should definitely see this holiday season. Santa’s been found in the outback of Australia. He crash-landed in Woop Woop and was welcomed with open arms by the local community because it’s always ‘the more the merrier’ at Christmas with ALDI.

And have you seen this year’s miracle?


Christmas is unique and each family celebrates it in its own way. But one thing that’s clear is that food is what brings us all around the table. So whether you’re looking to enjoy turkey, beef, cauliflower, or brussels sprouts this year, Tesco has got Christmas covered, with all the trimmings. However you do Christmas #EveryonesWelcome, says Tesco.


Celebrate your loved ones; not just for what they do but who they really are. This year, get them something that says you get them. See the latest Boots Christmas commercial below.


I love dogs and puppies and I never had one when I was a kid (still don’t). Just look how cute this commercial is, kid shoveling snow all day so he can save up pennies for a pet. Petco offers a full 100% care.


Starring an eight-year-old star giving the performance of her lifetime, all for her mum. Directed by Michael Gracey, the director of The Greatest Showman. The Show tells the story of the North Star overcoming her nerves to deliver a performance of a lifetime, to the amazement of mum. She is supported by a huge cast of 59 kids aged 6-11, all dressed as a variety of Christmas staples – including a turkey drummer and a set of Christmas lights (plug included). The cast all dance and sing along as the stage transforms to reveal a 40ft Christmas tree and a 14ft glitter-filled gravy boat.


It’s the catalog retailer operating in the UK that’s protecting you from the naughty stealers of Christmas magic in their latest ad commercial. Thankfully all you need is to #FoolproofYourChristmas and use Argos for all the deliveries this year.
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Best Social Media Campaigns of Christmas by FMCG


Well, that was surprising. Did you know that McDonald’s sells carrots (spoiler: it’s from the last year’s holiday commercial). Anyway, they do sell great carrots. Not sure if anyone buys them, tho. Reindeers keep asking for some carrots but seems like nobody cares about them, except the bearded Santa Claus guy. That’s why he heads off to the nearest McD’s to pick out some crunchy carrots for his flying friends.
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M&M’s is ready for the festive dinner.

Best Social Media Campaigns of Christmas by automotive companies


Badass car and Christmas? Yup, sign me in! Mercedes-Benz announces Christmas in style with one of their top notch car and latest model. See this in their latest GIF.

best social media campaigns mercedez christmas twitter post


If you’re interested in reading more, check out these awesome resources
And if you’re looking for super useful resources to plan your upcoming Christmas campaign, we’ve recently released a Holiday Marketing Kit. It includes everything a marketer needs to plan the perfect campaigns for this holiday season. It contains infographics, a list of hand-picked tools, dos and don’ts, hashtags, post templates, and much more. You can download it for free.

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